Moran with the grassroots, McAuliffe with Wall Street...

T-Mac is at it again! On Inauguration night, Terry went fishing for the big bucks with Martha Stewart and other darlings of Wall Street. He also had plenty of time to spend with Ariana Huffington and the Hollywood A-List crowd, as well.  Of course, the netroots is keeping watch over this, which Mcauliffe seems oblivious about  - check out the coverage at Kos

What T-Mac seems not to realize is that Virginians want to support a person who is not only from Virginia, but focuses on the grassroots/netroots - not just on Inauguration day, but every day. Where was Moran? He was with in Virginia. McAuliffe needs to recognize that being able to buy a governorship by flexing his fundraising muscles, does not entitle him to the office. He has to earn it.

Another prime example is what the two were up to on Thursday. McAuliffe was raising money from Wall Street, which has treated us all so well lately, hasn't it?    While Brian Moran was fighting against a pollution factory disguised as a coal-fired power plant in Surry, VA.

Which is the candidate you prefer?

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