Don't Assume That Bill and Hillary Are The Same

As 2008 approaches, the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton will become a greater topic of discussion.  Yes, I know that she has her Senate re-election campaign in 2006.  But her victory in 2006 is a given.  

In 2008, an inevitable topic of discussion will be Bill Clinton and his role and impact on Hillary's campaign.  Inevitably, comparisons will be made between the two.  People may try to say that they are the one and the same.  They may say that this is "Clinton, Part III", with the same cast of characters involved in the campaign and the same philosophy.

Well, Bill will support his wife in 2008, for sure.  But here's the truth:  Bill and Hillary aren't the same person.  I'm not saying that they are polar opposites.  But neither are they carbon copies of each other by a long shot.

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The Politics of Impeachment - From Richard M. Nixon to George W. Bush

I was born in 1971.  I consider Bill Clinton to be the best President of my lifetime - hands down.  Before 2000, I thought that Richard Nixon was the worst President of my lifetime - hands down.

Then George W. Bush came along.  I have a new worst President of my lifetime - hands down.

During 2005, impeachment has been discussed often here on the blogs.  There are many passionate appeals for impeachment, so I figured that I would examine the politics of impeachment, beginning with Richard Nixon

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Anderson Cooper: A Disgrace to Journalism - Though Certainly Not the Only One

Well, as we speak, the two top "stories" that are being covered on Anderson Cooper 360 are the remarks made by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Hillary Clinton.

In Cooper's words, he's "keeping them honest"


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Howard Dean: His Statements Are Less Important Than His Role as DNC Chair in the Long-Term

Howard Dean is a prominent Democrat.  As such, he is a public figure who makes a lot of comments.  He says what's on his mind.  Wouldn't it be a bigger story if Dean was silent?

I wouldn't claim that I am always 100% in lockstep with what Dean says.  But in my case, that's true for any Democrat.  Nothing Dean has said is going to cause me to lose any sleep at the end of the day.   

And on the subject of Iraq, Dean's comments may not be completely "politically astute" but they have been correct on merit, as John Judis at The New Republic correctly pointed out at

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Bill Clinton Revisited - What Liberals and Moderates Get Wrong

January 20, 2006 is the 5th anniversary of the end of Bill Clinton's presidency.  It's not exactly a day that people will be taking note of, but it is an opportunity to revisit his legacy as it relates to how Democrats feel about him and how they have reacted to the Clinton era in the past 5 years.

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I love Texas, but it amazes me how we can have a constitutional amendement to ban something that is already not allowed here:  gay marriage.

I support gay marriage, and the first step here in Texas is vote AGAINST Amendment 2.  Passage of this amendment will make it harder to implement gay marriage in Texas in the future.

We can't have that, and we can't afford it.


Kaine vs. Kilgore -- Virginia GOV -- RNC Letter

The Republicans have a "Super Saturday" planned to help Jerry Kilgore in Virginia this weekend.

I have already forwarded to a friend of mine who is a field director for the Kaine campaign

Time to fight fire WITH fire!

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Super Bowl XXXVI, U2, and New Orleans

There really isn't much for me add on the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.  The Bush administration has disgraced itself again, though this may yet be their worst disgrace...I've lost track.  Being poor and black means that you are treated like dirt by the GOP because you are not on their "to-do list." They are just animals to them.  It's an outrage - plain and simple.  I don't have anything profound to add that hasn't already been said.

With that said, I putting in what I consider to be a relatively flippant diary.

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Arkansas and the Democratic Party: Life after Bill Clinton

It’s easy to forget that once upon a time, Bill Clinton was not a distinguished ex-President living in New York as the husband of a sitting US Senator. Rather, he was the longtime governor of Arkansas (1979-1981 and 1983-1992). Then came 1992, and Clinton became President.  In the process, he ascended to the title of Arkansas' most accomplished political figure - if he hadn't already done so.  When one considers the fact that Arkansas gave the US Senate William Fulbright and Dale Bumpers, this isn't a distinction to be taken lightly.

With the presidency of Bill Clinton, however, the Arkansas Democratic Party was forced to enter a new era.  Filling the large shoes of Clinton would not be an easy task.

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LBJ and George W. Bush

Living in Texas, it becomes easy to muse about Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush.  I have had to suffer as with W. as a governor and a president since 1995, when I moved to the Lone Star State.  Right now, sadly, we are a red state.

But there was also another president from these parts that you may have heard of:  LBJ.  Anybody who has been to Dallas knows the LBJ Freeway.  And in Austin, there is a radio station named KLBJ.

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