CA-11: McNerney continues to lead Pombo in Poll

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The Defenders of Wildlife, who are doing the only polling in the district, released their poll.  I've not been able to find a link, other than the email they sent out.  Keep in mind that the likely voter model in congressional districts is really tough.  Additionally, this is a rapidly changing district, with many commuters from the Bay Area moving into the district.  Finally, this poll has a large MoE at 4.9%. But, all those caveats aside, McNerney holds a  small lead over the long-time Congressman from Tracy:

Candidate May 2006 September 2006Jerry McNerney 46 48Richard Pombo 42 46Undecided 12 6

That is great news,as Pombo still has higher name ID.  It appears that Pombo's name is linked to oil, lobbyists, and "corportate interests". 6 Weeks left, and the DoW has been working hard to make this a real pick-up opportunity for the Dems.  The race is listed in Chris' Tier 2 in the MyDD House Forecast, but I think this race is tighter than the media thinks it is. As I said earlier, this is a rapidly changing district. More Dem-friendly voters are heading east from the Bay Area. This year is a great opportunity for this district. A "moderate" Republican, ie McCain, could have some coattails in this district. This is the year to get rid of a true impediment to progressive causes, he is anti-environment and pro-corruption.  It's a bad combination and he's a bad Congressman for CA-11.

Full details of the poll from the Defenders of Wildlife email on the flip UPDATE: I've posted the PDF of the poll here

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CA-Gov: Debunking Arnold, his friends and his lies

Today, a PAC committed to championing democracy and justice, is launching TrackingArnold to change the narrative in the November California gubenatorial election.  Arnold Schwarzenegger loves the camera, and thankfully for us, there is a ton of video out there from his movies, from his life as an ass-grabbing frat-boy bodybuilder, and of course from his latest botched acting gig as California's Governor. With Tracking Arnold, our goal is to tell the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger through video -- using a series of original web ads as well as coverage of his public events that we will gather throughout the state from now until Election Day.

I've been running Calitics for over a year now, but I wanted to do something more concrete to change the tenor of this race.  So, I hereby invite you to click on over to Tracking Arnold.  Check out our Arnold videos, and please feel free to get involved.  If you have some good Arnold clips, please let me know.  I'll be making plenty more videos before the election and all resources are appreciated.

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CA-InsComm: Poizner caught with his hand in the cookie jar

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Over at the California Progress Report, Frank has been doing some great snooping at Steve Poizner's records.  It seems Poizner, the GOP Candidate for Insurance Commissioner against our dear Cruz, claims that he's insurance money free.  

Over the flip you'll see that as it turns out, that's not the case...

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CA-Gov: Arnold, The money goes in, the favors go out.

In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy for governor by claiming that he would fight politics as usual.

Here's how it works: Money goes in. Favors go out. The people lose. We need to send a message: Game over.(

Has that happened? Well, qualitatively we all know that this hasn't happened.  We know he's taken hundreds of millions of dollars. We know he's been a slave to corporate interests.  He's vetoed bills that his corporate masters don't approve of.  He fights for corporate interests at every turn, and he'll throw anybody under the bus for few bucks or some added power.  Unions, the environment, uninsured children, you name it.

The meat's over the flip...

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What is a progressive blog? And can insiders have one too?

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With the recent launch of the California Majority Report, I returned to the idea of what the meaning of what it really means to have a blog, to write a blog, and to be part of a group blog.  What is a progressive blog? But more generally, what is a political blog?  To me a political blog has a purpose more than just to inform.  It has a goal in mind of moving political goals forward.  Some are focused on plain and simple electioneering, some on issues, but they have a purpose because they have a somewhat consistent message.  This is even true of the Daily Kos, where there are a wealth of different opinions.  dKos is attempting to further Dem politics by building and motivating grassroots activists. It's a model that can be successful for a blog because there are so many grassroots activists out there that it can appeal to.  It's the model that I based Calitics on precisely because I wanted to help develop progressive grassroots infrastructure in California.

I ask the question that is in the title of this post because the "contributors" of the California Majority Report seem to be working at cross purposes.   To flesh this out let's compare this site to several others on the Internet.  Follow me to the flip...

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CA-Init: Prop 90 Does More Damage than Eminent Domain

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Prop 90, the so-called "Protect Our Homes" Act, aims to curtail the use of eminent domain in the state of California.  The problem is that Prop 90 goes much further than that.  In today's SF Chronicle, Ray King, a Montana columnist rips the initiative to shreds.  Let's go issue by issue on the flip:

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CA-Gov: Arnold and Bush

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Lest anybody forget where Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming from, here's some pictures he'd rather you not see before the election:

See the flip for more

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Lessons from Lamont: Using the Net to make a difference in California

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Ned Lamont squeaked by Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Senate Primary. The ramifications are still being sorted out all around the blogosphere. It was a great night for the netroots, and a powerful statement about the War in Iraq. Hearty congratulations go out from the California blogosphere to both Mr. Lamont and the people of Connecticut. I'm also happy to point out our own Barbara Boxer has offered to campaign for Lamont after strenuously supporting Lieberman in the primary.

But, I'll leave the grandiose statements about the Lamont victory in a national context to others, but I think there are real lessons that can be focused upon the state of California and our politics. I'll be focusing on the role of Lamont's web-related strategies and their applications for California. These strategies could be used in this campaign cycle, for Phil Angelides, but should also be considered in future cycles.

Let's go to the extended for a more detailed look...

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CA-Gov: Angelides endorses Clean Money Initiative

Phil Angelides is apparently taking some new, bold moves.  He has announced his support for Prop 89, the California Nurses' Association's Clean Money Initiative:

California State Treasurer and Democratic nominee for Governor Phil Angelides today endorsed the Clean Money Initiative, Proposition 89 on the November ballot.

"I am proud to join the ranks of California Nurses Association, The League of Women Voters, California Common Cause and so many others in supporting Proposition 89 - the Clean Money Initiative," said Angelides who was joined by California Nurses Association President Deborah Burger and Assemblywoman Loni Hancock. "It is time for the people of California to clean up the influence of money in our government. Our government should answer to the voices of Californians, not corporate special interests."( 8/3/06)

To say that I am excited by this move is more than a bit of an understatement.  Admittedly, Phil is taking a significant risk by endorsing Prop 89, as the CTA and other unions that support him have rejected it.  But, for me, I think it's a great move.  Prop 89 gives the people of California a chance to take back their government.  It gives the grassroots something to get excited about. 

But I'm not saying all of this for my own health, we need to make sure that Phil understands that this was the right decision.  So, if you can give him some money, please contribute.  If you can give some time and some cell minutes, make some calls.  And finally, Phil will be having a town hall tomorrow morning in Sacramento.  I don't have all the details yet, but I'll update when I do.

I've posted the entire press release in the extended.

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CA-Gov: What does $2M Buy from the "Green" Governator?

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The AP combed the financial records of both state parties.  Guess what? The California Republican Party (or CRaP, as I like to call it) loves those unlimited donations:

The California Republican Party has raised $12.3 million this year, most of it in unlimited donations, according to campaign finance reports reviewed Tuesday.


In June, after the bitter Democratic primary, the Republican Party spent $4.2 million on ads for Schwarzenegger, who has been the party's main fundraiser.

Since the beginning of the year, the Republican Party received $2 million from Alex Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers; $1 million from T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil tycoon; $1.5 million from A. Jerrold Perenchio, the founder of Univision; $250,000 from Chevron; and $150,000 from Joseph Weider, the fitness magazine owner who is an old friend of Schwarzenegger's. (LA Daily News 8/2/06)

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