CA-10 Ellen Tauscher: Lies, Half-Truths and other distortions

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Yesterday, Ellen Tauscher appeared on C-SPAN's Newsmakers program. You can watch the video at this link (RealVideo) or read the full transcript. First, she is simply puzzled that anybody, ANYBODY, would consider challenging her.

I have 100 percent pro-choice record.  I have 100 percent record in the environment.  I have 100 percent record with labor, for example.  I've always had the AFL-CIO endorsement.  So, I think that, for folks to criticize my record, I think they'd have to go very far to find another Democrat in the Bay Area that's beaten a Republican in a district that still does not have a majority of Democrats who has a record as good as mine.

Really? Very far, huh? about one district over. CA-11, where Jerry McNerney defeated Richard Pombo in a district that has a Republican advantage.  And oh yeah, he's way, way better on the issues than Tauscher.  So...first question answered.

How about those 100% marks she is claiming.  Well, let's go look at the AFL-CIO's report card. 100%, huh Ms. Tauscher? Well, since when did 79%=100%? Becuase, Rep. Tauscher has a 79%.  For those keeping score at home, that's lower than Blue Dogs Jim Costa, Dennis Cardoza, and bleeping Joe Baca!

Next, on the Iraq War, she slanders Rep. Woolsey and the Progressive Caucus who have introduced bills that would fully fund the withdrawal of our troops:

They want to cut off funding to stop the war.  The net effect of it is that it would cut off funding for the troops, and I think that's where many people, including the Speaker and myself and many, many others, I think a majority of the caucus, understand that that is not where the American people are.  That is a very drastic step.  It is a step that has all kinds of problems attached to it. 

You know it's funny, a few weeks ago, Rep Woolsey was on local public radio, and mentioned that she supported Tauscher.  Now, I think part of this is the incumbency/primary challenge thing.  Rep. Woolsey is still bitter about being challenged by Joe Nation. I can understand that.  But, apparently this is how Ms. Tauscher pays Woolsey back for her support: accusations of harming the troops.

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Did Ellen Tauscher quit the Blue Dogs?

ellen tauscher george bushCross-posted from Calitics.

I was reading a MyDD post by Chris Bowers on the Blue DOgs, and found myself at their current membership page.  And guess who is not on there? Why, Ms. Ellen Tauscher does not appear on the membership page at all. Funny thing about's really not very hard to find evidence that she was a Blue Dog in the past.  Examples? Well, try a Google search for "Tauscher Blue Dog, and you'll find plenty of links, including some to her own site. And, of course, there's the Internet Archive of the old member list.

Has Ms. Tauscher unceremoniously dumped the Blue Dogs?  As far as I can see, she didn't issue a press release noting the exit from the hawkish group.  She tried to do it all quiet like, but as she knows from the "The Caress", the internet has a long memory. It never forgets.

So why would Ellen Tauscher leave the Blue Dogs? Could it be because they enable the President's disastrous occupation of Iraq.  Why just today, they were trumpeting their success in enabling this disaster of a president:

With Democrats in charge again, the Blue Dogs have played a key role in halting an emerging plan to place strict conditions on war funding. Their revolt helped beat back that proposal, by Pelosi ally John Murtha, D-Pa. Leaders are now considering a watered-down version. (AP 3/7/07)

Wow, that's some great work.  And as Chris pointed out, 58% of the nation supports such a plan.  Wow! It's a great thing the Blue Dogs were able to moderate us! Phew, otherwise we would have gone and done something that the people supported.  Heaven forbid!

So, Ms. Tauscher, how do you feel about the Blue Dogs victory? How are you working to get the troops out of Iraq within 120 days (of 6 months ago)? How are you working to answer the questions that this Iraq War mother (YouTube) asked you in December?

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Business Community is Worried Arnold is Going Soft

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In today's LA Times, there's a story about the business community. It's a touching portrayal of a love scorned by the bitter touch of a body politic not ready to explore the true depth of committment between the corporations and Arnold Schwarzenegger: 

But this year, California businesses have another challenge: an activist second-term governor with an ambitious - some call it overextended - agenda.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is offering sweeping proposals on universal healthcare, global warming, transportation and prison construction this year, and some in the business community who last year embraced him during his election campaign now have their doubts.

"I think there's some very real concern that he's changing his position on a lot things that got him elected," said Christopher Wysocki, executive director of the Consumer Alliance for a Strong Economy

It's somewhat laughable that there is all this hand-wringing in the conservative halls of power about Arnold.  I can't help but think that some it is political theater.  They know that he will go to the mat for them.  I mean look at AB 32.  He knew he had to sign the global warming bill, but he fought for every last concession Nunez would give him.  And to the Speaker's credit, Arnold received very little.  Never you worry corporatists, because Arnold just waived his magiv pen and made it all better. No, Arnold may play populist on TV, but in his heart, he's right there with the modern robber barrons.

But don't worry corporatists, you'll always have Ellen Tauscher. She'll always choose you over hard-working Americans!

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California: Where Socks Are Always in Fashion

After the trouble that Peter Ragone got into for posting comments under different names in support of Gavin Newsom, you'd think Garry South (and his wife) would have learned something.  But, alas, in California, sock puppetry is always in season.  They developed some sort of tag team in the Open Letter diary.  So over the flip we go for the details.

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Harry Reid: "The insurance industry is the enemy of most everything we do today"

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I was also on the call that Chris mentioned in Breaking Blue, and like always, I was impressed with Sen. Reid. However, I'll leave that to the national bloggers.  I highly recommend Bob Geiger for coverage of all things Senate.

I, however, wanted to address Arnold Schwarzenegger's health care plan.  This is relevant primarily because Schwarzenegger plans on asking for $3.7 billion in new federal funds for the plan.  So, I asked the majority leader, what he thinks of California's plan, if the Governor will get his money, and where we should go from here.

Unfortunately, I'm not a great transcriber, but he is certainly up on the issues.  However, he pointed out something that I also addressed in my post entitled "Health Insurance Sucks", namely that the insurance industry, well, sucks:

The problem is that the insurance industry is the enemy of most everything we do today.  They have an anti-trust exemption from the Depression era that was supposed to last only a few years (the McCarran-Ferguson Act) but is still with us today.  This exemption allows the industry to do harmful things to the country. They are fixing prices, which would ordinarily be a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, but there is nothing we can do. 

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CA-11: Stockton Record endorse alt. universe Pombo

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The Stockton Record editorial board apparently has their head buried so far in the sand that they, like the Lodi newspaper, think that somehow Richard Pombo is going to stop being Richard Pombo.  Like a victim of domestic abuse, they just, tragically, keep coming back for more.

What follows (on the flip) could be the most bizarre endorsement that I have ever read since well, the Lodi endorsement of Pombo.  They want Pombo to be elected, but they want the guy who talked tough before he was first elected. They want him to change his corrupt ways, they want him to be a model citizen, they want him to be, well, not Richard Pombo. Follow me to the extended

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CA-11: DCCC releases ad attacking Pombo

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Well, it's about damn time! The DCCC has finally entered the CA-11 race.  They've releasd a new ad which should hit the air today.  YouTube link here. I'm not sure how big the ad buy is right now, but I'll be sure to update the diary if I hear anything.

CA-11 has increasingly become a viable race.  The district is trending away from Pombo.  And while the newcomers aren't necessarily San Francisco liberals, they are people that care about the enviironment.  And they are generally well-informed about what Pombo is doing to the nation.

Follow me over the flip.

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CA-11: Sacramento Bee endorses McNerney

The ball keeps rolling for Jerry McNerney in CA-11.  The Sacramento Bee became the latest newspaper to endorse him:

If you prefer the politics of extremes; if you're OK with selling off national parks; if backroom deal-making and tainted money suit you; if you embrace out-of-balance budgets and the concentration of wealth -- Pombo's your man. But he is no longer representing the true interests of his district, state or nation. That's ample reason for voters to send Jerry McNerney to Congress.

The theme in the SF Chronicle's endorsement, the Modesto Bee's endorsement, and the LA Times and NY Times oppposition of Pombo has been pretty much consistent: "Pombo is corrupt and attempting to destroy the environment.  He must go." The Bee, and the other papers, praise McNerney for his ethics and honesty, if not for his political skills.

By the way, so far the only newspaper to support Pombo is the Lodi News-Sentinel, which does so with a nose pinched so hard that tears are welling up in their eyes.  The title of this "endorsement" of Pombo: "Pombo for Congress -- but he must clear ethical clouds".  I suppose that it should also be pointed out that they said this of the primary as well.  They said that Pombo should win the primary, but he should get his wife off the payroll.  He won, his wife is still on the payroll, and the ethical problems of the Congressman from CA-11 will remain as long as Pombo remains in Congress.

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CA-50:Another Crook: Bilbray being investigated by Grand Jury

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Brian Bilbray has been very quiet recently. Yeah, he's heavily favored in CA-50 in the rematch with Francine Busby, but still you'd think he'd show up somewhere, anywhere in his district.  But, according to Words Have Power, he's been hiding out.  He's not been updating his web site, and he failed to show up at an AARP-sponsored debate. Strange.

Or maybe not so strange. According to the San Diego County Democratic Party, Bilbray is being investigated a grand jury impaneled by the District Attorney.  Follow me over the flip.

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CA-11:This is a REAL RACE!! and some unrecongized Forecast Upgrades

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I need to admit something: I love the horse race.  I try in so many ways to resist.  I love to see people talking issues, I mean really talking issues.  It's one of the reasons that I love Debra Bowen.  She knows the issues, and isn't afraid to talk about some of the very real problems in election reform. But try as I may, I still love me a good horse-race story.

I track House Forecasts and the polls relentlessly.  How much do I love Chris Bowers' House Forecast? Well, let's just say...too much.  So, I was very intrigued when I saw On Oct. 6 that the Cook Political Report changed the CA-11 race from likely Republican to lean Republican.  That's a real indicator of the nervousness by those within the beltway.  The NRCC has dumped about half a million bucks into the race, and almost $300K in a 6-week period...for a very strong fundraiser.  Heck, Pombo had to bring W to town to get some more cash.  

Check the flip, for a bit of fact checking

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