The Calitics Q2 Challenge

At Calitics, we've been a bit quiet on the fundraising lately. That's mostly intentional, as to avoid overdoing it. But, Q3 is just around the corner, so we have to start talking about money once again.  However, this time we're going to do something a little different by challenging the entire 50 states to join us for a beer.

Well, maybe not all together, that's what YearlyKos is for]. But follow me over the flip, and we'll talk about what we've accomplished and what we will accomplish. And we'll build a little directory over at dKos of Q2 Closing events.

Last time, we raised about $4,000 from the BlueHouse at the BrewHouse event, and that, my friends, was sensational! This quarter, we're going for a different feel, and we hope that our friends in other states will join us.  So, I challenge the netroots in every other state, to get together for a few drinks and throw a few bucks to local worthy causes and candidates.  All of this is made so easy through ActBlue.

We're not going to be as formal, at least here in SF.  I'm shooting for pitchers at Zeitgeist in SF's lovely Mission District. (Umm...only a little irony there)  Let's say Wednesday, June 27 at 7.  Toss what ever you can afford into the Calitics ActBlue Page and join us there. We'll not be checking any lists or anything, but it'd be great if you could toss $20 to the Calitics ActBlue Page.

So, fellow bloggers, Netrootsers, or whatever you choose to call yourself, post your event in the comments!

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