"The Dean" Checks in on CA politics, Arnold

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"The Dean of the Washington press corps", David Broder, took a minute from his babysitting and escort services, to take a look at the muscled governor from California.  You see, Arnold's been all over the paper, so Broder figures he better weigh in. You know, now that there are 850,000 web hits for "California redistricting" there might be something there.  Flip it...

So, Broder decides that there is a war going on between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Speaker Nunez and Speaker Pelosi. The Battle of the Speakers, plus a bodybuilder...duh, duh, duh. I'd take Nunez. He might not be so big, but he's scrappy.  But here are the "points" from Broder's article:

  • Arnold really, really wants redistricting. Nunez is ambivalent. Pelosi just doesn't want Congressional redistricting.

  • Arnold is super cool, post-partisan since he lost his 2005 special. Hey, he invites Perata and Nunez to his smoking tent, now that's post-partisan.

  • Arnold is bold by introducing health care reform. Of course, Broder doesn't bother to mention that his "bill" isn't really out there b/c no legislator will carry it, and that his "bill" would actually dump more expenses onto hard working people by requiring only 4% of payroll to go to health care.  Oh, and no mention of the massive benefits to health insurers.

  • Other than that, Sacramento is super happy post-partisan. No mention of the nasty budget fights, where Arnold finds early debt repayment a higher priority than say, making sure our kids get decent food.

  • It's not that the article is particularly inaccurate. I mean, it's no more inaccurate than standard Broder fare at least, but the thing is that any one of us could have written this a year ago. Well, except we would have been more accurate in the description of Sacramento and would not be so naive as to really think that we live in post-partisan land.  But, if you just look at the Redistricting tag you'll find many such articles.  But, now that Broder has said it, well, then it must be important. Look, I'm not saying that the blogosphere is the be-all, end-all. I mean,our relationship with the mainstream media, while occasionally shaky, is vital.  But, at some point, it is more than a little patronizing to be lectured at by national columnists trying to tell us what's going on.

    Hey, Washington Post, you want a real column on California redistricting, why don't you come talk to me, or Frank Russo, Bill Cavala or the LA Times' George Skelton. Until then, can we just keep the "Dean" to what he knows "best", Washington insiders?

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