Is the blogosphere a luxury?

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During the convention, I spoke (not so well) about the impact of community blogs. It was a rocking good time, except for the fact that I felt a bit on the unprepared side. Sorry folks! Well, anyway, there was also a reporter in that room, one Jennifer Hunter from the Chicago Sun-Times. She does a lot of coverage for the local Senator...uh...Barack Obama. Well, on May 4, she let out a cry for the old media.  Not from a position of knowledge or experience, rather it was another example of media defensiveness. 

When I walked into the California State Democratic Convention last Saturday in San Diego and saw all the bloggers, I realized that not only was I a Luddite, hauling around my ailing microcassette tape recorder, but that this trend of political blogging is growing like a kudzu vine, snaking around a dozen newspaper boxes ... overnight. (Chicago Sun-Times 5/4/07)

Flip it!

Well, I wasn't sure about the reference to kudzu, either. But after a little kudzu research, I don't think it's a very friendly reference. It turns out kudzu, in America, is invasive and grows out of control in the Southeast. Not nice, Ms. Hunter.  But we probably shouldn't  feel to threatened by Ms. Hunter's call to arms. It turns out that she throws out any remaining credibility at the end of the article.

You see apparently, Ms. Hunter never covered the tech beat, either in Chicago, or for her previous Canadian gigs.  You see, had she covered, well anything remotely related to tech, I'm guessing she would have heard the phrase "early adopters."  Well, she hasn't, because throughout the whole article she cites blogs as the domain of "early adaptors." 

But putting that aside, her closing is a doozy.

In the end, who has time to blog? After reading four newspapers each day and my e-mails and doing my work, I've had it. Blogging remains a luxury for the young -- or the bored.

I guess I should apologize for wasting your time. I mean I shouldn't have spent all that time explaining the blogosphere to Ms. Hunter, given that it's such a waste of time. But I'm no therapist, and I don't know where she was coming from. Perhaps she was intimidated by the fact that Calitics had the best coverage of the CDP Convention. Or perhaps she doesn't understand the symbiotic nature of blogosphere and the MSM. Or, well, whatever, but somebody is a bit nervous.

But, Ms. Hunter, thanks for the shout out to Calitics. Any attention, misguided or not, is a boost to the blogosphere. Thanks for the help.

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Re: Is the blogosphere a luxury?

And what is this crap?

But Sree Sreenivasan, new media professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, says the effectiveness of Web sites and blogs as political tools may only go so far: "It's still a small percentage of people using these technologies."

Most are young and what Sreenivasan terms "early adaptors." And, as he concludes, the impact of young voters "is notoriously hard to predict." It was thought they were going to turn out in big numbers in 2004 but that didn't happen.

Uh, actually it did.

by Bob Brigham 2007-05-07 09:48AM | 0 recs


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