Blograiser for McNerney and Brown Updates (W/Prizes!!)

We are very, very excited to be presenting Blue House at the Brew House (PDF Flier) on April 27. I now have some very exciting news to add to the already super cool event for Charlie Brown (CA-04) and Jerry McNerney (CA-04).  If you buy a ticket by donating $40 to the BrewHouse ActBlue Page, you will have a shot at some great prizes.  In fact, you need not even be at the event to win.  Just send the $40 (OR MORE!!) through our Brewhouse ActBlue page, and you'll be entered to win.

Rather than describe them all myself, Howie Klein of DownWithTyranny will tell you all about the cool stuff that he's giving out:

Donate $20 to Jerry McNerney's campaign and $20 to Charlie Brown's campaign ($40 in total) via Blue America's ActBlue Page and your name will be at the door AND you'll be registered for a drawing for the 6 prizes. There are 5 autographed copies of The Bush Diaries by California author (and blogger) Peter Clothier, each paired with a rare, collectible CD, a promo-only copy of the Blue America campaign song from 2006, "Have You Had Enough," sung by Rickie Lee Jones and our two ex-Squirrel Nut Zippers Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher.

The grand prize is even rarer, an official Australian Record Industry Association platinum and gold award for two records by one of Congressman McNerney's best known constituents, Chris Isaak (a born and raised Stockton native). The double platinum award was for the album Forever Blue and the gold single award is for "Somebody's Crying." The unique award was given to the former president of Chris' label and he (errr... me) donated it for this event. Calitics will be picking the winner from a hat on Friday night. The good news is that you don't even have to be there to win. If you donate the $20 + $20 minimum online, your name gets thrown into the hate too and we'll mail you the book and CD or the platinum record award if you win.(DWT)

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