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    What's going on in upstate New York? I guess I should know, but can somebody help me out?

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    No contributions, primary challenges, third party efforts. The Democratic establishment is gutless and out of touch with the people.  Why support them?

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    Alan Greenspan is turning socialist, and Barack Obama is putting Republicans in charge of reforming health care. What's wrong with this picture?

    Mr. President--you won! It's okay to stack the deck in favor of your own agenda. Unless your agenda is bipartisanship for its own sake.

    What if Sebelius turns out to be a corn-fed version of Judd Gregg but won't resign?

  • Obama put Social Security on the table at the beginning of his campaign last year. That's one reason why I didn't vote for him in November.

    At first I thought he was just sucking up to the media. They HATE middle-class entitlements.

    But does he really want to partner with Republicans in doing. . .God knows what? Now THAT'S scary!

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    This was inevitable.  There's probably more bad stuff to come.

    Burris was comical in his lust to be a Senator. Isn't it time Illinois at least attempted to clean up its act?

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    AP is not the problem. Bill Clinton is not the problem.

    Guess what?  REPUBLICANS are the problem! They're fucking partisan! (Pardon my language, but I'm  tired of outreach.)

    When Sam Seder was at Air America, he used to do a weekly spot with Markos Moulitsas focusing on "Fighting Dems". The Seder and Kos of 2002 would be disgusted at the netroots today.

    Obama PROMISED the media he'd be bipartisan! That was the only thing he DID promise.

    What else can we expect now?

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    I don't mind Samantha Power getting a job in the Administration, but that's only because Hillary Clinton has okayed it. Power deserved to get booted for her "monster" comment. (And I won't forget her remark that Ohio Democrats were "obesessed" with NAFTA. God forbid the poor bastards worry about THEIR jobs.)

    Bring on the insults!

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    I don't think I'm an extemist.  I just don't like Republicanism, and I think it needs to be confronted.  If not now, when?

    Paul Krugman today pointed out the centrality of health care reform to fixing our economy, and he's right.  Every minute Obama wastes talking about "bipartisanship" is a minute he could be spending moving us forward.

    I hope Obama knows what he's doing, but I think he's wrong.  That's why I didn't support him.  I stand by my position that unnecesary Republican congressional votes do harm to the country. And my "made-up" quote from Axelrod was just that--made-up. I never pretended otherwise.

    I like MYDD, but I know it's regimented. That's why I started my own crappy blog:


    Please come and insult me there. (We're really on the same side--I just HATE Republicans more than you do!)

  • "Moderate Republicans" who profess to like Obama will turn on a dime when the time is right, i.e when the recession is still going strong next January--and Boehner and Company are raising holy hell.

    Wingnut economics is a lethal electoral weapon. It's simple, stupid and wrong.  Someday, Democrats may decide to take it on.

    Obama insists on giving credibility to today's Herbert Hoovers. Go figure.

  • Daschle knows his stuff, but I've never really forgiven him for his embarrassing role in "negotiating" Bush's disastrous tax cuts.  He and Dick Gephardt were pure powderpuffs.

    I hope his spine has stiffened in the last eight years.

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    Lieberman should be slapped down as hard as possible. He has no constituency outside of David Broder and Sean Hannity.

    Why look weak when you don't have to?

  • It seems a little over the top.  There's very little evidence of it in the post itself.  

    Obama's team is doing a good job so far with the transition.  That' nice, but it's ultimately just inside baseball.  Barack has yet to govern.

    Ambinder seems to be engaging in a little Washington suck-up.  Not unheard of.

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    Obama's mandate is  for "change" and "bipartisanship." It's not progressive at all. It's content-free--by design. Obama can do whatever he wants, and he will. He's a politician.

    After eight years of Republican misrule, any opposition party would look better by comparison. We'll see what six months of recession does to Democratic nummers.

    I agree that the country is not center-right, but Obama himself doesn't go out of his way to dispute it. It might upset the media.

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    Axelrod may know about Chicago politics, but who cares?   Let's not kid ourselves: He's Obama's Karl Rove.  His job is to get Obama re-elected. Period.

    You'd think at least for appearance's sake Barack could have named his Treasury Secretary first and let Axelrod stay on speed-dial. This doesn't smell right.

  • I don't like Obama, and I think he'll be a weak president, but I'll probably end up--as we used to be able to say--"holding my nose" and voting for him. But maybe not.  It's still a free country.

    These days, if you're not a true believer, you're suspect.  I sometimes read The Confluence, and I don't think they're racists.  That's my opinion, but who's to say? Maybe you're right.

    Websites can do what they want. If you have to enforce strict discipline, I could care less.  But it won't come without a price in the long run.


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