• An economy does not live on 'trickle down' alone. A nation must have a vibrant middle class, which means jobs, to prosper.

    The GOP doesn't seem to get that. To some extent, neither do the Dems. Economic sustainability and the American people's security and community viability is more important than profits for a few CEOs.

    We discovered in the Depression, that when people fear for the future, they stop buying. Thats why Roosevelt proposed a new deal between government, business and the people of this country that made them promises that assured us of social security instead of insecurity, in return for a promise not to seek - millitantly - (lets not forget that this nation was on the verge of a revolution in 1934) - even more drastic changes.

    Roosevelt saved capitalism here, and he also saved us from fascism, much to the dismay of many in big business, who were pushing us towards it.

    Now they are at it again. Will they win? Or will democracy win out and America be preserved?

  • Here's one instance of this file.. check it out..


  • There's a great file floating around the net about totalism and group dynamics - by Jan Groenvald. It describes the GOP's kind of thinking to a "T". Basically, they are a lot like totalitarian states, building up an ever more complex web of lies..

     Typically, sooner or later, the burden of maintaining this reality distortion field becomes very great, and it all collapses, catastrophically..

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    Killing thousands of Americans a year..

    Other developed countries are healthier than we are, but we pay more. Why are WE $ubsidizing drug research for THEM?


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    It seems like it...
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    Its not just the GOP that seems beholden to corporate greed.. The Dems aren't as bad, but they are still bad. They need to get more of a spine.. Especially on healthcare. We need single payer.. We need quality universal healthcare. Yesterday.
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    unless they are spelled out explicitly in contracts..  with penalties for their breaking...

    For example, when people accept jobs, they need to specify the terms of employment specifically, and the costs of things like sexual harassment needs to be pre-negotiated.

    Most Americans don't realize that that is the way things are in most of the rest of the world. For example, in Russia, when a job ad asks for a 'young, pretty secretary, without complexes' they mean a pretty female someone under 22 or so who is willing to have sex with the boss at lunchtime, no questions asked.

    What the GOP wants is to get those kinds of perks.. basically..

    why can't workers negotiate compensation upfront?

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    Not surprising for someone who has, on more than one occasion, played a homicidal robot in film..

    Type casting?

    Yes, I agree with you 100%. He is a slut for the corporate interests who have basically shown how little natural people matter in the most populous state in the Union, compared to 'corporate people'.

    Maybe they should give them the vote too? In fact, why not just buy votes with money, one dollar, one vote. Then, whoever has the most 'votes' wins!

    We could pay for air with votes.. and the land we stand on, the volume we occupy, and water too..

    No more free lunch!

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    That's my nomination....
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    So Cortez must have seemed like an improvement on some level..

    The Aztecs would have huge week-long orgies of killing in which as many as 15,000 captives and other unfortunates were sacrificed in one day, such that the streets of their capital would literally run with blood..

    They were definitely 'terrorists'.

    This is why they were overthrown so quickly by a tiny band of Spanish invaders.. the tribes they had subjugated and intimidated in this way were only too eager to help the Spanish decimate them in any way they could.

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    Killed many, many more people than Columbus and all of the other conquistadores combined. From northern Canada all the way to Tierra Del Fuego. Millions and millions of people.

    In some villages, it killed 95% of the people.. Thats why the Pilgrims found the villages abandoned. Not because God had annointed them.

    Smallpox sprad throughout the New World, far far in advance of the Europeans who had (unintentionally) brought it here.

    When a population encounters a disease for which it has no immunity, terrible things happen.

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    in a future where machines of various kinds, software, automation of one kind or another, does almost all of the work.

    Consumer unions, however, are a different story..

    That, however, is assuming people have money, which many won't, without 'jobs'.

    Business will be very profitable, though, since it won't have to pay labor costs. Assuming that people buy their products, and there isn't a die-back.

  • I am sure they get MAJOR kickbacks from these huge juicy no-bid contracts they ladle out. Like $2000 to staple plastic on one house in NOLA, multiplied by thousands. That is insane. No way are those companies getting to keep all of that, it most certainly goes into some secret swiss bank accounts for their future takeover or something. Lets face it, thats the way of fascism.. extreme corruption and cronyism. Look at the Nationalists in China for an extreme example. They stole even when it meant the deaths of millions of their country en at the hands of the Japanese. The US has still not admitted how terribly stupid we were not to put our foot down with them or with any of the many other neofascist regimes we have supported and still support over the years. Its like some huge global fascist conspiracy to steal the normal people of this planet blind. Thats what we are dealing with. Its not just the GOP here, they are all over the place.. wherever you have the very rich and the very poor and cronyism and corruption. They want to eliminate the middle class and make the US a Third World nation with 30,000 nukes.
  • Please, somebody, prove this to me...
  • Corporatism/Fascism always relies on an alliance with the middle class in its early stages, playing the middle class off against the growing ranks of the poor by using their fear.. Thats what we are seeing now..

    The middle class doesnt realize that they are the next to go..

    ALWAYS.. read some history.. The STATE controls everything and everybody under fascism just as surely as under communism... Totalitarianism in the future is particularly scary because the intrusion into privacy will be far more complete.. Things like brain implants to implement execution on demand will be quite feasible.. Kind of like the remote-conrolled electric shock belts they use today in American high-security prisons.. (See Amnesty International for more info on this US-invented abomination.)


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