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    Their plan to make everyone in the world slaves of their corporate paymasters..

    The GOP doesnt care about Americans.. (they think national governments are quaint, outmoded concepts.. just look how they keep their money offshore in numbered accounts..)

    They are fascists.. intent on returning us to a sort of international feudal system in which ordinary people are captives of ever harsh regulation and national ID requirements, but at the same time, the rights to us are bought and sold.. But THEY have 'free trade' to undercut us at every turn..

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    which is very important..

    The GOP wants to DIVIDE and CONQUER US.

    Thats what totalitarian nations do, they eliminate all support networks they can't control. Even things like churches, gardening associations and publically owned shopping districts.. Even SIDEWALKS, dammit..

    Even small radio stations.. Even BLOGS.. Even SCIENCE..

    Democrats find strength in celebrating change and diversity.. Republicans celebrate repression and hierarchy.. To accomplish this they use LIES, as well as every possible kind of coercion, and things like patriarchical, abusive bullying..

    They want to nail us into the past.. a past of scarcity, in which they controlled everything.. An 'ownership society' in which they own everything.. not a society that shares..



  • He really would work for all Americans, unlike the crooks in office now.


  • An important one.. do a search on Prescott Bush..

    So, this kind of dividing all of us.. of elimnating public debate in forums they cant control, inciting fear and hate.. CAN happen...

    It has happened before.. many times before, its called FASCISM..

    Fascism is what happens when the elite feels threatened and throws everything it has into keeping its huge slices of a deminishing pie.. their easy money..

    Even if it means that many of us can barely survive on whats left...

    Live simply, so that others may simply live..

    How can we have a war when the top tax rate is lower than it has ever been? They are throwing away our future..

    Do they care? Or do they hate us because we want America to keep its promises now that they are becoming realizable?

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    Texas National Guard?

    The one where the record was sealed?

    see http://glcq.com for the AWOL story..

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    declining power of workers under the Bush regime, with their green light to corporate pillage. They figure that if other companies are breaking their promises right and left, and extracting concessions from workers, they might as well too.

    Except that workers can't do stuff like this to lower THEIR costs of living. Striking is the only way they can improve their wages, if management won't negotiate.

    There has to be a better way...

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    The organizations that are created because of some money tree.. to get it..

    That are staffed by people who basically have never done a day of real work in their lives..

    Not the community nonprofits.. I agree with you 100% they are great..

    As long as they are real.. don't waste money on staffing..


    He basically rolled over and played dead..

    Kerry did too..

    Did somebody pay him to do that?

  • Stripping all America of its equity before they evict us..  or outsource our care..

    "Hey there, Mr. and Mrs. Unemployed and Homeless Senior Citizens! Free "LastMeals(TM)" with every Assisted Suicide. Save your Family From Medical Debt Slavery!"


    "There are jobs and affordable housing on Mars, leave today!"

  • as part of the "New Feudalism(TM)" This prevents job-hopping and people starting their own businesses.. like they do in the more developed countries.

    It rations health care, so the doctors get more time to see their rich patients.. (the HMO-based ones get an average of 8 min per appointment, if they are lucky.)

    It keeps the doctors dilligent in their billing.. Now we have to see doctors just to get prescriptions refilled, as before, if nothing had changed, they would just phone them in..

    It makes older people unemployable, because insuring them is so much more expensive.

    If you ask me, our system IS out of control..

    How come we dont do something? They are killing so many of us.

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    ..but (hopefully) we FIGHT BACK..
  • seriously...

    They certainly are delusional enough to think it might work for them, and that is what scares me.


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    dollars of THEIR money is going to well-connected nonprofits, buying Land Rovers, etc. and very little of that money actually makes it to the Iraqi people..  

    Get the picture?

    Nonprofits = welfare for rich people

    Just like his periodic purges were Stalin's method of rewarding supporters and bringing new blood into the management workforce.

    (In totalitarianism, often the victims of purges are picked arbitrarily.. maybe they were the wrong nationality, or had relatives who knew the wrong people, or their names were pulled out of a hat to make a quota)  

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    If you had spent 200,000 on your Stanford education and found that corporate jobs were getting harder and harder to find.. what would you do? Start a nonprofit..

    Nonprofit provide stable jobs for publically-oriented individuals with a great deal of personal freedom not found in the private sector anymore..

    Salaries in the nonprofit sector's management often exceed six figures..


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