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    They fetishize the military, and sacrificing lives to what is in essence their fear-and-power-driven killing machine. Without young men with few options who can be used as 'cannon fodder' totalitarian militarism would fail..
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    communities. Which at its core means people working together to try to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy and that the needs of all of our various parts can be balanced and met.

    Thats DEMOCRACY...

    GOPers are basically into a rigid hierarchy.. To them, governments primary purpose is to protect THEIR property. they have no problem with using coercive methods to achieve that, and many of them have no problem with dishonesty.

    Its my feeling that most GOP leaders are also carrying narcissistic personality disorder around as baggage.. Which is defined by a profound lack of empathy.. And lack of a functioning conscience.

    Look it up.. People with NPD leave a trail of tears in their wake. They don't know how to love, and they are often (not always, but often) compulsive liars.. VERY convincing ones..

  • And other decentralized energy generation methods.

    One would almost think that they were planning for a disaster, backwards.

    In any kind of unrest, or in a war, without local sources of energy of any kind, people would be utterly dependent on the government and their masters, the big corporations for EVERYTHING, so they could cut off water, electricity, gas. And - like in Iraq during the first Gulf War and its aftermath, without clean water and power, (to run pumping stations) thousands, perhaps millions would die..

    is that the whole idea?

  • Thats why they HATE him.
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    is another way to see it. The economy in NJ is doing much better than the economy where I live now, though. The biggest problem in NJ is as you pointed out, unchecked growth in the newer - more exurban communities.. without the infrastructure to handle it.

    If NJ had better public transportation, that would help a lot by getting people in individual cars off the roads. Light rail would be good in a lot of the NYC suburban areas.. (ones with a defined commuter pattern) Its a shame that the car, oil and tire companies bought up the old trolley systems and destroyed them in the 30s-50s.. We are paying the price for that now..

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    The next fifteen years will almost certainly see dramatic changes in the workforce, as a third wave of automation, this one driven by mobile, networked, GPS-locatable computers, machine vision, kiosks, decision support and interactive voice response systems, the widespread adoption of XML data interchange, and increasing use of artificial intelligence in everyday business logic.

    People are just too unreliable, demanding, and expensive. Business has an obligation to serve customers, not employ people.

    So, the price of housing will have to come down, as more and more people are forced out of the labor market for good by lack of relevant skills or the requisite education to compete for the shrinking pool of remaining jobs.

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    China, in particular, still has a big problem with leaking Japanese chemical (and conventional) munitions. Japan claims that their treaty with the US absolves them of all guilt and says that if China doesnt like that, to take it up with the US!!

    Hell, at least the US forces didn't take it back to the US and dump them in the poorer communities.. (which are often plagued by toxic waste from other facilities.. not by coincidence..)

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    explicitly saying 'we will only pay black people'?

    How 'smart' of them.

    Its so pathetic.. I doubt if anyone really is fooled by them anymore..

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/31/politics/31war.html

    (sorry, I had forgotten to post it)

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    Many people will be lucky to be able to keep themselves warm this weekend. Millions are losing jobs. The future for most Americans looks bleak, unless we face the reality, jobs are disappearing for good.. Productivity increases are good, but they also equal less people employed. The goal of American business is to employ as few people as possible at the lowest possible wages. Supply and demand. The only way to increase wages is to outlaw offshoring and make choices that introduce some desirable inefficiencies OR institute policies that accept that many Americans will have to retire early or live without jobs OR savings.

    People are in denial, but do the math, its inevitable. Basic economics.

  • Hows that?
  • Should RESIGN right now for crimes of lies and greed - against the interests of the American people.

    They are fiddling while America - and its future,  burns..

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    property, we need to make sure they work to do what their primary purpose is. Which is to 1.) protect the interests of all of us, while 2.)incentivizing people to excel and 3.)contribute to themselves and society in such a way that 4.)does not encourage extreme inequities or 5.) encourage the creation of unsafe situations - like toxics and global warming, which effect - and endanger - us all.

    Our system is in a crisis, yes, but the solution is NOT either fascism (totalitarianism of the right) or communism (totalitarianism of the left) it is DEMOCRACY. Studies have shown that flexible, democratic societies with transparency are best suited to adapt to a rapidly changing world. When you do what we have, which is let one group (corporations) have ALL the power, actual people lose out, and eventually, people like us find it difficult to survive in the independent way you describe. On the other hand, if we encourage a good deal of interdependency and sharing, we build community and we build a lot of resiliency into the system.

    The corporate world doesnt liek sharing because it means less consumption.. But its the only way for us to survive in the 21st century. Sharing isn't comunism.. because its VOLUNTARY.. But its a good thing. Plus, we all get to learn about each others goals, dreams and values, and gain from them.


  • Shows the common-sense appeal of his brand of pragmatic populism makes sense for America.

    Its suprprising how many GOPers, even, see that the current path is completely unsustainable.

    We can't keep on enabling our corporations' addiction to easy money at the expense of the entire nation's people.

    Heathcare is a case in point. The GOP and even the Dems need to say NO to the insurance industry. Did you know that the insurance industry takes 30% of every healthcare dollar spent. If we switched to single payer, we could insure everyone in this nation, and pay for prescriptions for everyone, without spending a penny more than we are now.

    And millions of Americans who now suffer from untreated illnesses and the effects of not buying medications and medical care they need, at a huge cost to society, would be able to see a bright future again.

    The current situation is dysfunctional. Its not just the important medical issues. The entire social contract forged by the New Deal is falling apart in a paroxym of greed.

  • I get the joke, but let me respond seriously.. Its not just Florida, low-lying land all over the world is endangered.. Many island nations are in danger of disappearing, or close to it.

    Big parts of Bangladesh are also very close to sea level.. Some of these areas are also sinking due to large amounts of water being pumped out of their aquifers..

    Global warming is also threatening us in many other different ways..

    Many of them are capable of killing lots of people. So CO2 is a very serious problem..


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