• Its not listed as 'hunger' or 'exposure'.

    is listed as pneumonia, or hepatitis, or diabetes, or heart disease..

    Just like everybody else..

    We all have to work hard to maintain our web of support in the atomised state that America has become. God forbid, we might grow to DEPEND on EACH OTHER. Sharing is considered subversive, Communist, it seems.

    New towns are built without sidewalks..

    Commons are disappearing..

    Be silent,

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    Wonder what all of you will do when you can't work anymore?

    You should.. How a society treats the least fortunate (or the only formerly fortunate) tells us a lot about its future..

    We are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.

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    How pathetic. I doubt if even one person is fooled.. But they are blind to their own faults, but their falling numbers tell them they have to do 'something'.

    I don't think that it would ever be possible for them to say they were sorry for all the lies or (gasp!) tell the TRUTH, for once, about ANYTHING.

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    if it bit them in the butt..

    They are so out of touch with the way most of us live.. they just don't even get why they are evil.

    Basically, they think that they are ENTITLED to steal our future, and LOOT AMERICA the way they do...

    We have to lift up the rock and let the sun shine in, even if it means some bugs will get a big shock...

    What they can't deal with are facts. They like to bend the truth, but they aren't ready for a world where their lies can be examined in the detail they are now..

    People are getting tired of playing along with their game when there is nothing in it for them..

  • There are a lot of ways in which we could save money -IF we had universal healthcare. But those same technologies become perversely evil and predatory under our current system of your-money-or-your-life commercial healthcare.

    For example, new knowledge on genetics could make it possible to treat people based on their genetics..

    Under the current system, what will happen is that people's genetics will make them uninsurable, which will quickly mean unemployable.

    And with jobs becoming increasingly scarcer, unemployable will mean marginalized. I wouldn't be surprised if many people who are currently middle class end up very angry when they realize that their "Americanness" doesnt entitle them to employment as businesses downsize and outsize..

  • He was one of the Nazi party's main financiers in the US, or at least that is what the book "American Axis" and "The Secret War Against the Jews" and the bio on tarpley.net say..


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    college 'at their expense'..

    That is the GOP spin of the week.. seriously..

    Just like last week they were trying to say that the riots in Paris 'proved' that ALL SOCIAL PROGRAMS were WASTED MONEY!

    Have they no shame? Where did we get these GREEDY sons of bitches.. what planet did they come from?

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    Nobody 'wants an abortion'.

    What they don't want is an unwanted child forced on them. A child they may not be able to feed or clothe or supply health care to in an uncertain future.

    With the GOP exporting jobs faster than you can say 'obscene profits' they have a lot of nerve..

  • i.e. extremists need one another to justify their extremism.

    The end result of this vicious circle is always a state of totalitarianism.

    When truth and sanity are endangered by lies and insanity, those who are sane are branded as outlaws and the insane crowned as 'leaders'.

    Ultimately, these regimes collapse under the overwhelming weight and inefficiency of maintaining their reality distortion field. But in the meantime, they ruin or end huge numbers of people's lives.

    Whole generations starve, die in meaningless war,  or are sucked into paths that waste them on causes that later prove to be nothing more than vehicles for a narcissist or group of narcissists.

    Why do they hate science?

    This perverse, soul-sucking 'logic' is inherently incompatible with the scientific method.

    And it knows it.

  • can be forgiven in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

    lets not forget the EXTREME BRUTALITY of the Japanese troops in Nanjing in 1937, killing by some accounts 300,000 civilans in just a few days in an orgy of killing that even shocked.. no, even terrified their allies the Nazis who were there..

    I'm serious. If you don't follow, do a search on the phrase "Unit 731".

    The amnesty we agreed to for Japanese war criminals we agreed to in the wake of the Japanese surrender was a huge mistake.. Now the tortured cries of the 'comfort women' for compensation are referred coldly.. to us..


  • They are absolutely electrifying.

    The man was really articulate. They sound as fresh today as they did then. Thats why the right still hates him.

    They are doing everything to cover this fact up, but its obvious to me that his taking the New Deal to the people in 1934 saved this country from the chaos of a bloody revolution.

    Thats why I always say that the Democratic Party represents the voice of balance and moderation, the center, not the left at all.

    Democracy makes both social justice and capitalism palatable. Its intrinsically based on balancing needs, on compromise, not giving either side everything that might be expected under their respective extreme examples..

    And thats what gives democratic government legitimacy.

    If we ditch the social contract, we jettison our legitimacy as well.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

  • bigtime.. Thats why they HATE him..
  • Saddam killed literally millions of people..

    But he's a secure, moral enough man to be flexible and admit that we made a mistake when we need to. Unlike some Texan village idiots I could name..

    But most importantly, Edwards is a moral man..

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    Dont forget, 97% of all elections in the US are still won by the candidate that spends the most money.

    We need to ban corporations from spending their stockholders money on political 'contributions' - (which foreigners quite correctly identify as bribery)

    And while we are at it, we should repeal corporate personhood..

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    Would not be a good idea.. even now..

    But I do think we DESPERATELY need MASSIVE campaign finance reform.. NOW, while there is an initiative behind us. We are VERY close to money being able to buy votes, and without a STRONG push to disconnect corporate money from vote buying we are doomed..

    We also need to END CORPORATE PERSONHOOD...


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