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    what do 'they' want.

    I personally do not buy into the conspiracy theory that the government is monolithic and evil.

    But clearly, there are those within the Cheney administration who have goals that are diametrically and cynically opposed to the interests of most Americans. They see everybody with any kind of nonoligarchic opinion as a threat. They want to throw us back into the 19th century legally. And they see themselves as above all law. Those are the people who really scare me. They probably scare a lot of people in the NSA too, although they can't discuss why intelligently because they 'know too much'.

    Here's the way I see this as working out. We need to keep talking about these things and keep calling them on their attempts to create legal precedents that legalize official lying and outright totalitarian behavior. This has to happen as part of a national dialogue, so they cannot target just the few who are speaking out.

    Yes, intelligence agencies are scary because they have a lot of power. But lets not forget that in the transition of many authoritarian states to free-er nations the intelligence agencies have often stepped forward at crucial moments to help open things up.

    If people from intelligence agencies are reading this, don't let yourselves get drawn into the fascists movie.. they do this by emotional blackmail.. Stay above the slime and ultimately, we will all be the richer.. Professionalism is important. The important allegiances in a democracy are to the people and the rule of law of the nation.

    If it doesnt pass the smell test.. lets face it, it stinks.. 'Leaders' come and go. Who misses Richard Nixon now, for example. Or Spiro Agnew.

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    Look at the IP numbers of posters, and store them in a database. Analyze this for patterns. Graph them over time and see if the number of spam postings increases after any other posts.. (maybe they are an attempt to drive other dairies into a noise level) etc..

    There is lots that can be done.. Lots..

  • We ALL are 'children of immigrants'. Bluntly, CHILDREN should NEVER be 'punished' for ANYTHING their parents do. Many countries view children who are not born in their countries - as not their citizens. So these children, despite their being Americans - would be CHILDREN WITHOUT A COUNTRY..

    This is absolutely evil. Ultimately, what the GOP snakes are pushing for is the creation of a 'slavery society' in which huge numbers of people are consigned to a limbo, membership in an underclass in which they can be exploited and manipulated.

    We already marginalize nonmarital children in inheritance law. More than 1/3 of American children are marginalized and prevented from receiving any inheritances from their fathers if they die intestate. Now we want to marginalize millions more poor children?

    If Jesus was alive today, he would SPIT IN THE FACES OF THESE LYING GOP SNAKES.

    "By their fruits, shall you know them"

    The 'fruit' of the GOP is theivery and pain for human beings all around the world. God, please protect us from THEM. Free us from their yoke and lies..

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    And we are the victims..  If GOP politicians don't believe in government, and don't believe in public service, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN THE GOVERNMENT ?

    Doing that - their hypocrisy - should be considered treason.

    Everything the GOP does is covert-aggressive sabotage of this nations people's futures..

    We need to call them on this and make them and their dishonesty the issue...

  • irresponsible and unaccountable...

    We all will, in lives ruined from cancer, in homes taken by the costs of sudden medical disasters. The impact on a family of a member developing a serious disease are far reaching. Children can't go to college. Families break up, hearts are broken.

    Is this "a cost of doing business"?

    "We have to stay competitive"

    Who are these jobs saved or created by lowering environmental standards going to, anyway?

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    They are finding man-made chemicals that never existed before being made by humans in every ecosystem on Earth, including those in far-away places like Antarctica.

    many of those chemicals do terrible things to living things, like make them impotent or make women enter puberty much earlier.

    See http://ourstolenfuture.org

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    But crooks and theives often think alike, and work together to steal all of our futures.. without needing to discuss how or why..

    For a good example of a fascist conspiracy, check out the portions of "Nazi Conspiracy and Agression" (the documents collected for the Nuremberg trials) - particularly those dealing with the Nazi economic takeover of Germany. Do a search on that phrase to find the various versions online.

    You'll see many examples of behaviors that resemble those going on in modern America right now by people like this - who are clearly working towards establishing an American brand of fascism here.

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    Unwanted children are treated with resentment by their families.

    For example, nonmarital children are treated like second class citizens. Millions, throughout the world are killed because they are unwanted.

    The reason crime is falling is because women can choose.

    If women cant choose, they will take their resentment at being forced to have children out on their children.


  • according to http://www.ctj.org

    That might tell us something about John Mc Cain and his long term goals.

  • But your comment didn't address any of the substance of what I said. Can you comment on that?

    Or is planting these logical fallacies all you are here for?

  • Businesses cant function without customers..

    So eventually, all this exporting of jobs has to stop.. unless they want us all to starve.. or have plans to kill us off..

  • except that they have a DEEP AND JUSTIFIED MISTRUST OF ALL POLITICIANS and indeed, all members of the middle class.. to understand on any but the most superficial of levels what they endure every day..

    Many of the truths are disturbing.. very disturbing..

    We choose to believe that most poor people are poor because they (insert one) have drug problems | are lazy | are mentally deranged | don't care enough about life to try


    and hopelessness..



    First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.

    Pastor Martin Niemöller

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    Unless you could defend it.. And you have to sleep.. right?

    Dont forget, most crime is against the poor and powerless.. Along with your poverty would come powerlessness.. If someone stole all your posessions, and you were also homeless, and you compmained, what do you think a cop would do for you?

    Hint.. laugh in your face and give you a ride - or a boot in the butt.. out of town..

    lack of money = not being considered human

    in America

    Don't think that it isn't designed that way..

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    Otherwise, the GOP will successfully FORCE us into a extreme vulnerability to oil price increases that will bring about their wet dream, a global war to steal - uh, 'liberate' oil from whoever else has it that we think we can defeat. This would be a huge mistake as it would join many of the other developed nations interests in a need to prevent this power grab..

    We might start - and LOSE WWIII

    Thats what this is all about.. Pathological greed vs. sanity and sustainability..

    There wont be many jobs for the unskilled in the 21st century. technology will do the dumb jobs. That is a given. Thats not anybody's fault, except for the people who export the remaining jobs we have in the intirim. Oil only represents about 2% of business costs. Salaries are much higher and so the rewards for businesses that automate fully are astronomically high. Silicon gets cheaper by a remarkable rate. Actually, Moores Law was pessimistic, processing power available for a given dollar value is doubling every 14 months, approximately.. not 18. At that rate, new automation technologies become affordable very quickly.

    So, the march of business automation will continue. Jobs will disappear, not just here, all over the world. Eventually, people will realize that 'jobs' are a thing of the past and adjust government accordingly. But before that point, we will see a lot of pain as millions lose their jobs, then homes, then lives in a struggle against each other for work - work often better done by machines.

    During that period, the (eventually doomed?) right will try to blame the continuing decline in employment on the lack of cheap oil. If they manage to start WWIII over this issue, expect a bloodbath that could spell the end of America and democracy. Perhaps the end of humanity. That would be a huge mistake!

    Just as the possibilities for some real change are before us.. the dead hand of the past in the form of neofascism comes to drag us back.. and down..

    We CAN avoid the paralysis of communism.. How? We need to revitalize humanity and rethink incentivization.. We need to renounce greed and declare money a tool for achieving greater societal goals. Without chaos or mass injustice. It CAN be done.. But we need to start the discussion now. Technology's goal is the end of work. This is a good thing. But only if we approach this historic possibility MINDFULLY..

  • poor people never make that choice.. They don;t know where tomorrow's basics are coming from and they know it. They aren't insane. They are just like you and me.

    Thats why America has to lead...by making a choice to share...

    Thats why America has to get real.

    And Drop the fools pride. We are all human.

    We ALL need EACH OTHER.


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