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    Isn't that illegal? I mean, if he was only in a statewide office it would be different, but that isn't the case. Those words sound very very wrong. They sound illegal. It is not a zero-sum game.

    Both states WIN when they cooperate. Both states LOSE when they do not.

    If I was living in either of those two states I would call for his removal.

  • are hoping to hasten "The End Times" as they call it..

    But that's the quitters way out.. IF someone thinks the world is coming to an end soon, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS IN GOVERNMENT...

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    And we would also have to MASSIVELY increase education..

    or jobs will disappear.. and they will not be replaced by good jobs.. Those R&D jobs will be generated elsewhere.. India, China, Latin America and Europe.. even..

    When plumbers make more than engineers.. you have a problem. Thats the way it is going, here.. When that happened in the former Soviet Union the skilled people left..

    No amount of investment in education here will keep skilled people here if there is no future for them here... economically..

    The lead will pass to the nations that offer decent standard of living (which I think means security and freedom from fear more than anything else.. places like Finland seem to be taking the lead on this..)

    Birth rates are in the end, dependent on people's security too.. Women can't be coerced into having children, or even getting married..


  • Hmm.. in that context.. maybe this story


    about the sudden lowering of dirty bomb safety standards.. (Boy, the insurance companies must love this!) makes sense..

    Basically, living in the contaminated zone will get adults a one in four chance of getting leukemia or cancer.. That would be 'acceptable risk'.

    Kind of like the 'acceptable risk' of having mold-ridden schools..  (the health effects of which are being suppressed by a big, well funded disinfo campaign)

    and the 'acceptable risk' of many drinking polluted water.. (similar greenwashing effort in place)

    These 'acceptable risk's damages are cumulative.. you know..

    Add radiation to the list and well.. might as well give up on a happy future..

  • With us as the baddie..

    Lets not make this CLASSIC mistake of hubris-ridden bloated empire.

    The Southern Hemisphere isn't big enough to hold all of the human race if we contaminate the Northern.. It would be very ugly.. The US would implode, economically.. there would be civil war here as people struggled to survive.. No place would be safe.. It would be like Atwoods 'Handmaid's Tale' - setting the entire globe back for generations.. The union would not survive..

    A thought: If we really wanted to stop global nuclear proliferation, why did The Cheney regime announce that we would attack putative foes preemptively? That is like a red flag to bulls..

    Look at the actions, not the words.. The US clearly wants war.. Those in power would rather the US commit virtual suicide than give up their death grip on the nation's future.. it often seems.. An unpleasant truth.

    Is this really a democracy? Or is it all a big SHAM?

    Choose LIFE...  That means choosing peace..

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    also makes them tend towards corruption..

    Isn't that obvious?

    Narcissists - people with narcissistic personality disorder, stick together..

    Where is it headed if we continue down the GOP path?

    Its called fascism.. Fascism is the climax ecology of a society of narcissists.

    Fascist governments are always spectacularly corrupt.. Look at Nationalist China under Chiang Kai Shek, for example.. or almost any Latin American fascist state of the 20th century.. Or Nazi Germany.. which institutionalized corruption on a massive scale..

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    For example, Dems are still in denial about the effects of technology and over-worshipful of the (dumb) idea that 'the free market' will somehow bless good things and prevent bad things, like the elimination of middle class jobs, from happening..

    (Very skilled jobs, and very unskilled jobs will remain.. those too complicated for computers to do, and those in which the workers work for less than the cost of automating them would be. However, those unskilled jobs will be created in low-wage countries, in this global job marketplace, and the high skilled ones will be created where the high skilled workers are available for the least money.. areas where we in the US are failing on both points)

    Maybe its time for a little PROTECTIONISM?

    Or we need to accept that we are headed for a world in which most non-degreed Americans wont be able to find work at any wage, and create a welfare state accordingly.. one in which medical care and basic living support are rights, not privileges..

    The only way out of this is to IMMEDIATELY devote half of the military budget to education.. and to lower the retirement age, and make it mandatory..

    And aggressively stop the outflow of jobs, and force American companies to automate rather than move production offshore, and at the same time, tighten up on both illegal and legal immigration of all but the highly skilled.

    Or have massive purges like in Stalins former USSR, to 'bring in new blood'..  (Very unhealthy option.. is it coming?)

    Think about it.. you'll see what I mean.. Its basic economics.. And Moore's Law..

    We are in denial..

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    If they continue treating skilled technical people here like s***, they will flee for greener pastures.

    Places that appreciate people with good minds and a will to work.

    People will go WHERE THE JOBS ARE.

    I am not suggesting that as an option, just stating it for what it is, a fact.

    Engineers and technical people have families too. They need to eat, and getting paid less than a plumber with little or no command of the English language doesn't cut it.

    Greed kills..

    Spain learned it. The English learned it. The US will learn it too, if we don't wake up and soon.

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    I pity the Republicans. First thing, they will do anything to divert attention away from their PILLAGE of America. The real reason people are upset about illegal immigrants is that wages for most Americans are heading south. But would ANY of the GOP 'solutions' RAISE American wages? NO! They want to make illegal immigrants legal slaves with no hope of ever being 'legitimated'.

    So, when a Republican starts talking tough about illegal immigration, read in between the lines. They couldn;t care less about national security or American jobs, they just want to lock in the cheap labor so it can be exploited more heartlessly.

    They have a lot of f**** nerve.

    These GOP people have hearts of stone, thats all I can say. They will burn in Hell.

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    But you would have to be insane to think our economy was doing anything but plummeting...

    Want to see?

    http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-lopez16oct16-series,1,1478819.special?coll=la-util-news-loca l

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    the British, with the goal of splitting up each ethnic group -

    Iraq would probably be more natural as three nations.

    But I don't know what they want. Do we, really?

    Why does it matter, when we have so many big problems here that need MONEY and attention.

    IMO, at this point, Iraq is basically an excuse to steal a LOT of money from the American taxpayer and divert everyone's attention from REAL problems while America falls apart, before we realize whats happening.. (by then, it will be too late)

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    sees it..

    As technology replaces people and jobs are shipped overseas, working people and their needs and dreams become less and less important to the 'ownership society'. As working people become less important to them, it stands to reason that they would want to eliminate public education, healthcare, etc.

    Ultimately, its quite possible that they will declare the government as independent of the people, and not beholden to them.

    Meanwhile, beautifully, people no longer need to work. Energy will eventually be free. Its quite possible that people will live much longer than now, perhaps we will conquer aging.

    Its scarcity and greed, versus abundance and generosity..

    Which will you pick?

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    The Democratic Party's policies are inherently moderate/centrist.

    The right is trying to portray Dems as leftists but if you think about the reality of the issue.. Dems are profoundly mainstream, not extremists in any way.

    The right are the extremists. They want to take from the people and give to the rich.


  • see http://dispatchesfromthevanishingworld.com/dispatch5/kyoto7.html

    "Another climate-driven disaster in the making that could dwarf even the shutting down of the Gulf Stream is the possibility that the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet might break off, which could happen at any time and would cause sea level to rise five to ten meters. "WAIS [as the people who are watching it refer to it] has not budged since warming began, but when it does start to slip, it will happen very fast, and a very large amount of ice will find itself in the ocean, and you can say goodbye to the Maldives and Bangladesh," Elliot Norse told me. "The break-off will be a non-linear response to linear input. Nature works most often by the straw that breaks the camel principle, or as Malcolm X said of Kennedy's assassination, by the chickens coming home to roost."

            I contacted John Behrendt, an expert on  WAIS and a colleague of Kevin Trenberth at the NARC in Boulder. He began by explaining the difference between an ice shelf and an ice sheet. The Ross Ice Shelf is already floating. It freezes into pack ice in winter and is open in the summer. WAIS, however, is grounded, attached to the Ross Sea's continental shelf, a marine-bed ice sheet that has been there for the last 20 or 30 million years, flowing off at its edge and being remade by snow. It is a huge chunk of snow and ice, 500 miles  long by 500 wide and about 9,000 feet thick (12,000 feet at its thickest point), about half of which is below sea level.  Six ice streams flow beneath it, and it is already sliding on mud, "like syrup poured on a table," Behrendt explained, toward the Ross Ice Shelf and the open water beyond at the rate of 1200 feet a year. Global warming or the active volcanos under the sheet, could cause it to deglaciate, to break off and collapse, as happened with the Laurentide Ice Sheet a hundred thousand years ago and is happening now with the glaciers at the Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, which are rapidly breaking off and slipping into the sea. "If WAIS deglaciates and surges out into the sea, sea level will equalize all over the earth at about six meters, or twenty feet, higher than it is now," Behrendt estimated. "But it is controversial that it will even do this," he cautioned, "and it would take several centuries at least to effect the rise. It's the snow and ice that is above sea level that will break up into icebergs that will gradually melt and cause the rise."  Whew, I thought. There's time on this one. Norse had made it sound as if the rise could happen in a quickly as a year.

          Behrendt suggested I talk to his colleague, Mark Meier, an authority on sea-level rise, for a second opinion. Meier told me that in the last 100 years the sea has been rising by about two millimeters a year-- "more than in the past, and it will rise by more in the future. One third is due to the heating and expansion of the mix zone, the top hunded meters, one third is due to glaciers melting, and the other third is from what ? Tk.". As far as WAIS was concerned, he confirmed that "it's the top 4500 feet that matters,  and the expected sea level rise from their melting cannot happen quickly. It will take hundreds of years. But already," he said, "global warming is causing many of the ice shelves that are already floating to break up and drift out to sea as icebergs. This will relieve some of the back pressure on the ice streams that feed the shelves and will draw down the ice sheets from the [Antarctic] continent. The mid-range estimate for sea-level rise over the next century is twenty inches."


    Continue to page 8 "

  • Global warming threatens the viability of having so many people living in low-lying coastal areas and drought-prone areas like the Southwest. Some places, like Florida, are so low that they could virtually disappear if the Ross Ice Shelf detaches.. (which could raise global sea levels by an indeterminate amount.) Similar changes could happen if the Greenland icecap melts.

    Some places (in places like California and the Mogollon Plateau) could also see big - catastrophic fires if the dirt dries up.. These areas are already under stress from changing climate and water diversion..

    We are in denial on how much we are impacting this planet.. unfortunately..


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