Real Reasons For GOP's Anti-Choice Stance: Adoption is Big Business

Here are some possibilities..

1.) Adoption is big business in America. Churches, in particular, essentially sell babies, legally.
Most of these babies are taken from their mothers under semi-coercive circumstances. Then, they are prohibited from maintaining a relationship with their children, as the children are with them.

2.) Unwanted children often do not receive the kinds of support from their parent. They almost never get to go to college, statistically. In fact, many unwanted children are killed. Globally, millions of nonmarital children are killed each year. This means that those who do survive to adulthood do not have a support network. They end up doing whatever they can to survive. This increases crime (previously, the GOPs main issue, now falling)

3.) Pretending that the GOP is 'pro-life' diverts attention from their anti-family, anti-job, anti-security policies..

4.) Unwanted children are more likely to 'Join the Army' thinking that they will receive money for college (less than 20% ever do, though)

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Finally a tax credit was given to offset the high cost of adopting American babies (yes it is cheaper to fly to China and adopt their babies)... wouldn't you know... adoption agencies uniformly raised their fees the same amout as the tax credit.

Also a helluva a lot of Faith-based adoption agencies have popped up to reap the rewards of the Faith based government giveaways.

by Parker 2005-04-27 01:15PM | 0 recs
something different
cut rate adoptions! get them while they're still on sale! ends this friday!

i guess the competitive pressures on babies aren't quite the same as blue jeans.

How bout instead of a tax credit, you have a price ceiling? It would have great appeal to the prolife movement. and would solve all of the problems.

having children be adopted turns 'unwanted children' into wanted ones. its the perfect 'industry' for a price ceiling. Its not like supply is going to plummet because of the price ceiling, because women dont get paid for their babies anyway.

but let's take the tinfoil off. The GOP is pro-life, because of the rabid pro-life movement, and the 10% of the electorate that votes single-issue on abortion. The pro-life movement's strength at the grassroots level has nothing to do with adoption fees.

Adoptions fees would be a great opening for democrats to talk about 'values'.

While the pro-life movement at the grassroots level would love lowering adoption fees, big churches obviously would hate it. They could tie the Republicans to oppose such a ceiling, who would already be presumptively against a 'price control'. A really interesting political football.

by srolle 2005-04-27 01:43PM | 0 recs
There's also
the labor market -- more people means lower wages. And the higher rates of crime among children from poor or broken homes, feeding the prison-industrial complex, a $billion industry.

But yeah, the number-one issue is keeping the base riled up. That's why there can never be an abortion solution. Any inch you give on this issue will just cause the other side to demand something more.

by catastrophile 2005-04-27 01:59PM | 0 recs


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