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    Give me a break.

    Edwards is running an "if I were still a senator" campaign now that has no office and no senatorial repsonsibilities.

    I think its weak. HRC and BHO are frontrunners and he has to fire in their direction, but lets not all pretend that Edwards is not being POLITICAL right now.

    Its easy to have a big fat moral compass now that he only represents himself. No I do not love HRC or Obama. Both are pretty far down on my list.

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    At least there's no LIEberman this time around.

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    Hire Trippi?

    He's good up until the primaries.

    I think you have to count some of them out. Not all of those candidates have a fighting chance.

    It seems people are dropping out like flies now. I think we'll see more dropouts soon.

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    They didn't ask for Rahm Emanuel to speak? I guess he was too busy.

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    I understand the importance of good governance, but we can't completely disregard how we were completely crushed by the repugs political savvy.

    We have to stay sharp on the political front and continue to draw the line between us and the repubs AS we draft practical legislation.

    The repugs love boogeymen and they use them to their advantage (communism, war on drugs, terror). Just because we slayed one now doesn't mean another one won't appear later.

    They've shown that they want power for the sake of power and we need to make it clear we use power for the sake of the good of Americans.

    We need to constantly drill that dems have done more good in their first year than the repubs had done in 12 years and the like.

    After the battle is won, you must sharpen your knife.

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    Another thing,

    Why do the Carvillites and DLC types like to use political victims all of the time?

    Its like they're trying to run us as the pity party made up completely of victims.

    Victims usually have a clean slate morally, but at the same time, we seem like we're the one's always taking it in the end.

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    Didn't Dean coin the term "Culture of Corruption" which was repeated widely on MSM.

    Didn't the exit polls say that corruption was one of the number 1 issues?

    They were going to blame him if we lost and are now trying to oust him when we won.

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    I'd also like to thank everyone for not bringing up race.

    It's too bad I had to bring it up. Ignore this post.

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    There's no way Obama could survive umpteen debates with 5 or 6 candidates assailing him while keeping his "centrist" mantra. The debates will eventually force him to take clear positions that may make him take uncomfortably "progressive" stances. It happened in the 2003 run up.

    Its just too easy to take no side when your on the sideline, but when he's in the spotlight he's gonna have to have clear cut principles and positions that are going to get attacked.

    It might be easier to just have Hillary take the fire in the run up to the primaries and pick Obama as an early VP.

    I think it'll be hard for McCain also. When you're not on any side people wonder if you're on their side, but he's already sold out on a lot of his principles to position himself for the primaries.

  • Formulas don't mean squat. As if George Bush didn't have several formulas going against him in 00 and 04.

    Didn't previously divorced Reagan break one of these formulas too? Give me a break, they are more like horoscopes in that you can apply them to almost every candidate.

    Richardson is too large and weak looking. Looks matter. Schwarzeneggar is kicking the Dem candidate in CA and I think some others would agree that looks play a big part in it.

    Richardson is just another wait and see candidate like Bayh and Biden who would like to be considered because of his resume. Resume means next to nothing anymore (Bush). It hasn't worked for the dems in years (Kerry/Gore).

    I don't see his appeal

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    The point is he's throwing people under the bus for no reason.

    Is he anti-establishment, I don't think so. Which group of democrats is he referring to?

    I know people thought Dean did the same thing, but this is completely different. All this guy has is bipartisan appeal and he uses it to tar and feather dems.

    This is not the kind of talk that sparks a national dialogue. Why not just adopt the entire list of Repub talking points to attack dems with?

    I'd like to hear an explanation from an Obama fan.

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    Who notices crap like that besides political junkies?!

    All he had to be was decent. He was up against Colbert. Not exactly an easy interview. Even if he was thrown softballs I'm sure he wasn't expecting them and he got his talking points out.

    People, it takes YEARS to become adept at public appearances. This guy is very green. Of course he is, he hasn't been doing it very long.

    I agree. Dems are good at beating up other dems. Providing criticism is where NONE is needed. We're great at expecting perfection. Wow. No wonder we're in control of all branches of office.

    These are all wonderful skills we have. If only our opponents would do us a favor and follow our example.

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    You have to agree, if Edwards really voted for all of the worst pieces of the Bush agenda, he needs to account for that.

    It doesn't matter so much that he knows what to say to the public if he votes against them when he gets the chance.

    No I'm not a troll. I'm Feingold/Dean/Clark/Gore type. I've just heard of "assurances" he made to donors during the 2004 campaign.

    He's a lot more polished in public than any of the people I support, I just want to know that he's not just saying the right thing.

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    Speaking of hackery:

    Thy name is Ed Schultz. He's a good liberal cheerleader, but that's it. He's way too establishment and the guy is obviously doing it for a paycheck.

    This Stewart thread needs to be removed. This is ridiculous.

    The guy isn't talking to you (us) political junkies. He's talking to apathetic "mainstream" non-newspaper reading Americans.

    There's NO ONE around right now that's a better interviewer of right wing BS and has the huge audience he has. He's been calling them on their BS consistently its not enough for some people.

    The Bill Bennett's are full of it. There's no way he can get to all of it in 5-10 minutes. He has them by the balls because they want a crack selling their books to his hip audience. NO ONE else is taking it to their faces like he is. Tweety? Russert? LOL. Colbert is hilarious but his format doesn't allow for it like TDS.

    Its only a half hour show people!

    How many times can we have the "perfection is the enemy of the good argument" on this side of the aisle. We'll never get it.

  • God bless those California nurses.

    They are really using pushing their political capital to its limits and doing a great job of it.


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