NE-02: Bring it on, Lee.

For a decade now, the people of Nebraska's 2nd District have been represented by the "Boy Congressman" Lee Terry. If you don't know who he is, be careful not to confuse him with the guy from the Stride gum commercials, which is an easy mistake to make:

Lee Terry and Stride Gum guy
The creepiness of their resemblance lasts even longer than the flavor of the gum.

Anyways, in 2006, Lee made energy issues the central theme in his campaign. However, after 8 years of doing nothing (as everyone knows the government is supposed to do) on the issue - or for that matter, any issue other than the contentious debate over post office naming - he's feeling vulnerable. Therefore, Terry is taking a page out Bush's 2004 play book - if your constituents keep demanding that you "do something," just scare them into voting for you.


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