• I followed all your links.... they're pretty much worthless.

    The Sourcewatch link lists the Safire quote again.  I can't imagine any good Democrat believing Safire about anything, but then 'you are who you quote'.

    From the NY TImes list of articles you link to, there is this:

    "Clintons Say They Haven't Endorsed Clark"
    ''Clinton reached out to several candidates to underscore that he was favoring no one in the race,'' said an adviser to Mr. Lieberman, of Connecticut, who was familiar with the call. ''He wanted to reach out to say he was equally supportive of everyone in the race.''

    And the CNN article had a vague reference to some 'Clinton' advisors without any specific references.

    People who worked at high levels in Democratic politics during the Clinton administration were distributed through all the campaigns.  Some worked for Clark, some worked for Kerry, some for Edwards, and Gephardt and some worked for Dean. I don't think any of the worked for Kucinich, Sharpton or Braun (but I could have missed a few here or there).

    Nevertheless, the idea that Clinton people ONLY worked for Clark is spurious and not based on a single fact.

    Carville was an Edwards supporter.  You can't get more "Clintoncentric" than that.

  • Apparently you don't know how to differentiate between speculation and fact.  

    The # of google hits doesn't prove anything.  Provide some sourced info (like I have) or shut up.

  • You're quoting Safire?  Oh good gawd!

    You (and he) are wrong on the facts. See http://www.ipdi.org/UploadedFiles/Small% 20Donors%20Report.pdf

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    There is a document produced by the GWU Center "Institue for Politics Democracy and the Internet" called "Small Donors and Online Giving" that should forever debunk the "Clark was funded by Clinton donors" meme.

    It is available here:  http://www.ipdi.org/UploadedFiles/Small% 20Donors%20Report.pdf

    There is a simple chart (Figure 1) that shows 31% of Clark's donations came from small donors ($200) or less, John Edwards (by contrast only had 14% of donors who could be categorized as 'small'.

    Not counting Kerry ('cos they don't split out the primary and the general elections) only Dean and Kucinich had higher percentages.

    If Clinton helped with fundraising for WKC, what did he do? Call all the small donors and ask?

    This report is solid evidence that Clark raised a huge amount of his money outside the 'normal' channels -- just like Dean.

  • Either put up or shut up -- time to provide some evidence (if you have any).  Clinton didn't do Clark any particular favors during 04, so either provide direct information or stop repeating Rush Limbaugh's favorite line.

    Just about all of the Democrats in the United States contributed to Bill Clinton during his tenure as POTUS, so of course some of the same people contributed to Clark.  Some contributed to Kerry, some to Edwards, etc.  If contributors are active Dems, they'd have picked a candidate in 04.

    The idea that somehow Clinton was more supportive of WKC than others is just wrong.  Clark has openly talked about Jimmy Carter calling him to ask him to run, but it's widely known that Clinton offered advice to all the Dems in 04.

    If B Clinton had really supported WKC, he'd have won.  It's unfortunate for the country that he didn't.

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  • Why should there "still be a U.S. presence in Iraq."?  Clark doesn't advocate that!

    We don't own Iraq and the last I heard Iraq hasn't applied for US statehood.

  • Clark has never changed his postion advocating that the United States forswear permanent bases in Iraq.  You cannot make Hillary Clinton look better by obfuscating WKC's position.  
    Excerpt from OPEd: USA TODAY: Next move in Iraq?
    November 2006


    These principles could include: Iraq would remain whole; oil revenue would go to the Iraqi people based on a formula they determine; the rights and security of individuals must be protected; the United States would have no permanent bases in Iraq; the covert flow of military arms and equipment into Iraq would be halted; and the security needs of all states would be respected.

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    Be sure to pass around the petition.  They've gotten some real-world materials up.


  • And reinforces the point that even bloggers shouldn't randomly grab posts from other blogs and post them all over the net as if they were fact:

    ....I have no way of knowing, however, if Wes heard my question correctly. Judging from Wes Jr.'s comments, he did not hear my question in it's entirety.

    This is a great example of why I rarely post on blogs much. It also demonstrates why the media should ask questions first before jumping to conclusions.

  • With debts settled, the Clark for President accounts will still be +100,000.

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    I dunno if the report is accurate or not, but I don't expect Biden and Dodd to last the summer. Richardson may not either.

    You're kidding if you think all the 'good' advisors are spoken for, BTW.   Campaign gypsies (those who migrate from campaign to campaign) will ALWAYS be available.  There are some very good folks who haven't signed on with anyone.  There are also a few who are occupying themselves in the interim with other things.

    I really have to laugh that anyone thinks there is a shortage of political consultants.

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    As he said this morning (2/20/07):

    Brian Kilmeade: Just ask a question, when are you going to decide if you're running?

    Gretchen Carlson: (chuckles)

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: Well, pretty soon, I think.

    Brian Kilmeade: Within a, within a month?

    GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: Well, I don't have a specific timeline, but it's a very interesting race. There's a lot of great candidates out there, but there are some really, really important issues in this election.


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    well, duh.... he's not yet a candidate.

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    It is a mistake to believe that Clark is not planning to run in 08.

    He has some very serious things he wants to accomplish before he has to turn it all 'political'.

    He's right too.  You can see the other candidates posturing everywhere they show up.

    Don't forget.... When Wes announces, he will give up all his other obligations and be able to campaign 7 days a week.  


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