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    Is quite different than 'reducing' the list.

    What many here seem to misunderstand is that the delegates get elected -- the actual delegate count would (by election) be reduced to the proper numbers.  

    What Obama has done has disallowed 950 individuals from even being considered by those who are electing the final delegate list.

    Looks like Clinton has removed less than 10% of her 'potential' delegates and Obama has removed more than 50%.  They weren't even given the opportunity to TRY to get elected.


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  • More proof that women are entitled to their own opinions... or are you a subscriber to the idea that women should parrot what their husbands think?

  • "I don't have any legitimate foreign policy experience, so it's not real important .... and I don't need any more than I already have."

    What a joke.

  • Ford and Coca-Cola are both multinationals.  What makes you think they don't have assets in the Caymans?

  • There was no 'certification' since not even half of the 'caucus vote' totals were turned in.  Some supposedly are still missing.

    Much of this will be resolved in the county/SD conventions this Saturday.

    Clinton's camp asked for a delay so that the TDP could complete the work they are required to do in order to validate the information they have as correct -- even as scarce as it is.  State law prevented TDP from complying (though I suspect they wish they could).

    There were widespread problems with the Texas Caucuses (delegates chosen who were not even registered to vote, much less voted in the primary --a requirement).

    The length of the caucuses will be affected with all of the challenges (from both sides) that have been presented.  If TDP had been able to postpone the County/SD Conventions, much of that would have been sorted out prior to Saturday.

    Too bad... this may be the first 2 day County/SD convention in Texas History.

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    Didn't he say that he'd get all the Clinton voters, but he wasn't sure she could get his?

    Pretty arrogant thing for him to say.... but maybe the chickens have come home to roost.

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    For goodness sake, it's Tony McPeak, who's claim to fame is limited to changing the Air Force's uniforms to more resemble those of airline pilots.  The most telling part -- the Air Force changed the uniforms back as soon as he was gone.

    From Wiki:

    During the 1990s, Air Force Chief of Staff General Merrill A. McPeak redesigned the service dress uniform to give it a more distinctive look. His redesign replaced the metal rank insignia for officers with silver braid on the sleeves, similar to the Navy's officer rank insignia. This was done in the traditions of the British Royal Air Force, and the Canadian Forces. The "McPeak uniform" was very unpopular, drawing comparisons to the jackets worn by airline pilots, and the traditional rank insignia were reinstated shortly after General McPeak's retirement in 1994.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Stat es_Air_Force_officer_rank_insignia

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    Obama hasn't "won" Texas delegates either

    The County Conventions haven't been held.  TDP doesn't even know all the results of the local precinct conventions held on March 4.

    The delegate totals won't (can't) be final until the State Convention on June 6-7.

    Regardless of Obama's claims, the totals of Texas delegates awarded to each campaign from the caucuses are still very much up in the air.

  • Thanks!

    We all have a responsibility to make sure elections are fair and the process is transparent.

  • As I said in my post... no one knows 'the outcome' and I hesitate to attribute motive to anyone.  I could have written that "Obama doesn't want to allow TDP enough time to complete the process because he's afraid to lose delegates".

    I didn't write that because I don't really care if one side or the other gains a delegate or two and I don't presume to KNOW what motivates either side -- I just know that the whole process is a shambles.

    It could be that Clinton gets more delegates.... maybe Obama will.

    TDP needs to take the time necessary to do their job.  They only hired a database firm to BEGIN it yesterday.

    The Clinton camp should be applauded and Obama's campaign should join them in demanding that they spend whatever time is necessary to insure voter integrity.

  • I believe I've answered your questions above.  No one is 'whining'.

  • When delegates to the County Conventions are 'elected' who are not even registered voters -- much less registered in the precinct they're voting in -- it's a problem.

    When supporters of one candidate or the other are locked out of the caucus site (so that the police had to be called) -- that's a problem.

    When TDP has to issue legal directives in the middle of the afternoon for one campaign to stop collecting signatures (as though those people attended the caucus when it hasn't even happened yet) that['s a problem.

    TDP's rules govern caucus proceedings.  The Clinton camp has asked that they take the time to pay attention to them.  Anything else is a travesty in the same vein of the Republicans' contention in 2000 that the 'rules' didn't matter.

    I've supported verifiable paper trails since 2000.  Since we have them in this caucus process, we should take the time to use them and not subvert the system in the name of expediency.

  • Following the rules is not changing them.

    Allowing the process to be subverted in the name of expediency is not the way democracy works.

    Or did you think that the 2000 election was handled correctly after all?

  • Not that it matters for this particular diary, but the TDP issued 2 legal opinions warning the Obama campaign that it was in violation of caucus rules at about 2 in the afternoon on election day.

    No, the Obama campaign was not 'playing by the rules' but the fallout from that will be dealt with at the Conventions in the Rules and Credentials committees.

    The problem is more fundamental.  TDP cannot provide information required by its own Charter in order to the Committees at the County Conventions to do their work.

    If you can't even verify that a caucus attendee was a registered voter, then the entire system's flaws will get ALL the caucus results tossed.


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