Electioneering occuring in Indiana??? UPDATE

I came across this story a little while ago, and the video.  It shows a person, we don't know if she is a volunteer or a poll worker for Obama, but she is standing at a table INSIDE the voting place across from the registration table with a sign that says, "Trouble Voting?""Talk to me.", and then "Obama for America" at the bottom of the sign.

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Obama willing to tear DEM party in nomination battle

In a desperation move to attempt to regain momentum the Obama campaign is exposing exactly what Chicago politics is famous for.  Forsaking his "politics of change", Senator Obama's campaign is now in an attempt to shield attention from their candidates looming real-estate/money-laundering/extortion scandal ties, is now willing to destroy and shatter the DEM party in order to throw the kitchen sink in the rehabed but heaterless apartment buildings at Senator Clinton.

http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2 008/03/05/734818.aspx

"Part of what the Obama campaign would like the focus to be on is ethics -- something adviser David Axelrod said they would be glad to have a debate over. But the Obama campaign may be a victim of time, since an argument on ethics could be tough to steer with the ongoing Rezko trial."

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