• Haven't been around in quite a while.  I've been too busy shaking my head, trying to deal w/ working and defending Obama's policies and decisions, keep working and striving for 2012, knowing w/ every decision he makes is a step backward almost.


    Just had to pop in and say...."told ya so".


    Sorry, couldn't help it.  As disgusted as I am, thought it would just make me feel a little better.  And it did.

  • 1000% agree.

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    I might even watch that on PPV.  Another defecit reduction tool for the Administration.

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    I just finished watching the event.  It was at points irritating, but overall very engaging, and a moment I've been waiting for from Obama for quite some time.  I thoroughly enjoyed him schooling the GOP, in essence talking them down from the ledge with reason and a little bit of mental judo.

    One can only hope that he continues to remind them of the event, as I'm sure the sting from the spanking will be replaced tomorrow morning with fresh and new carpet bombing from the far extreme fringe known now as the GOP.  (Yeah, my own little BLU-82B thrown in there at the end. Couldn't help it.)

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    Just a few notes on the diary...

    1. Obama's trying, he's just giving up the farm in trying to get it done.  Even his team admit it's been harder than they expected it to be, but then again quite a few of us knew it would be and aren't really that surprised.

    2. While I was hoping for more, I never really thought there would be any real change or substance for that matter, but at least there are some who keep pushing and maybe he still can get something done.

    3. Hillary WON'T run in 2012, so we can just stop w/ that right now.

    4. Obama, as bad and as unsuccesful as he's been is 1000x better than the alternative, and while we should keep prodding and poking the WH to keep their promises and not give away everything in order to just get a check in the done column, we need to FORCE him to go to an actual progressive agenda, but do so while getting him re-elected.

    5. If you're still of the mind that he's gonna be a one-termer, then show me who will replace him and be able to win?  Hillary's not gonna run, that's for sure.  So who else?  Bayh? Grayson? Frank? Pelosi? Schumer?  No one.  So we better shape up the one we've got, or it's gonna be a real shit sandwich.

  • Ceteris Paribus

  • Peel and stick.  Can't expect more from something that's not there. No surprise, no revelation.

    And that's Mr. Asshole to you.

    Tested and fail. Next.

  • Yes indeed.  And the leadership starts at the top...now where's my Kumbaya hymnal. LOL...

  • You keep pushing that meme, but it's just not true.  Her campaing manager and strategist were pollsters out of CA and one of them was donating to the RNC as late as '05/'06.  I mean seriously...who doesn't catch that?!

  • Agree 100%.  They bought into their own hype.  Just like the National Dem party as well as the local Dem's who thought that dusting off the "ride to the polls" would be sufficient to overcome the gaffes and inaction of the Coakley campaign.

    They could have ended Brown's campaign at least 8 weeks out, but they all believed that had it locked.

    "Don't believe the hype"...should be playing on Obama's ipod on repeat right about now.

  • LOL!

    Not so sensitive...sure...sure.  You go ahead and believe what you're posting if it makes you feel better.  You have to live with yourself "by any means necessary" and do what you have to do.

    Asked and answered.

  • That's crap.  Her campaign was run by pollsters and people who gave to the RNC back in '05/'06(Dennis Newman).  They weren't the same people who ran Hillary's campaign.

    They were arrogant and self-assured.  Bouyed by the DEM party head's namely Kaine who shunned Dean and basically took a vacation since becoming DNC Chair.

  • A little sensitive I see.

    Let me clarify before going any further, I was not implying that you were hyping anything, and agree that the frothing is just a distraction.

    However, you seem to attempt to display a reasoned and dispassionate position, yet retort with the same peel-and-stick labels just as quickly as those whom you're deriding.  Just an observation.  And you seem to have had no problem buying into that rhetoric whatsoever.

    Do I think Obama is an incompetent?  Far from it.  But attempting to insinuate that he has barely underachieved is pure obfuscation.  And while you're "pulling together to press him" is viewed in one form, others view they're tactics as "pressing him" in their own way.  There is no set one perfect way to move someone who doesn't want to move or can not move.  Just because someone uses a MLK approach, doesn't mean that others can't use a Malcom X approach in concert to achieve the same goals.

    Think about it.

  • Yeah, there are other categories..2 other...compromise and not yet rated.  The knee-jerk to those shining the light on the broken wheel are not nay-sayers, but harbingers of the dangers at believing your own hype.  What's going on over at kos is significantly different from here, and it does have a purpose as misguided and as hateful as it may be.

    Schadenfreude is best employed and enjoyed by those who claim to have "their" PhD in serious disciplines, simply for the fact that they may indeed be able to enjoy the nuance even more, than the average bear...or tea thugger, which ever over-simplistic peel and stick label you wish to use.

    The left flank of the progressive movement is only demanding their payment for their pound of flesh, and when the butcher's bill is due, no one can escape paying their tab.  Not even the enlightened one's.


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