Sad days for Journalism

Just a rant.

I'm watching MSNBC right now. Or not really watching, but it's on in the background as I'm working on my laptop.

The anchor goes live to a town hall in Wisconsin with Chelsea Clinton, where she is taking questions at Marquette University.

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Superdelegates, Caucuses, MI/FL: What it all boils down to

Originally titled Analysis: Honoring Key Values in the Nominating Contest but that wasn't very sexy.

This diary isn't intended as a research document or finished product, just a springboard for ideas and vehicle to reconcile dueling thoughts.

After several spirited threads, a few ideas have crystallized for me. The overriding theme seems to be that any Democratic nominating process should, in my opinion, value a few complementary and competing key principles:

  • partisanship: Democrats get to select the Democratic nominee; all Democrats get to participate; strongest Democratic areas get more votes.
  • diversity and respect for key constituencies: Each constituency gets represented at the convention.
  • proportional representation and participatory democracy: All geographic areas are represented proportionally, all candidates receive delegates proportionally, maximum participation is encouraged, majority rules, minority gets representation.
  • fairness and transparency: The rules are set in advance, the rules count equally for everyone, entire process conducted in the open.
  • Now, in more depth, here's how I see each respective value currently represented in this cycle's process:

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