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Coming soon to a diary near you. I am going to write about "Fog of War". Thats going to be my project for the next week. I need to do homework on it.

If anyone has anything about Bo callaway or R. McNamara, let me know where to find it.  

I have decided that  Thomas Jefferson, G. Washington, B. Franklin, Madison, Adams, Jackson, Reagan, Roosevelt, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Ike and Truman  - people who all fought wars and won them - might have something to say about the current situation in Iraq.. so I'm going to try to bring back a little bit of reality there.

The theory is, we go in, both guns blazing or not at all.

The Rove Effect: India

When a country that was acting as a beacon of democracy tilts towards the dark side, as America has under the Senior Advice of its Senior Advisor - we see parallel in other countries. India, for example, passed a defense of parliament act very similiar to the Patriot Act. Today, with the death toll reaching 30,000 in the Earthquake in Kashmir, India sends out Sonia Gandhi to tour the area.

This is a tactic right out of Rove's playbook. Starve the area for real resources, but keep the public image up.  A cynical and destructive approach to democracy that has now caught the imagination of the world.

I overheard this about Hurricane Katrina, when Rita hit: "Yes, George Bush is right on top of things. Of course, the last Hurricane killed 1,000 people but we are going to get it right this time."

Again, the Rove effect. Rita blew out before it hit Houston, it is a city 60 miles inland. She was a tropical storm, or a very weak hurricane there.
But Rove wanted Bush to look good so he takes our Commander in Chief and makes him fly all over Houston.  Roll up his sleeves.

Our president should be a leader, not a prop. Actually India's response isn't all that bad, is it.

Independents Key to Win

Bush's recent plummet in approval ratings can be ascribed to the influence independents have in the polling and in the national at large.

Bush's approval dropped from 40% to a recent 29% in independents. 71% of the people you see self identifying as Independents are opposed to the Bush administration.

Independents such as myself play a crucial role in American politics. The process is now dominated by 10,000 page bills and process that only accounts for K street corporate lobbyists and not americans. Each new bill goes up to the hill with provisions like - for example - the Barton Energy bill, that cuts clean air requirements for refineries and encourages pollution (80% of Americans want cleaner air), and lets coal fired plants in pennsyvlania pollute more - all on the pretext of Hurricane Katrina relief.  Americans know, somewhere deep inside - that Barton isn't representing the people of Texas, he's representing the corporate lobbyists of Texas. They know that a provision to let coal fired electricity plants in Pennsylvania pollute more is in a Hurricane Katrina relief bill because these bills are always 10,000 page pork filled monsters. Deep down inside, everyone understands the GOP and Barton really are working for Corporate America and Corporate America, with their offshore offices, are not really working for America.

The democrats take money from all the other groups as well as the corporations and those guys are pushing big gay als big gay legislation (80% of america opposes it) and lay down when it comes to opposing the Iraq war. The american people understand the democrats are being paid under the table.

A flurry of polls and advice after the 2004 election tried to convince you that Independents had no effect on the 2004 election. Despite the fact that 70% of the Dems voted for Kerry and 86% of the GOP voted for Bush.

Now, when the polling shows the independents most fiercely lining up against Bush - where are the Kenneth Starrs of the Democratic party?

Indies rule.

Spy Caught Working Inside White House

This is the first case, ever, in recorded American history - of a spy working inside the white house at this echelon of Power.

The spy was caught in Dick Cheney's office stealing over 100 classified documents and emailing them to the phillipines. ABC News is breaking this story:

Why I wrote this diary is simple: I told you so.  I said over, and over again here - to completely deaf ears - that we need to deal with the circle of treason around Bush himself. Karl Rove. Scooter Libby, who worked alongside this spy - in the same office. There are many others.  Please try to understand: sometimes our patriotic duty is to put aside partisan goals and objectives, the time-honoured approach to discredit a man then discrediting his agenda in the case of Bush, or Frist. I am not saying we support their agenda, but as men - people like Bush hold keys to nuclear armageddon and if we can't, as a country, secure them, we are all doomed.  Personally, in fact, Bush is probably - no I am sure of it - he is a very nice person and someone you would want to know. Professionally, he's allowed himself to drop into the hands of the enemy and whether you like it or not now is the time, for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

The Energy Bill - Action Alert

Call your senator and tell them to oppose this Energy bill proposed by Rep. Barton of Texas.

The bill is unbelievable: it allows for coal fired power plants to be exempt from pollution requirements, pays dividends to refineries for building more refineries and allows them to be exempt from pollution laws as well.

It essentially suspends any environmental requirements and gives another big payout to the oil companies. Exxon posted a 7 billion dollar, all time record profit in Q2 of 2005, highest ever.
The oil companies have purposefully shut down capacity to raise prices..  Does Hurricane Katrina have anything to do with letting coal based energy plants pollute the air?

The Mier File Part 1

As a citizen my interest here is in the correct evaluation of a candidate, whose adjudication must be nonpartisan.

I am focussing on appointments that are essentially political handouts. Like the FEMA director appointment. In the case of Miers, the story goes to the Texas Lottery.

GTech is a large company that uses high tech to run lotteries. They are effecient and make a one stop outsourcing bid to take over the entire system.  During her Tenure, GTech was in fact running the show. This provides her , her first big win. But is it a real cleanup?

The story goes back to Bush's national guard service and the coverup that is still being played out today (including bullying journalists).

Do we still have any proof that Bush served?

Bush disappeared when they started drug testing.  Dan Rather substantiates this with documents especially provided for him by a "trusted source" - then, tightly coordinating with a +lawyer+ in +atlanta+ who helped coordinate monica lewinksky-gate, a "band of bloggers" helped make  the focus of the media attention and , also give them the ouvre of a grassroots movement. Most of the bloggers were curiously "on message" and had very quickly dispatched the "curious typo" but it was a nice diversion for a 2004 election where an opponent was questioning our role in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the "typo" doc was never the focus of Dan Rather's story or his evidence. It was given as part of corrobated statements from the secretary. Instead the centerpiece of the story - lest we forget - was a man named Ben Barnes. And here we find the tie-in to  Mier.

Dan Rather presented a Gentleman namd Ben Barnes, who was at the time, when Bush was up for draft,  speaker of the house for the state of Texas. Miers was Bush's attorney. Rove was closely attached to the bush family.

Now, in 2004, a revelation: Barnes testified that he rigged the system for a no-bid contract to put Bush right into the National Guard instead of
off to the real fight.

Most think it was a partisan attack - but in fact Ben Barnes had already given this statement in a deposition that had somehow become difficult to find... Barnes had an involvement in a Deal Bush was working that made sure he shut up when it came time to talk about Texas Lottery. Which, interestingly enough, you don't hear very much about, do you?

In 1999, when Barnes, then a top lobbyist and political fixer in Austin, became a witness in a lawsuit by Laurence Littwin. Littwin was suing the State of Texas for firing him as lottery directory, which he claimed was politically motivated. The Littwin lawsuit is a complex and confusing affair that provides a glimpse at the baseline of corruption rampant through the Texas political system.  But, not stopped by Miers.
Instigated by Miers.

Karl Rove and Miers saw to it that the lawsuit was dismissed and the sweetheart deal cut, to GTech.

Littwin claimed that he was forced to hire a company called GTech to run the Texas lottery in order to suppress the real story of how Bush won entry into the Guard-namely that Ben Barnes had pulled strings with Gen. Rose.

Behind the scenes, only two names could have been forcing the hand. Then-attorney to Bush himself, Miers. And Karl Rove, his father's right hand man. Both were actively working on a coverup of Bush's drug record in the state of texas.

Barnes had to go on public record with what he'd done for Bush, because it was part of his deposition in this lawsuit. Rove and Miers saw to it that the lawsuit was quashed out of court.

Its like the "insider" , if you've seen that film. Miers is hard at work keeping the testimony from becoming public.

Gtech paid Ben Barnes 23 Million dollars for his services and assistance winning over Texas.

GTech now runs and operates nearly all of the state lotteries. They are a decent enough firm.
As a libertarian I couldn't fault them with providing "incentive".

The exercise of whether or not Karl Rove would blackmail anyone with Miers help, is another story - don't you think?

Miers began her ascent to political power concurrent with Roves plan to put Bush in the Governorship of Texas. As Bush became Governor, Miers got her promotion.

Now, given that a war over a nominee would provide  a different set of polling numbers... why would Bush promote someone like Cheney - do we remember how Cheney won the Vice Presidency? He got the job of picking candidates, and he said, basically - ok, I will be the VP.

It is out of character for Mier to have done the same, despite the same circumstance. Mier instead was likely directed to take up the appointment by Karl Rove, who is furiously trying to cover up his partisan involvement in the Louisiana tragedy.

Dates of Interest:
Barnes Deposition - 1999
GTech contract award - Public Info

Action Needed: Environmental

We need to do something about the environment, right now. You know how the ideas of any age, are always the ideas of the ruling class?

The idea right now is that global warming is just a secondary issue. There's all this other focus on civil rights, etc. but I dare you to read this and
say that:

Basically this article is saying that the global sea ice in the arctic has disappeared by 700,000 square miles in the past 5 years.

To me, this is mindblowing: read the article, you're not going to believe it. I'm serious -
the conclusions are extremely - alarming.

One thing I have to draw out: if this rate continues, the Arctic will be completely ice free in the summertime in 90 years.

Delay Steps Down

A win for America. Delay has stepped down as Speaker of the House, after a long process involving at first - three separate initiatives in which the entire democratic party had to unite simply to have a nonpartisan, independent investigation into his ethics charges. Then, sadly - we find that the person whom DeLay chose to deal with - a one Mr. Abramoff, is to be convicted of nothing short of Murder - and finally of major crimes in Texas court where mountains were being moved to attempt to hush it all up. Please let me know your mind. Anyone who had a soft spot for Dean, who put his weight behind getting this guy to simply answer for his crimes, his many, many many crimes - it appears - is now justified.

Kudos to everyone who worked on this, helped it along - I know it was something that independents wanted to see, and I think this will benefit everyone esp. those good old people in Texas who don't have to worry about .. "Teens" getting their money anymore. A message has been sent: if you're slavering at the pork barrel, better check to see .. there's a few good americans who want to make sure you're not feeding on America - you can eat all the sludge you want, now, Tom Delay. You deserve it!

Rock on!

Bill Frist - Partisan Roadkill

Bill Frist is currently under attack by some who would call themselves progressive. And yet, the attack seems timed with the same crew that is hammering him to weaken his radical stance against the effing crazies who want to chop stem cell research down.

Here's the drill - if you're a partisan, would you like to see Frist as roadkill? If the answer is yes, you've realized something cool. You've realized that you can vote against your own best interests just by following the party line and not thinking things through. Frist goes for Stem Cell Research,
he's for America.

Why not wait until Stem Cell Research is fully funded? Partisanship doesn't make sense to me anymore. This fellow, obviously plays a role in supreme court work. But for such a small amount on stock sale - why bother?

Does anyone know

Does anyone know where the love of god goes
when the waves turn the minutes to hours

Superior, they said.. never gives up her dead
when the gales of november come early.

When the AMO is blamed for the trouble and pain
and the hurricane wind comes a blowin'

In early july you might as well try
to read up on global warmin'

The path that they ride on the American side
caught the captain and crew unknowin

For th' horse  man was fired and a tour bus caught  fire
afore Rita's winds came blowin'

Does anyone know where the love of god goes
when the government sins against her people

Jefferson, Ben, and George Washington
in their graves, they are a-rollin

Late at night just before the dawn Rita turned northward to Texas
The home of George Bush , where he made his great push
The fed she listed in Excess

And as she went down, the bell rang 43 times
for each captain before her
She laid to rest and never seen again
America its been good to know her

(with sincere apology to Gordon Lightfoot)


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