Men and Women

CNN ran an article that cited a new Pew Research study that showed men view the internet as a place for news, sports, stock and pornography.

Women view the net as a resource for health, and religious guidance.

Wow. Is that true, or what? I am dead on locked to a set of news websites for my news (CNN is one) and usually skip all news programs that don't go totally objective (ex. I have not watched a single fox news report in 5 years, except one, because my uncle was a guest speaker) and in depth.

On the other hand, ladies that I know are always talking about health tips and diet tips and recipes.  So men are action oriented, and women are connection oriented.. hmm..

Does this hold up for little boys and girls? I wonder. I know young ladies that like, for example, the neo pets website and spend time taking care of what amounts to basically a gigapet. But little boys seem to spend their time googling out things. I know a 4  yr old that knows all the tricks of google and uses it for his collection (you can guess its not pet horses).

What have you found out?

A Christmas Eve Wish

I have a simple wish for christmas.  This is not about massive action for thousands of people. Its about one little hero. He's 14. His name is Aj Avello.

Its the end of the year. If you can donate a little bit, please do so. No amount is too small, or too big.  

Thank you and God Bless, and Here's hoping you have a Merry Christmas , a Happy Hannukah and the very, very best of the New Year.   For 2006, hitting this link might just be good luck for us all.

Alito and Predestination

President Abraham Lincoln, when he was young, went out into the woods to chop trees. He normally spent quite a bit of time sharpening his axe, and would make short work of the trees.

As such, he had time to think. According to the great biography written by Carl Sandburg, Lincoln often thought about single concepts - and single words, for hours and days at a time.

One such concept is "predestination".

Supreme court nominee Sam Alito is emminently qualified to rule as a supreme court judiciary. But, it seems that, like the puritans - he has ideas about where he is going by his works.

And, like a good nominee, he has a clear paper trail that can be traced to where his positions are going to fall. Samuel Alito , today, it was found, had stated that he believed Roe Vs. Wade should be overturned.

This is a major revelation. The great president Abraham Lincoln appointed a group of rivals to his cabinet, kept himself above the fray, and held the union together at its most difficult time.

Being from the south, I would also add that he exercised undue powers of the federal government and probably helped make the Federal Govt. what it is today - a sprawling bureaucracy that employs one in 5 of every americans.

But he would consider carefully what things meant - his job, was to lead.

Bush sees his job as tampering with the fabric of our laws and constitution. Appointment of a Person with views defined as such, is simply a political maneuver.

Would Abe have ever employed such tactics.

 We need someone with an open mind. This fellow is a political appointment - there are several others highly qualified.

What are your thoughts?


Hurricane Katrina was widely reported here as a Cat 3 storm when it hit landfall.  Why would CNN purposely misreport scientific fact?

Today CNN issued a retraction that they had misreported the wind speed.

Here is the gist of it. There are people in the highest places of power that extend their thought as to what Americans can think, or feel - all the way to scientific fact.

This is important. They believe science itself is mutable, changeable. Something so trivial as windspeed, for example, is misreported.

The simple fact is, because advertising would have it that way. We should acknowledge that advertising asserts an unnatural, and crippling force on Americans and quite frankly anyone who would take American news-media entertainment feed.

Think for a second as to all the people doing semi-robotic work watching that little TV monitor, somewhere in the world.  Would they be more likely to buy something, or less - if they had no basis upon which to make any informed decision much less a decision to buy or sell something.

There is much at stake. America is not for sale, and at the same time, no-one ever went poor underestimating the tastes of the American people.

Journalism cannot be sacrificed, at the altar of advertising. A higher wind speed hurricane may sell more ads - but...the actual wind speed hurricane is what will destroy miami next year.

PS. For the record, one week before the hurricane, this blog at mydd reported that we should raise the height of the levees, calculating a 50% chance they will not hold - there is a specific nature to that post, being it should have been raised 2.5 feet and predicting we could raise the levee 2 feet to hold it.

Frontline: Advertising

Frontline did a fantastic piece on Advertising, I was just able to catch it after getting in from work.

The premise of the show was, that vertically integrated meme can be utilized along product literature recognition pathways to provide encoded restructuring, based on multiple cuts in the demographic.

The upshot of it was kind of interesting. Alot of the techniques in the piece had people who seemed desperate to state how well they work. For example, there was an overweight gentleman who had somehow coined this term "war on terror".

Forget, for a moment, the soft folds of flab- the ones where sweat collects and smells like wet chicken. Or the tailored moment where two men are talking passionately about what people feel while they watch TV.  Here is a gentleman who is, in some sense, a cunning linguist - searching for everyone's inner woman, that sense of vulnerability - whipping out his yin and trying to stick it into your yang.

Forget, for a moment, the overt and pathetic display of wealth.

Think instead about what happens to these people when Global Warming sends them a hurricane that says "I am the alpha. The omega. The epsilon".

One that destroys the cave they live in, rips out their electronics.

Think instead about a country where we are all Americans. Where those who insult us by cutting us up, then telling our leaders that they can't think without trying to appease 70 different groups -

Where those who would pit us against ourselves, in attacks - destroying our own freedoms..

Where those who would invade our open society and steal our identity information, sell it on the market - hide and be like students, sleeper cell ...

Are all called.. Al Qaeda.

Fate of Dissent

The fate of dissenters in the united states is the purpose of this little missive. We should know who is around us, and where we are going , if we are to stand up to the bullies and the liars..

  1. Opposing the war - standing up to Bush's lies: El Baradei, who disagreed with American Intelligence: Nobel Peace Prize. Howard Dean, strongly dissenting from National Views on the war: Promoted to National Head of the Democratic Party.  Paul Hackett, Soldier and Future senator - strongly criticizing leadership of the war - promoted from rep. candidate, to senate candidate -first viable democratic candidate in a highly republican district in 10 years, strong run for the United States Senate underway.

  2. Opposing Oil Based Environmental Policy - Bill Clinton, top press from the national and global news. All countries of the Kyoto Accord, all 150 who signed yesterday without the united states: cleaner air, less dependence on sleazy, creeps in the middle east.  Canada: a multimillion dollar conference and local revenue. Cities who oppose the administration and independently ratify the protocol: Mayor Shirley Franklin, Atlanta: Democrat, in a strongly pro-Bush state (76% voted for Bush) - Franklin wins 91% of the vote. ... that was 91% of the vote again. ... ninety .. one.... sorry lost my train of thought.. lets see.. oh yea. Sen. Kerry, Environmentalist. Places within 2% of the popular vote against a sitting president during wartime. Lost 2004 electoral  by 50,000 votes. Maintains his current seat as Senator and enjoys increasing political power.  Senator John McCain - wins re-election as Senator in Arizona, handily - places himself in pole position to run in 2008 as presidential candidate for his party.

  3. Opposing The Patriot Act: Russ Feingold, the only senator to oppose the first draft of the constitution-crushing patriot act, currently in pole position for a 2008 run. Strong campaign coffers and widening base of support for that presidential run.  Michael Moore, who loaded up an Ice Cream truck and read out the patriot act over the Microphone in the Middle of Washington DC. 20 Million dollars in Revenue from his films, International presence and organization that he is currently steering towards philanthropy in light of an amazing storm (caused by global warming) that destroyed a major american city. Johnny Depp, Actor - who so opposed the act, he renounced his residency in America and took his children away from the country to raise them - 3 additional roles in Major American releases, and over 4 million in personal income and royalties.  Las Vegas Stripper , for whom the Patriot Act was used against her - and by which her story was supposed to be quashed: international celebrity. Oregon pot farmer: same story. Librarians - increased visibility and an amendment that may allow them to be exempt. Corporations, and banks - saddled with the unfunded government mandate of reporting personal information - who opposed the type of activity associated with making personal bank and financial statements public information: security against hackers. Finally, Al Qaeda - who opposes the patriot act, but had an agent working for Dick Cheney: they got 100 top secret documents from the White House. Had to include them for completeness, don't think their opposition had much to do with it, as the complicity of the current administration.

The biggest thing of all: not voting for George W. Bush. :

The ability to look your children in the eye, and say to them that lying is wrong.

There is a TV channel dedicated to lying. When the Kyoto accords were signed again, without the US. They didn't tell anyone.  The people who didn't get anything, suffer amazing divorce rates, have to deal with bankruptcy and all of that - and so want to pretend, with their McMansions, and SUVs, and W-stickers - that they're rich.

Well, liberals are just people who are citizens of the world and know how to make things work in the million and billion dollar range. Conservatives have to stay close to home, they have to try to hurt people who disagree with them.

I did say.. .try...

Quantum Life

God has built a universe in which freewill is given.  In this world - at planck regime - the electron is both an atom and a wave.

As we come into this world, it is god's will that we are both part of our mother, and ourselves. This is the beginning of life itself.

To be a quantum-lifer you will need only to embrace what is all around you. It was god's will that you should see at least a small glimmer of how the universe began, the bright stars deep in the night sky - and wonder about the bones of the dinosaur. As it was in the time of our lord, so many years ago - the waves he walked upon in the sea of galilee were at once solid particles and the ephemeral wave. That wonder is captured today in all good christians who take the holy bible as the undisputed word of god.

To be a quantum lifer, you will provide healthcare for the mother. And the father. Healthcare, especially healthcare that uses the weight of the entire US Federal Government to negotiate prices downward - is the salvation of our country, and of conservatism itself. Any smallbusinessman in America can afford a lab test for pregnancy in the ER if that test costs 12.00.

To be a quantum lifer, you must embrace the fact that medical emergency will require medical intervention.

You will not reduce the question of life itself to the mother and her choices. Especially the choices of a frizzed out woman coursing with hormonal changes. You will not attempt to win yet another victory for activism by attaching women's rights onto an issue that must be determined biologically.

You will, instead, take the solemn and necessary procedures to either save a human life - or bring it into the world. A procedure that starts here and now.

Universal healthcare is the answer to corruption, and to the abortion issue. The federal government, as a coherent bargaining entity can do more to help drive down the cost of certain procedures, and like in kind - bring health to all.

What mechanism combats Abortion, for the quantum lifer, you might say? A dark robed justice who must decided on fundamentals of the American constitution? To interpet and destroy the vision of the founding fathers?

No. That mechanism is the same, awful mechanism that has devastated our textile mills. Destroyed entire industrys. Quantum Lifers use the worst, and most terrible weapon of all - against this terrible practice: the sword of economics.

With American healthcare, and the federal government actively bargaining down - the cost of an abortion procedure can be driven down like a chinese version of the shirt you're wearing, sold at wal-mart. Every prospective abortionist must face not the cold reality of his or her faith = a doctor takes the hippocratic oath, that such mischief is not in their purvey - they repair jews and gentiles, saints and sinners = no indeed. A doctor must face the fact that if he chooses to offer abortions, he or she will get paid a the walmart version of the procedure code. That patient is using American Healthcare.

This is 2005, soon to be 2006. The twenty first century in the year of our lord.


The title of this post is militia. The purpose of the post is to explore the modern role of not only groups of people armed for a cause, but those that would call them security forces, and those that would call themselves party activists. The role of militia extends to both: armed citizenry, either with information, or guns.

Iraq currently has a significant security base force. Training. Weapons. Technique. Provided by the US Government, and the former regimes. After literally hundreds of IEDs and scores of suicide bombing for their recruiting lines, you will find former Baathist, and Shi'ite in their makeup. By day they patrol, by night, they either go out and shoot sunni muslims (yes, the death toll in Iraq for non-military casualties is staggering, and the human rights abuses are worse than saddam) - or, they will wage war against the Americans or American reporters.

Iraq is occupied, by an unjust, puppet government of a country that invaded without cause. Many americans feel the same way about the Presidential administration. Like Iraq, there is an organized movement in this country against our own president, who has so far failed to wage an effective war on terror - and is completely unable to provide for any effective leadership whatsoever in nearly any category you can think of. This has created opportunity for the democratic party, who will invest in various members of these groups to train and bring up the party itself.


That provides for an interesting landscape. The over-riding concern of how a party gets anything done, when the legislative process itself is corrupt - set aside for the moment.  One must begin to ask - how does a grassroots movement have any coherence at all, in action? Militias inside the group , using not weapons but information albeit tainted information - are waging war not only against the Bush administration but the party itself.

The parallel is strong: the movement, for example, to promote gay marriage in this country is not a mainstream or even supported movement. The citizens of the United States of America do not endorse Gay marriage - and the consistent rejection of the topic - despite the  low polling numbers for approval being, still omnipresent- guages the reality that they don't care about the topic, and also that they don't think the government should step in where the church has ruled and should rule. If the church endorses the marriage of two men and adopts a ceremony where the role of the woman can take the place of the actual wife, in vows - or if the church formulates a basis for two women to be able to interlock for the purpose of building a family - the large, massive numbers of people who actually follow the church on issues such as this will follow suit and the legislation will be done.
But not until.

But then, why would an organized group of people in the party still be organizing around this issue? It is not a plank or a platform issue in the Democratic party for 2006.  

The interests of militia groups are to use their newfound force in innovative ways. They will operate at times for profit (in the case of American party militias, its all about advertising revenues) - and at times will take the hit knowing that as long as they have some normalized daylight role they will be back to fight another day.  This creates chaos.

The Bush administration will soon claim that the security forces in Iraq, are close to ready status  - and they will loudly say that they will listen to their field commanders. This, of course, despite, their ignorance of the same commanders who requested north of the force going in, and didn't get it.  Armor that they didn't get. And even to this day, real solutions to problems like IEDs that have a unique effect - as one commander put it - "you'll never look at a person coming up to you with flowers again, after an IED rips through your platoon and kills off your men".  

These claims are as false, as the claim that the national party is ready for the 2006 elections or that the momentum is moving towards the democrats. The democratic party is still trying to tell the American people, that simply being there to catch the fallout represents a stand. Certainly, the party is unified on one topic: that we should pursue cost=effective diplomatic means to resolve international conflict or threat. The GOP position is that American military might should be brought in to further our own interests.  Certainly the claim of threat to America, from Iraq - was false - but more than that, or the Joe Liebermans of the party standing up for Israeli party milita - the rallying cry is less than withdrawal and more - "we will not be the party of corruption".

Q: How do they say "fuck you" in Los Angeles?
A: Trust me.

Will Chris Bowers Do a Good Job ( poll)

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Bush Attempted to Bomb News Station..?

This is interesting.
President George W. Bush wanted to bomb Arabic television station Al Jazeera.

Blair apparently is attempting to use the house of commons and/or his waning political clout to attempt to force the British newspapers = BBC, The Times and the Sun (i think) - to withhold publication of classified documents that state Blair was negotiating with Bush to keep the US from Bombing Al-Jazeera, whom you may disagree with - but still remains a news station. Yes, they have a very pro-arabic sort of soft-on-al-qaeda viewpoint but they +ARE+ a news station.

I hope this will spark some discussion about the fact that the reporters getting near the green zone are complaining about being shot at by US Troops; that Al Jazeera was, in fact, bombed during the Iraq ground war (they lost one of their peter-jennings class reporters) - is Bush going to be able to get away from this Downing street Memo or will this one finally make it to where people are going to start asking real questions about bush? 34% approval rating in this country is way, way too high.


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