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I am simply posting that cares more about democracy in the united states, than the democratic party. They stand up for and expose pork such as the line on the katrina relief bill proposed by  John Cornyn, of texas - that let pennsylvania coal fired power plants pump mercury in the atmosphere as a function of hurricane katrina relief.

They also seem to be able to reach into states that people can't for the life of them, here seem to discuss. Like Georgia.

"I was amazed by the number of people who showed up in Decatur-it was pouring rain, and about 100 of us stood in the rain, by Thomas Jefferson's statue and read the Bill of Rights. I really didn't expect such a turnout in this weather-I really feel more optimistic about our future now."
-Susan, Decatur, Georgia

This was the result of a recent vigil. Please think for a minute, if with its massive base and political active stance, were a party - would you vote for them?

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Homeland Insecurity

We have a real sense that Bush is not protecting us, at all. Should he? He's the commander in chief of the US Military Forces, he's this . He's that.

But does any of that mean he needs to keep us safe? Yep. Thats one of the entire reasons for the Federal Government to Exist. We pool states resources together to provide for the common defence.

So, what do you think about America having their ports purchased
off, by acquisition, by the United Arab Emirates?

The SAIC made these very, very expensive port scanners where containers get scanned through for scary stuff - nobody likes them. And even then maybe one out of every 4 containers even gets inspected. Security already leaves much to be desired..

sooo... do you think we should let the arabs do the job? Anyone for lighting a cigar  and a smoke, on the whitehouse patio?  I heard Prince Bandar was there, the day after 911..

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Bowers Hearing

Chris Bowers et. al. was right. His ears picked up the quacking of a lame duck president.

Here is why: because we are not really laughing at him. Americans are good people, they have a tendency to rally around their leaders in times of crisis, and in general are tolerant, and fair minded. We're naturally disposed to democracy and deeply mistrust electronic voting machines that don't count our votes right. Stuff like that makes you feel comfortable, but we also have a bit of a dark side to us when it comes to the post-watergate view of the presidency.

Watergate changed alot - it made it so that the representative turned his attentions toward influencing his own constituency instead of the "smoke filled room".  And so too did our bitter criticism of our own leaders. Some would say even toxic.

But this always expressed itself in humour. Here is where the real test of truth is: our ability to laugh about all of this. So, Bowers, et. al - are right: the lame duck president is quacking - because we're not laughing about it.

Let me give you an example. When Clinton was embroiled in the Lewinsky scandal, but still basically getting his work done - we were telling jokes like:

Q: Did you here the new poll, they just did ?
A: Gee. No.
Q: Yeah, it was about Sex with the President. They interviewed 1,000 women in washington DC.  The results came in for Bill Clinton: 999 of them said "never again".

So, where are the jokes about a president who is setting up a big-brother like network spying on his own citizens, commonly writes off any laws by "signing statements", has a vice president who shoots people in the face, and walks away from his responsibility to keep secret soldiers in the war on terror able to do their job? A presidency so masturbatory it can't see global warming even after a 200 billion dollar hit on an American city?

No. Bowers is right. The quacking of a real lame duck is  a sad thing. And that is the presidency of George Bush. Please use this post as a scratching post!

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Plamegate Twelve

Plamegate has gone to a new level. The current white house has decided now that Dick Cheney can destroy soldiers fighting against Al Qaeda, at will - CIA operatives engaged in the ultimate battle against our real foe, are in fact, at the whim of the vice president for their own security.

This is to my mind unbelievable and simply speaks for itself. Think for a minute - the Bush administration, and Cheney are going to say that - instead of taking the honorable path and saying that "Scooter" libby was in fact a part of a real move to destroy the Democrat Wilson - he's going to say that he can nuke any operative he wants to - declassifying information is a move that attempts to deflect the fact that "Sure Shot Cheney" lost  - 100 top secret documents - sent, no less, to the Al Qaeda stronghold of the phillipines (believe you me, they are there!).  Second, he's going to try to dodge, just like he tried to hide from shooting someone in the face - the truth that in fact he was attempting to destroy Ambassador Wilson simply because Wilson was a democrat who spoke out against their abuses.

If you read carefully, what is really going on, is Cheney is circling the wagons around Karl Rove. Cheney asserts control over Bush through Rove. This is why the VP of the US does not answer to top aides of the president - because the president's key advisor is firmly in the pocket of Cheney and his business peeps.

Thats my view. I don't want to take all the air out of the room, but what,  in heavens name is going on here?

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Katrina and Failure

Whether you're indie or a dem, to be free of the GOP party line on Katrina should be a great relief. Katrina was a shocking failure.

First, as I have posted several times, Katrina was only a Category 3 hurricane when it hit. I know we'd love to think otherwise, but she blew herself out. Winds were maximum 100 mph. The news media entertainers had to sell advertising, so they glossed it up. But when I was a kid I lived through a full category 5 hurricane (David) and let me tell you - wind blowing down houses happens - not just flooding them. The wind from a real Cat 5 sandblasts steel reinforced concrete and shaves it down. My little brother and I for fun (we lived on a cliff near the ocean) would hold out our jackets and let the wind blow us off the ground. Katrina was not a severe storm by any stretch.

Second, as I posted at least three times, and as several members of the community had stood up for - in the walkup to the storm - the levees could have been shored up. Our nation stood up, in the figurehead of Bush, and said it was a surprise that the levees didn't hold. My estimate was a 50/50 chance they broke and they did. But before that Scientific American ran a full essay on how the levees had become compromised over the years, and how NO was a disaster waiting to happen.  It is shocking to think that our President then stands up and pretends it was all something we could have done nothing about.

Third, to have someone completely un-qualified at the head of a Federal Agency - because of campaign donations + connections - was the final straw.  But for this camel, there is one more...

Fourth, the NO BID contracts that were awarded - and with such public display - were then summarily "re-bid" were in FACT - actually awarded as NO BID contracts, and then upped. And if that weren't enough, about 20% of the work is now MIA.

So, to be free of the GOP saying that its a national disaster that our president had no way of preventing - especially to be free of the GOP that would have had him in San Diego dining with Business Peeps  ( I am not making this up) while the disaster was occuring - the sort of Karl Rove view of the world. That is a great thing.

All I can say in retrospect is - where are the Democrats going? Why is it, that the Hurricane Katrina Relief bill has a passage for Pennsylvania Coal Fired Power Plants to be kicking more mercury in the air?

I have been told that the Dems dreamed up a plan to stop the lobbyists + their runaway destruction of our country - I believe with all my heart that the type of work they did with our system, helping bills like the Katrina relief bill - to become what it was - as the heart of the problem.  The jr. Senator from Arizona, the other one besides McCain (I swear I can't remember his name, something like Kennedy or Brown or something)  - dreamed up this bill that says - all riders and amendments to bills - simply, the author has to defend them on the floor.

For me, this is the ultimate model of elegance when it comes to a solution for a problem that is truly destroying our country.

* Katrina relief was effed up by favoritism

  • The bill to provide additional relief was effed up by favoritism
  • Brownie was appointed by Favoritism
  • Riders and amendemnts put favoritism into our process for nearly every bill

The effect would be devastating to the cottage industry around washington DC. People who were stealing from us all of these years will go broke.

Let them.

The hurricane season starts in another 5 months.
I would caution you - there are more bullets in that gun pointed at our country. Like Al Gore said, Miami is next on the list. For me this is an issue about what it means, to simply be American.

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The United States of America: When?

America has been sharply divided for years. And with that division, comes always a cost to the democratic party: time and again, an atmosphere of propaganda and partisanship has only acted to serve the vested interests behind the republican party.

These interests have metastatized throughout the entire system. When people die in the streets, slowly starving to death or going mad from lack of FEMA resources that were standing no less than 10 miles away - when Hurricane relief bills contain provisions to increase the mercury output in Pennsylvania coal fired power plants  - When America invades an innocent country and ruthlessly murders 50,000 people who had never taken a single shot against us - when our president invades the privacy of our own homes, to ferret out those he would consider dangerous - and finally -

When our country tolerates rallies and meetings in which individuals attending are not allowed to speak their mind.

Go down the list, which of your constitutional rights would you like to do away with? The first? The fourth? With the supreme court now tilting to the radical right -  is there anything you can do to stop the United States of America from its course?

Don't tell me its partisanship and catering to the special interest groups. They got us here. American corporations have paid Democrats and Republicans enormous sums of money to keep things the way they are.

In the Congress of the United States, the absolute poster child of these interests, a man Named Boehner (pronounced Bay-ner) now leads the Majority party.

As if to thumb their very nose, at the Idea that Democrats can champion reform - and also to quietly attempt to reinforce a McCain presidency in 2008 - the lobbyists have used all their power to make certain that their man has proposed the one key piece of legislation that could unite us all.

And in so doing, has issued the greatest challenge to the Democratic party in half a century: Can America unite under the idea that the people of America are in charge, not corporations and special interest groups?

I say yes.

There are three great reasons for supporting the legislation to eliminate riders.

1. People like me who are desparate to stay in the party - people who would support an impeachment of the president during an election year. Like the Alito filibuster, we need something to focus our energies on. This bill that attempts to ban riders by simply asking members of congress to attempt to stand up and identify themselves as having put them on (the riders that turn each piece of legislation in the house into 10,000 pages of slathering pork because everyone is hiding right now about their involvement) - would have radical implications for my set. We read bills, we participate in local, county, and state elections as well as federal actions against corruption. We are watchdogs, activists, and desperate to find a comfortable home in, as Howard Dean says - "the very big tent" that the democrats seem to want to build.  We have not ignored people like Cokie Roberts - whose husband is a K-Street Lobbyist - attempting to use the media to quash this bill.

  1. Defuse the McCain Run: John McCain has this as a signature issue. His veneer of a reformer, against the likes of Biden, Bayh, Warner and Feingold are paled in comparison to his connections with his campaign finance reform efforts of 2000 where he was flown all over America in someones corporate Jet. In 2004, that Jet was George W. Bush's AF1.  If you want to stand for reform, swallow your pride and stand for the bill. With it being Passed, there will be a clear identity in the Democratic party for change. And that will rip the fuses right out of the GOP for 2008 because it already sounds like they're willing to take a beating in 2006 - why rope a dope them when you can deliver a knockout blow?
  2. Because it is the right thing to do. Boehner, not more than six years ago, proudly boasted of his ties to Abramoff, and KStreet. He flashed pictures of his "fundraising effeciencies" up in spreadsheet form over Congressional monitors during session. The movement to have Tom Delay answer for his crimes was based on the potential for having real reform.  Standing up and continuing that battle, means standing up against him - in this case by standing for him.

Not megachurches, not some kind of ideological warfare - but simple christian ethics are the greatest threat to the  cancer that has destroyed the union. It turns back its metastasis  - the horrid tendrils reaching into everyday life now, with emminent domain, Wal Mart, and TV Monitors at your local amusement park 3 every six feet, feeding you advertising and making sure you are in your place.

The real enemy of the united states is desperately gambling that the Democrats will fail; they are afraid. They will pay off those voices that Democrats trust - as long as those voices are centrally broadcast.

But if we rise up against them, remembering all the while, that they are attempting to shore up their own person with a brilliant maneuver -

And if you are willing to stand up for your own country and create a machine that can impeach George W. Bush.
Then you are the one who can truly say - The Republican and the Union forever.  

I still can't remember the name of the guy in Arizona, not McCain but the other one, who started this ball rolling. Does anyone remember?

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How Progressives Talk about Abortion (?)

I took this from a website and I am interested in your thoughts.

1.  Resolve never to be afraid to ask for help when you need help.
   2. Resolve never to be a customer at an abortion clinic.
   3. Memorize the following words, and live by them, starting today:
          * Female sexuality is one of the most powerful forces in this world (the only one God uses to create life).
          * It is a privilege that a man must earn by promising his life to her.
          * She has lost something if she does not demand a commitment first.
          * The measure of a man is how much he willingly gives of himself. (Our troops are an example of that.) A good man pays this price willingly, by putting a ring on her finger first--whether she demands it or not.
          * Every day is a new opportunity to live up to this ideal.
   4. Display the symbol, most importantly on your person. Other suggestions include on your car, from a flag flying in front of your home, a sign posted on your lawn, t-shirts, etc.
   5. Spread the word! Tell your friends and other people you know about the movement and tell them about the website.
   6. Familiarize yourself with local resources so you will know who to talk to in case someone who is in need approaches you. Your role is one of emotional support for your friends and a conduit to those resources. Please make sure that you involve older adults and professionals as soon as possible. It is not wise to handle a situation like this without their involvement. I say this as a former teenager who tried to handle an unplanned pregnancy among other teenagers and blew it.
   7. Resolve never to be afraid to ask for help when you need help. (For example, if number 3 doesn�t work out exactly perfectly, and you find yourself pregnant. We know this is a repeat, but it is one worth repeating.)
   8. Do not judge.

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The GOP and their Boner

Does anyone know anything about the boner that the GOP is now showing?  After the Delay, I noticed they didn't want to use anything Blunt on their party members.   So, seriously does this guy have any past?

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Gang of 14

The gang of 14 soundly defeated the filibuster on Alito's nomination. I took this as an eye-opening situation, because Alito is not quite a moderate appointment.

The vote therefore will proceed and Alito will be confirmed to the US Supreme court.

But at what cost? With all democrats in the committee opposing him, and now, on the senate floor, should America rightly confirm , as people who are pro-bill of rights, and pro-environment - this fellow?

I believe that the court was leaning too far to the left, and I am proud that there is a right wing balance to it, in this appointment. But that said, I just have this still , small voice telling me: is this the right guy?

Bush nominated Harriet Miers almost as a diversionary tactic, IMHO.  This fellow is a right winger's dream, replacing a key swing vote. And the right wing that salutes unbridled executive power - is called fascism.

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The Filibuster - How you can help

The Filibuster against Sam Alito is a major event: for the first time in 90 years, a judge has travelled from committee to the floor for confirmation, without a single vote from the minority party. Not one democrat voted for Alito to be confirmed.

Now, with the republicans saying that they had taken the nuclear option off the table - in a deal that confirmed 8 of the last 10 judges, they plan to cheat.

How you can help: write your local congressman or senator, explain  your views and make yourself heard., Act,, are places to start.

There are democrats here - the ones that have been neutered by the republican party - who think that Kerry's actions will not succeed. Far from it. Kerry is taking the first step to removing George W. Bush from office. In the first debate with George W. Bush, during the 2004 elections, Sen. John Kerry cut George W. Bush apart - he relies on his payoffs , such as the McDonald's contribution to NPR Public Radio, to the National Broadcasting Media Lobby, and to Oil Companies, to get his work done. Karl Rove is a propagandist.  

IF Sen Kerry is effective, the thin veneer of Propaganda, that George W. Bush has laid up for himself, will be stripped away - IF the GOP is to use the nuclear option, we will know their true intent all along with it.

IF The people who call themselves "liberal" actually grow a pair and get out there and fight, we'll win.

Because Kerry knows exactly what George Bush relies on to make his big speeches. Last year, it was all about Social Security. Next Tuesday, Bush wants to speak about another policy he will fail.

Kerry said - this is the most crooked group of people he's ever seen. His words rang true. Let's back him up.

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