The four reasons

There are four reasons to impeach George W. Bush - as much fun as party engineering can be, our responsibility as American citizens is to call for impeachment. As I read it, the four reasons directly imply the involvement of George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney.

The reason for this diary: Clearly, Dick Cheney is involved - he helped bring us to invasion of an innocent (not virgin, but innocent) country and was the mastermind behind the destruction of thousands of american lives.  He has been a shotgun blast to the face of lady liberty. The question..

Can America Impeach, both the sitting President AND the Vice President at the same time?

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Independents Rejoice: Ex-Nixon Counsel Calls for Support of Feingold Censure Resolution

Today, A die-hard republican and key member of the Richard Nixon Administration called for his party to support the Feingold Bush Censure resolution.. enate.censure.ap/index.html

This member of the white house staff is a man named John Dean. Dean was a party to the White House/ Watergate scandal and saw America come apart at the seams over the impeachment proceedings of a president.

His message is simple - he is urging the Senate to support, and act upon a Censure resolution that does, what the original censure resolution wanted to do: avert the disruption of an entire country by showing the world that America can recognize bad government, and effectively admonish those responsible.

The conservatives are our friends: they are the ones who are working for more effecient government. What bush has created, is far from a conservative  government - it is a bizarre, evangelical, ultimately - a fascist state-planning commitee whose use of unbridled force in the world has tagged america with a 200 billion dollar a year albatross around her neck; as Colin Powell said - the "Effing crazies are in charge".

Democrats are conservative - they are well aware of Katrina excess, of all the lobbying going on that has resulted in environmental catastrophe and unheard of government ineffeciency so profound the first attack on American soil has been suffered in nearly 170 years of history.  They seek lowest cost solutions to such problems as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Al Qaeda - not only that, they seek better solutions - they are hardly the free spending, evangelicals that are now in power. A bush republican, is not a republican.

Dean Democrats are people who can balance budgets, and fight for what is right.  This is another Dean, one who served his country well - speaking up for what we all know to be true: President George W. Bush deserves Censure, from the American people - his legacy must be marked by some accountability for his actions.

Should he ignore the censure resolution in a signing statement, it would galvanize the entire American spectrum for a radical change in government. Dean knows what he's talking about.

And Dean, the Dem, knows what to do, when America is ready for direct action. Thats what the Russ Feingold supporters are saying: lets stop talking and get something done.

If the person standing next to you claims to be a conservative, and supports bush, then you know you've met the enemy. What you're seeing here, is a great republican - a true conservative finally standing up and saying enough is enough: America needs to stop the wild ride of George W. Bush now, or it will cost us millions later.

Support Dean. Support - .. Dean.

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Just for fun: What is wrong with this news article?

We've heard of the Natalie Holloway case, I take it - a young girl that disappeared in Aruba during her graduation party. The very vocal attempts by the family, to accuse without trial a young man who was at the scene and saw her last..?

Alright, CNN - just ran a story today about it. Just For fun, what is wrong with the story? missing.ap/index.html

Hint: think about sources.

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Why Afghanistan Christian Death Trials are Cool

Afghanistan has a member of the Islamic faith, now on trial for converting to christianity.  There are the wingnuts, that got us all into this mess, saying this is a bad thing. And then, there are those of us out there that couldn't think their way out of a paper bag over their head - that are bemoaning the fate, that Afghanistan is turning back into turmoil.

In fact, this is a very good thing.

Afghanistan has seen alot of change. There has been cell service implemented all over the country, quickly. The taliban are largely history. They've driven out Al Qaeda (file under real enemy of the United States, subfile "actual enemy location" please).

And finally, ultimately, they are still an economy driven by heroin, with an oil industry consultant at the head of government.

Really try to get into their minds. For us, we have the founding fathers - when it comes to government, we look to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (a +good+ commander in chief ..), Ben Franklin.

Men that formed and shaped our constitution, and our way of life. But for the Afghani, its all about the Prophet Mohammed. Visualize what you think about Thomas Jefferson "behind every strong government lies a strong economy", or "the government that governs the best is that which governs the least".

Or George "you may call me Mr. president" Washington. Ben "super ace diplomat" Franklin.

Alright so now we have Mohammed "kill anyone who converts to christianity" Prophet of Allah.

It is a public trial, in a stabilized democracy, run by their own people who voted them into power (purple fingers rule!).

It will be done carefully - and in all likelihood the poor fellw will get off, with maybe a public beheading with a blunt sword, or maybe even less. Maybe they'll just flog him.

Its not ours to question, whether, just because you want to have gay married terrorists all over the place, you, as a liberal, want to have this guy taken out and shot just because he's an evangelical christian. You could do that, and sit there smug and sectarian, in the stands, with your thumbs turned down - and feed this christian to the lions, no questions asked. Because you live in a democracy.

Afghanistan is confronting, in a peaceful, civilized, and  to us, deeply unsettling way - the growing pains of becoming a modern country. The ancient Koran is a great book, and you must trust god.  That is all that can be said.

In the world of men, however, carrying out god's law, always means a humble servant of god must do the work - it is never entrusted simply to the lord, that whatever policies are out there, are the right ones - whether you're trying to start social change by politics, or reverse it - what Afghanistan is saying is that a court of men will now decide what to do. And that is a good thing. Remember, the words of the prophet Mohammed were won with wars drenched in blood. His black tomb sits in mecca. They could rise up as if the wars, were his message..

But instead, now.. we hear the sound... of silence..

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Senate Leader Harry Reid Supports Feingold

Harry Reid :" I commend Senator Feingold for bringing the issue of the President's illegal wiretap of American citizens  to the attention of the American people."

Is this correct? Give 'em hell, Harry!
Go Feingold! President Bush is at ALL TIME LOWS, simply because he's just like Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff and the American people are finally figuring it all out.

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Support Russ Feingold

Senator Russ Feingold is calling for the Senate to Censure George W. Bush - this was in fact the senate procedure that started, a move to censure a president - to openly force a president to review his or her own policy.

America is under attack by people who would attack our ports, our cities, and our country - their goal is to disrupt our economy and to make off with what of our constitution, defines us as who we are.

To say that giving up your right to your own privacy, that is, to say what you want to say without fear of the government recording you or otherwise horning in on the conversation - is to ignore why we founded this country.

Does Russ Feingold have the right stuff? I say yes. This is the right move, at the right time. President Bush is at an all time low, because America has finally awakened to what alot of us already know.  You may not be familiar with Russ Feingolds record of speaking truth to power but certainly you have noticed feingold-mccain reforms, and the recent pin-back of the patriot act - all of which have scored major wins for American citizens beleaguered by government corruption and waste.

Would Censuring George W. Bush, be something you could support?
Will this succeed?

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Just when you thought that the complete failure of our government during Katrina couldn't get any worse - there is now a video out that shows George W. Bush being briefed about the potential effects of a Levee Breach, before it happened - and being warned about the possibility of it happening - the briefing goes over the disaster scenario very well.

Bush chose to head out to San Diego to dine with Business Peeps, likely at the behest of Karl Rove.  Then, after the disaster unfolded in which, because government red tape in his absence multiplied beyond all belief to the point where there were thousands and thousands of cases of people wondering what was going on, food trucks not getting anywhere, people starving, Americans FIRING ON EACH OTHER ...  he comes back, again, probably at the behest of Karl Rove, and does a photo opp, taking firefighters away from the scene to pose with him.

What if this were god FORBID, a chemical, or biological / or radiobiological event? What would happen then?  Complete paralysis, followed by no bid contracts to business peeps.

Impeach. Bush. NOW.

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Troll Bait from Rove: Bin Laden, Kerry

Rove is not happy with the modern discussion and he's trying to get another discussion out there - Did Osama Bin Laden help George W. Bush to beat John Kerry?

The Bin Ladens are certainly close family friends of the Bush family. Bush Sr. was the Saudi point man for the Carlysle group,
and helped out immensely with their fortune. But what of Osama?
Wasn't he a black sheep of the family?

I guess for me, its a discussion topic worthy of posting, if you really like Karl Rove. Rove really wants everyone to be treating politicians like base ball stars, to obsess about their election year statistics. To constantly be comparing electorate percentages, like batting averages...

Do you see it that way?

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Rove's Bathroom Wall

Ok, we seem to have a situation here. If Hillary is correct, and her claim is that Karl Rove is obsessed with her - well, fellow MyDD'ers, I think its time we helped him out, don't you?

Now, of course, I know that Hillary feels like she has dated a Turd Blossom, but that was just a "monica" that never really stuck to her mate.

But for someone whose loving nickname is based on disgusting filth and of course, heavy ties to catholic youth  (q: what is the difference between puberty, and a catholic priest. a: well, the catholic priest usually comes on a boys face first.. ) ... I say, lets do our duty as Americans (not progressives, damnit) and VOTE for a replacement. After all, the roots rule th' roost + we damn well have decided Hillary gets to stay in New York for another term (they like her, there, anyway - she's not half bad as a senator..). Help your president! If Rove gets a new obsession, maybe he will stop trying to tuck his private parts away and standing in front of a mirror in a full length womens' business suit with a dirty blond wig.    

See Poll below, Agent Starling..

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Crashing the Book

I got my copy of crashing the gate yesterday. I'm training for a triathlon, part of which will be an open water swim in the monterrey bay. So I'm sitting in a tub of icewater, seeing how long I can go in the cold water - and I have to say, the book kept me very entertained.

There's a perspective about what is going on in America today, that is fairly intellectual - and it usually follows the same sort of perspectives that keep so much TV advertising in play, and make advertising such a big deal when it comes to politics. I liked the fact that in the footnotes, they showed that the authors have ties to organizations that do studies along those lines for certain candidates.

I read through it quickly - it only took about an hour to read the book. In the end, the idea is a good one but it is really only based on the fallacy that chaos is not part of leadership. We do have a vaccuum in America - the book does identify certain issues with the party - but it was probably more of a brand study and an exercise in creating a certain type of catch phrase (I didn't really count, but I think the word progressive is used maybe 370 times, usually about twice or three times a page, in some cases..) and of course, in a sort of muted, intellectual view that you can be above it all because you're the one who found out everything is going to hell in a bucket.

I think there's a chapter there - titled that, in fact. Its fun where you can pick up the songs they're listening to - like sympathy for the devil. Maybe its the poet in me, but I can hear them.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. But unlike, say - "a national party no more" by zell miller - it doesn't really drive deep.
The risk you have to take, if you really want to make everyone mad is not only to speak out about people powered politics,  or to glow about Dean - but also to find out and show every shiny link in the dog chain that the party keeps on Dean -

In fact, the tacit assumption at the beginning is what really kills the book - because the analysis clearly points to metastasis throughout the body politic of the democrats - and the question of reform is about as pointed, after reading "crashing the gate", as laying rank and file order into a mosh pit.
In other words, to my mind, the real answer is another party.

One that can eat the Democratic party. That has the nerve to stand up for what Americans believe. And that includes a massive group of people the book lays off and leaves unemployed - there is not one kind word to anyone in the book. And yet it claims the dems are the way to go.

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