Gay Marriage Amendment ... Again!?

The Bush Administration has resurrected the gay marriage ban.  A constitutional amendment to ban marriage between two people of same sex. Wow. What a high priority item.

Let me be the first to say anyone who would stand for it, and anyone who would stand against it - listen - if you don't have enough work to do, come visit me.

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The rayburn office building is adjacent the capital, seen here.

apparently shots have been fired.

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Vote For Pedro

I just wanted to say, that I really have nothing to say. I think that a statue of Maria de santos would be good for protection. I think that we could use the brothers for security.

If you vote for me, all your wildest dreams will come true.

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Rove , Part Seven

This is the part, where Karl Rove gets caught. He was completely focussed on smearing anyone - he smeared McCain, he engineered the swift boat attack on Kerry.

Now, he decides to commit a felony to smear someone + then lies about it to a grand jury the first time around.

Mark this well: there is no fate for Karl Rove, that is acceptable - other than imprisonment. He is a traitor to this country, our president, and everything that is American and America.

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Snow Job

Washington has just received a proper name for an administration that spends 1.6 BILLION on public relations in the past two years to spin their story about how well they're doing. Snow job.

The Clinton presidency spent 128 Million of the taxpayers money over the entire term. As a taxpayer, I also note that the money was spent during a term in which a president had to fight an impeachment battle.  In general the fact that it was slightly higher than predecessors, might be ascribed to the fact that the president was being hunted down by Newt Gingrich, carrying a stained dress and scurrilous allegations of sex scandal.

So, TEN TIMES that amount has been spent in just the last two years alone. Now, given that Fox news has consistently spent equivalent amounts of money marketing their news-media-entertainment as actual news reporting, the Bush administration has hired someone from Fox News to be the press secretary.  

Lehrer had someone on , ex-CIA last week, who said that information is the lifeblood of democracy.  The previous press secretary often did not answer questions.

What do you think will happen?

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Thank you for smoking

How about some fun: Go see "Thank you for smoking".
A film about lobbyists for the cigarette, alcohol and  gun trade - hilarious.


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A simple solution, to a presidential win in 2008

There is only one thing the Democratic party has to do, to win the presidency in 2008.

1. Al Gore grows a beard and mustache.

  1. Al Gore Runs for the Democratic party.
  2. The Democrats go after reform of all kinds in the meantime.

Thats it. Thats how the Democrats can re-take washington in 5 years.

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The Muzzle Awards

Here's some highlights of the Muzzle awards, ie. the Jefferson Muzzle award handed out each year to the person or party that does the most to destroy free speech in America -

* To George Bush and the DOJ under Bush's appointee (remember, that guy Gonzalez - who thought the prison camps at Gitmo were a GOOD thing) , for illegal wiretapping, demanding Google turn over their search results. Congratulations on making anyone in America paranoid, whether they're talking to their mom or searching for landscape supplies online... this muzzle is for you!

* To the Dept. of Homeland Security, that new and bloated bureaucracy that couldn't save people from 3 feet of floodwater - for their attack on an Air Marshall who was expressing concerns, publicly about Air Safety. In keeping your tradition of battling our right to speak about air safety, you've done a great job in perpetuating your bloated and semi-functional bureaucracy. Here's hoping your employees that are surfing for porno and picking up young 13 year old girls will find a new use for that muzzle over there at DHS. You deserve it!

* To the State of Washington City of Yelm - for helping citizens everyone understand that during city council meetings, you can't say the word "Wal Mart" - what a great way to help with discussion. Good work Yelm City Council.  Hold that Muzzle high.

* And finally, Let's leave it to people like you, O members of the University of Connecticut, to make sure America's debate about free speech goes PARTISAN. We all know how partisanship helps get things done, right guys! Good work,  you deserve it!  Yes sir, mindless attack is a great way to get the right man elected. You've "saved us from the wolves" University of Connecticut students.  They could be coming at any time! Great job! awards.ap/index.html

Did we leave anyone out?

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Plamegate SHOCKER

Breaking News: Bush OKAYED leaking Information. Scooter Libby states in court documents that BUSH himself was the progenitor behind his leak of sensitive Iraq information.

Two words: Karl. Rove. ibby.ap/index.html

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The Immigration Bill: I Like!

I like the bipartisan compromise on immigration - the upshot of it is, that there's 11 Million illegals in the US.

Labor will be happy that the scabs will be sent home, there will be tougher measures in place to hunt down the ones that have been here less than 2 years. Those who headed into town to give birth to their baby in a US hospital, will be turned back if we can. This is a tough situation for some people, but the situation is truly out of control.

But those Latinos who are really changing America anyway - the ones who are bringing tasty burritos and pinatas and even cinco de mayo to become part of our country - the hardworking folks who are up there on the roofs, the ones who are doing all kinds of good work - they who are here for more than 5 years, will be given legal status. This is huge. This means that Labor can approach, and potentially organize them. This also means that the cheap labor that farmers have come to rely on, can stay. Of course, people will have to be paid minimum wage and there are some who say it can't be done but I say, the devil take someone who can't raise their prices to pay their workers 20k per year
to work 60 hours a week hard labor. We're America.

Something Dean said , I thought was really interesting - because I am a fiscal conservative - he said, "We found that (if you pay them a decent wage) they'll go into the center of town and spend part of it."

That is very true. The economy needs people who are not afraid to be on the lower rungs of the ladder, and who can spend without fear of being tracked by their credit card or hunted down with dogs. The economy will get a big boost from what might be 5 million folks suddenly being granted status.

There is government revenue here, as well. Licenses. Fees. All that they will all pay. There is a different mindset. Kids in school go home, to a different language - they struggle to keep up. A person unafraid of being deported might relax, and try to learn some of the language. Scores will go up.

This is a good deal.

Am I wrong?

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