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    Miami Realtors.
    People Battling Al Qaeda and other Oil Terrorists.
    Children living in Cities.
    Folks who "are still buying big cars"
    Folks who aren't buying big cars
    Anyone who commutes to work
    Your front lawn
    Your flower garden
    Your vegetable garden
    Your wife
    Your mother
    George Washington's Ghost
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    Wall street in general funds political conservatism; they are bound to several industries and follow macro economic trend line.

    They're not too interested in microeconomics or specific policies as, the investment banking community is more interested in creating markets for moving cash of all types, good, bad, green, red.

    and pink.. >:)

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    Here's my favorite part -

    "Both republican and democrat congressmen ..."

    Thus. I am an independent. Every major issue of importance, both parties are essentially equivalent: completely controlled by special interests.

    One good way to battle this thing is to write a letter to your local congressman,  nay - email him.
    Good thing to do it now.

    The fight to keep the internet free is essentially a libertarian struggle.

    Please know this: you do not have any rules. If they decide to try to shut you down, make your own rules.

    Other ways to battle them.

    *Request, and maintain your own real internet address.

    • Do not accept any firewall services - get your own firewall.
    • Keep control of spam yourself - don't let them try to control spam for you. No one should ever try to control spam for you, its your business.
    • Counter attack the spammers yourself, in your own spare time.

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    The indie vote +is+ with the Democrats now, simply because they are waiting to see if the Dems will pull the rabbit out of the hat and actually stand for something.

    Karl Rove got demoted today - but just like that big huge lead, the devil is in the details for what's really going on.

    Rove simply got re-focussed to doing what he would otherwise do, which is run political campaigns, and at the particular moment he would do it anyway, which are the midterms.

    Same for the Indies - they can't stand corruption = they are an idealistic bunch. Right now, the GOP is radioactive.

    But if the Dems don't stand up against it, and for reform, it will be just like Karl Rove heading back to his old job after the midterms.  A dog and pony for the faithful.

    But little real significance. It comes as no surprise to me that the indie vote is so strongly allied with the Dems. - Its because of Dean.

    A fiscal conservative, strong governor - social liberal. Thats usually what independents are - the best of both worlds.

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    Check this out..

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2006/04/17/AR2006041701259. html

  • The Democrats helped George W. Bush to go to War in Iraq.

    America needs people who don't have a single agenda. The whole picture is important: reform will be a radical, pervasive action -

    Or it will not happen, at all.

    Bowers is wrong. So are you.

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    This is a battle, not a war - and it will not be over soon enough.

    Why is it that the greasy folks keeping the party back,  are not already out?

    It's tuesday, after all.

  • As usual Chris is assuming what he is trying to prove.

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    A few questions for a gubernatorial candidate, these fellows are set to become executives:

    1. Why do states break down homeland security money away from first responders? What would be your plan to get first responders streamlined and up to date with the money the state would take?

    2. What are your views on clean water and air? Do you support the new EPA guidelines, or do you think they should be tougher?

    3. Universal healthcare: Are you going to support a move to make healthcare affordable for everyone in your state, as did another new england state only recently?

    4. Do you support tutoring and success by six in early school education?

    5. Would you support administering a single multivitamin tab to every school kid in your state?

    6. Are you a proponent of nuclear power?

    7. What is your view on the patriot act, as applied to executive privilege - should the executive be allowed to apply wiretap procedures without oversight?

    8. Will you encourage cities in your state to ratify and adopt the kyoto protocols in defiance of the oil-industry driven edict from washington?

    9. If George Bush was flying in to meet you, what three questions would you ask of him? What answers would you expect, if he were totally candid?

    10. Do you support Senator Feingold's Censure resolution against George W. Bush, for lying to the American people, committing a felony crime by invading the privacy of american citizens?

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    ROFLMAO - This guy Barack Obama, he is a total zero to me. He hasn't done a single interesting thing since he's been in the senate. He sits around arguing with McCain, as if that represents a day job.

    A senator should battle for the interests of his own state - so far I don't see that happening.

    No, I am not dissappointed, per se - but the guy is just flat plain BORING right now. I don't even see why we're talking about this dude..

    We should be talking about Feingold. There's a senator!

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    I vote this post as the best post of 2006 on Mydd.
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    Listen, the main thing is that we all ignore Fox, everyone. The only people watching fox are the retards and the bitter bush republicans that won nothing and lost everything.

    So, if you want to analyse why someone thinks they have the right to use press releases as advertisements, why not analyse why Karl Rove thinks he can use homeland security to control what stories get published?

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    These three have their foreign policy dictated to them by a morbidly obese college dropout whose father committed suicide.

    Karl Rove listens only to Big oil, and makes sure that Dick Cheney acts as their personal secretary. All of the posturing about Iran is centered completely around oil. Nuclear power that is clean, safe, and reusable is a good thing. But going to war on an innocent country because you want to build a pipeline is almost as evil as Karl Rove's grandfather letting all those construction contracts to the nazis - as if he didn't know where the money was really going - you are known by the company you keep.

    If you put a paper bag on Karl Rove's head, he couldn't think his way out of it.

    You're right about these guys.

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    I will take a shot at this as well. Lets see..

    enrich uranium
    design core device
    perform drop testing to find critical mass
    test fission
    test bomb
    design delivery vehicle
    test delivery vehicle

    alright, lets see..

    Its like, your neighbor has 1 acre of desert wasteland that he just bought from a mail order catalog - and he has a few shovels and some prospecting pans.

    You say in three days he's going to sift out the gold, finance the construction of a giant tank, test fire it, and it's aimed right at your dog -

    Iran has about 5 years before they go nuclear. The pakistani's they recruited and the stuff they get on the black market from the russians is junk.

    My favorit joke of 1999 was:

    Q: Why did pakistan take two years to detonate their first nuclear bomb?

    A: It took them that long to read the instruction manual, because it was printed in chinese.

  • I recall that former speaker of the House, Gingrich - said that Paul Bremmer was the problem in Iraq. During the election cycle of 2004, on Tavis Smiley - he said that Paul Bremmer (sp?) made serious errors in the reconstruction and rule of Iraq.

    He was very clearly stating on this program as well , a clear path of support for Bush.

    Bush's position about the war, and Gingrich's - are now completely opposed. Unless bush is going to flip-flop as bad as  Gingrich - in the near term. Gingrich hangs out alot with people who pay Bush's bills - who knows..


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