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    Qwest thing is just cat and mouse. They are a honeypot.

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    The glass isn't three quarters empty now, its just one fourth full.

    But then thats just backwash.

    (kudos to you know who at the press corps dinner)

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    This issue is very much alive. Sometime later this next month or so, the internet will see a NEW DOMAIN NAME TLD

    ICANN approved the creation of a domain name designed to help people manage their contact information online.

    As envisioned, Internet users could buy a ".tel" name and set up a Web site with their latest digits -- home, cell and work phone numbers, home and work e-mail addresses, instant messaging handles and perhaps even a MySpace profile.

    The ".tel" domain could appear in use as early as this year.

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    Thanks matt!!

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    TWENTY NINE PERCENT of America still thinks Bush is doing a good job.

    This is just utterly shocking. Bush was revealed to have been playing around with the CIA this week and his "Michael Brown" appointment of Porter Goss just tumbled away - and America still suffers so much from a vaccuum of leadership that nearly 1 out of every 4 people you meet will say Bush is doing great.

    Good heavens, this is just awful.
    I think the only safe place right now, is 20% or below. With a one in five, then at least you can mark that up to people who are..

    activists and not really interested in objective debate.

  • thats true. when you can't vote, own land, marry without permission, know that your children will be safe and not taken from you, or if you will be sold away and moved to another farm -

    +Then+ you have an equal rights issue. Thats civil rights.

    Lets see. the GLBT enjoy all freedoms - and the one thing they're after..? Why not just do it in a contract? Thats what I'd do.

  • I have a unique perspective on this issue. My uncle was the first one in the southern episcopal church to bring all of this up; he recognized a member of his laiety that was dying from aids. The church prayed for him in service, and he got better. This is where the episcopal church started thinking carefully about their positions.

    Again, however, I agreed with Dean's first statement. "we have a lot in common with evangelicals". We do - we believe passionately that we should fight for the truth. We are knitted together to follow a higher cause. The path of lies is not upon us today. And we are humble.

    All Dean did, was retract one line. "Marriage is between a man and a woman."

    Well, darn it, it is.
    gay marriage is a dead issue. Dead dead dead dead.
    Anyone who wants to bring it up and battle on , and on , and on about it, well....

    There are activists, and then there are these people who really aren't really out, there are gays who really aren't comfortable with their own sexuality and so, like evangelical christians they feel they have to proclaim it from the top of their voice to everyone they see.

    But its still not enough.

    The debate continues, I think state constitutional amendments save the state alot of money - given how the GLBT really does want to try to run this entire thing through the courts.  But that part of the GLBT activist base is just misguided, and inside Deans comment you can easily hear that the man recognizes that 2004 was a referendum on gay marriage and public opinion came up squarely against it, and will again, gay marriage has never been accepted and likely never will, without the church.

    Here's the rub: this is a religious debate. What Dean said was that the Dems are like the christians, thats true. But Dems at least focus on policy and if this is supposed to be exciting, that is, a single line item clarification (The majority of his statement STANDS - read it, its good) - the only thing clarified here was that the Democratic party in 2004 opposed teh FEDERAL gay marriage amendment.

    Well, then we should focus on policy. As an indie I support state amendments , in general, because they save the state money from all the litigation planned out by the GLBT.  But I oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment because its a states rights issue.

    By the way, if you press Dean, you'll find thats exactly his real position. He's NOT comfortable with gay marriage - no one should. Its just not an important issue.

  • It would be cool, but what would be cooler is to set up a website that exposes the political consultants who are getting paid to keep this thing going.

    First rule of logistics: if you can't supply it, it dies. The consultants and talking heads that are lobbying this legislation need to be removed.

    Legislation like this gets written because lobbyists write legislation.

  • Do this, please: check to make sure Qwest has a competitive product. Example, say 3 telephone lines, and DSL service bundle or what not. For a good price.

    Check also that you have service. Make sure its a good switch. Never do anything because of partisanship. Especially on the internet.

    You can always find ways around these guys.

  • Qwest had problems in buying too much fiber, and darn near went bankrupt. Accounting gets ugly when companies are severely distressed.

    XO Communications - same thing.
    ATT underwent Sarbanes/Oxley compliance trouble.

    All Telcos, for the past 10 years, have been under distress due to the overcapacity they built out in the 90's.

    They are desperate to get back into it. Qwest is hardly a good guy, but everyone has skeletons in the closet in this game.

    In fact, just a point of Trivia:

    The hong kong based company that owns X0 Communications, Forget the name now that they call it  - has a Majority position and a member of their board of Directors in - Richard Perle -

    The man who convinced George W. Bush to go to war against Iraq and is now pushing for war against Iran. PNAC, and "AXIS of EVIL" - he coined the term.

  • Cingular Wireless started out as Bellsouth Wireless.  Bellsouth is the majority stakeholder in Cingular.

    ATT Recently bought Bellsouth largely due to their focus on VoIP (for which, Bellsouth also made a significant investment in a VoIP carrier Cbeyond Communications + is planning to ramp up their VoIP offering soon) - ATT sees VoIP as their cash cow in the 21st century apart from wireless.

    The second reason is Cingular. ATT likes the majority stake that Bellsouth has in Cingular.

    So, you're dead on. ATT and Bellsouth do have stake in Cingular.

    ATT ---> majority stake ---> BST ---> Cingular

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    Thus always to tyrants.

    I hope that Dean's attempt to do a backbone transplant into the party works. People like Chris deserve a world where they're not spied upon - stolen from - lead to attack innocent countries, and kept in a constant state of control by fear.

    The first amendment right now is keeping me sane. I am independent of political parties, affiliations, and ever so thankfully.. cable TV

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    Oh, this guy is so easy to dial in. He is super-reactive.

    He's fairly handsome sort of fellow, white haired and all - but he thinks somehow he's this cool marine all inside

    Dude, if you want to have some fun, just dial him up and take him apart.  He wears everything right there on his sleeve, all you need to do is breath out before you take the shot and you'll get him right between the eyes with a frozen paintball

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    wow. good post. I really hate how all the awards after katrina, were supposedly re-bid.

    and then how, quietly, FEMA went out and awarded them all as no bid contracts again.

  • You're wrong. People who think the gay homosexual agenda is evil, already won. The effing crazies are in charge.

    You seem to believe that people won't change their stripes, just to follow power.

    Watch how fast you find loyal democrats turning to the tide as the midterms approach and bush pushes down into the worst presidency ever -

    seriously. people change. Some of them for the better. But the people who really tink gays are all evil, well, they're just assholes. Thats the christian term for them.

    And as you know, that type of person normally gets to do whatever they can to be right next to the action.

    Seriously.  Take a look at Karl Rove, for example. The guy is a complete heat seeker. He bashes gays even though his boss masturbated in a coffin with other guys all around.


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