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    Lieberman was an awful vp candidate in 2000, methinks.

    Any word on whether or not Joe is building up his joementum?

  • I've never seen the colbert report. Is it any good? I saw the daily show once, it was pretty good. But it was also a bit depressing that there's a show out there that can franchise our political system. I was a little sad to see that there was some factual reporting going on, it seemed to me as if the idea of factual reporting is being made to seem silly.

    That is, it seems to trivialize my hunger for the truth out there - to have the only person telling the truth, be a professional comedian who could honestly care less.

    That said, I liked the show. And I liked this other show that came on after it .. "Crank Callers". That thing was hilarious. I think that one was cancelled. I guess you can only play tricks on people for so long, before they get tired of it.. unless its made permanent in our system. As it is with so many things, lobbyists, etc. Then, I guess you can just keep on doing it.

    You know. Come to think of it - doesn't a guy like George Bush make a guy like John Steward an awful lot of money? What if we were debating about sidewalks in our neighborhoods - who could make a sneering commentary about that?


    Has anyone seen the Colbert Report? I have only just heard about it here. Is it any good?

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    I told you so. Told you so. Told you so.

    And guess what? The senate is going to kill off the gay marriage ban too. Know why? Not because its unchristian to get two guys together and get them married.

    But because christians are smart enough to know whats important in their own faith. The net right now is more important than Republican election year posturing.

    Sure its nice to save money when the GLBT wants to sue everyone in sight and drag the gay marriage issue through the court system.

    But so what. Their issue is dead. And the issue is dead with the christians as well.

    The GOP is getting ready to make lots of sound and noise about it. I DARE them.

    This is the same set of folks I've told you about for years. Like the doobie brothers said..
    Jesus is just alright with me..

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    Hint number two: Coal Fired power plants. In pennsylvania.

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    Barton has a colorful history: he recently wrote another wonderful piece of legislation? Anyone remember it?

    Hint: Hurricane Katrina.

  • but not a rapture. The rapture, is a song by blondie.

    Actually if you really want to address the problem you probably shouldn't be making jabs at christianity; christian faith is less than 1% in China - Al Gore's focus has been on China for the past two years.  They're buddhist over there.

    Actually, most of them are probably agnostic, in fact.

    But at any rate, they're polluting 2 for every 1 over here. They have just discovered SUVs also..

  • 96 - once in a century floods
    98 -- once in 500 year ice storm(s)
    04 -- Swiss Glaciers retreat 20%
    05 -- all snow melts off Kilimanjaro
    05 -- greatest number of hurricanes in recorded history
    06 -- once in a century floods, again
    06 -- polar bears classified endangered due to icemelt

    There is this excellent quote , you have to find it - the Bush administration directed this lawyer to review scientific documents - and this fellow struck down the provision that stated global warming will cause melting of ice caps and glaciers. They said it was "controversial". This was 2004.

    Bush republicans betray the roots of the republican party. Conservation is a big part of conservatism.

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    jerome, this is too much of a gimmick.

    remember farenheit 911?

  • Check this bad boy out.

    http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/05/16/N SA.suit/index.html

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    Gore also has a lot of insight into what to do with stuff like the telcos breaking privacy laws. He's got a great record of understand tech + knowing when the telco is just hiding behind their shield to rip off americans.

    http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/05/16/N SA.suit/index.html

    if you can believe it, here in the land of the conservative white man, gore is winning recognition amongst hard core republicans as speaking for them on the environment.

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    Rove doesn't manufacture needs. He manufactures poisonous propaganda. Think heroin, only bad heroin that kills off the customer.

    Very important distinction you see...

    You know the dealer, the dealer is a man
    With a lump of grass in his hand.

    .. But the pusher is a monster
    Not a natural man.

    The dealer for a nickel
    Goin to sell you lots of sweet dreams.

    Ah...but the pusher will ruin your body;
    Lord he'll leave your mind to scream.


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    The key is the guest worker program, if Bush can center on it and support what is going on in the senate with an absolutely magic - 5 year residency leading citizenship, and with statutes that deal with those who bounce across the border and back like those who have been here less than 2 years -

    that will take care of a massive number of people who just want to be recognized as good workers + join our country. we had an open door, it wasn't there on purpose but they walked through + its time to recognize that crops will rot in the fields if they leave.

    I think immigration reform is overall, a good package and I am sure it will gain bipartisan support. I don't think America pays for cynicism we pay for results - remember the senate package was supported by the democrats.

    The military stuff about those guys now sent to the border - thats just Karl freaakin' Rove and his glamour boy wonder photos he wants to send out to everyone, autographed at 10.00 a piece.

    Bush should get at least one thing done, we pay him to work. He's our president, better or worse. I say we should give him a break so we can end up with big tax revenue from people who are afraid to even own a credit card or register for a fall festival in their hometown.

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    Rove is a traitor. That much is clear.

    As far as the special investigation goes, the trail is pointing to Cheney's office - Rove deserves only to be pointed out as a demagogue, and a shameless propagandist.

    His recent speech that lauds the activity centered around a fascination with polling in this country, was in fact heartfelt. He plays this thing like a baseball game, memorizes polls like others memorize player batting averages.

    Since Rove is responsible for George W. Bush being the worst president in the history of the United states, with his myopic focus on politics and not policy, we can again thank Rove for effing up what would be a great immigration package with that flashy, gawdy move to put soldiers on the border this week. A coordinated political theatre.

    My vote is for the president's reform package, against Rove, and for indictment on the grounds of high treason: inciting unjust war, building avenues of information flowing out of the white house (the white house has given up more state secrets than any other administration in history),  slander and libel (against john mccain) and  breaking and entering (democratic headquarters)

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    I think his point was that you need to make sure the vote count is accurate.

    BTW I agree with your 50 state strategy. Here in GA we are actually looking at the very real prospect of Democrats losing another 3 or 4 more seats on the state legislature.

    As unthinkable as it sounds, the voters from several districts do not see the national trouble as reflective of the performance of their elected representatives but rather they pin it on Bush and company, whom they keep separated.

    I think anyone who gets in there with a 50 state approach should be lauded. The GOP wants to make 2006 all about local politics.

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    Rain drives away the lemmings but the partisans turn out.

    You will have a better shot at it than you think.
    Good luck Chris.


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