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    hey back off. matt does sloppy, ineffective work but at least he's consistently sloppy and ineffective.

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    I know matt. he's a good guy. this is a correct statement.

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    You say that the bush republicans brought it up. Fine. But the HRC convinced the dems to go along with fighting them.

    There's this funny thing that the republicans are trying to do now - try ing to get Kerry to "fight" the "swift boat" people.

    The whole game of the GOP is to screw you over by keeping you constantly singing their tune.

    In the case of the HRC,  just because someone brings something up doesn't mean you have to fight them for it. I could frankly care less if anyone wants to debate gay marriage. The h rc made sure that everyone vociferously argued the point. Why not instead adopt what you say the HRC position was - go slow? If there's a constitutional ban, so freaking what? Who cares? Just amend the constitution again some point in the future, right?

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    The hrc dictated a big agenda to everyone in 04. Now, it seems as though their agenda is really just to try to back a winning horse and let their policy items go along for the ride as an anonymous rider.

    So, special interest groups like the HRC may be able to organically diminish their own power by making mistakes.

    But again it is incumbent upon the party as a whole, to embrace reform, and to tell these bozos where to go.

    Think clearly for a second: Lieberman represents alot about what is wrong with America. He's basically ignoring the american electorate. He has essentially decided that the lobbyists will get him elected.

    Don't think for a minute that special interest groups want the lobbyists to go away.

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    by the way, moveon.org is the same group that joined forces with the christian coalition to battle for net freedom...

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    Incorrect: Matt stated:

    "A political campaign is basically a massive content suck desperately looking for any way to get into the media"

    The correct version of it all is

    "A political campaign is the correct use of internet and media resources  desperately looking for a way to get off the internet and into the real world."

    I recommend: go to the moveon.org house party this thursday near you. Many good ideas will leap off the internet and become real that day.

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    IF you are happy that the GOP and some of the power brokers that got us into this mess, are backing us out of it. .. thank the independents.

    If you're happy that some of the GOP are becoming independent, thank them.

    If the democrat party still doesn't stand for anything, thank independents like Russ Feingold, for that side of the aisle to be where they need to be..

    and finally, thank the Da Vinci code for showing that Ralph Reed and all of his Karl Rove cronies are  effing things up - since when have you ever seen an entire national church conference try to spend eight sermons in two months on nothing more than a summer film?  Reeds machinery is what is really breaking down - the guy is losing control of the "christians" and the "Evangelicals" who were really only people that could only understand commercials anyway. They're sending a message with all this silly carping about a silly film: that they never trusted their base to be able to hold any kind of independent thought in their heads to begin with...

    And the sad fact is, most of them just supported Bush because the principle of wartime elections is, never throw out the incumbent - war is a nasty business + you never know what the enemy will try to do if you broadcast that they can eff up your electoral process...

    we should be proud of the fact that George W Bush was elected in 2004, proud of the fact that his cronies are being shut down by both their own party, and the democrats -

    and ashamed of the fact that the democrats are still standing around with their hands in their pockets. They can do so much more than respond to manufactured crises like "net freedom". lord almight. the net was already free

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    you mean meteorology.

    physicists use the term equipotential surface
    - meterologists look at those great big maps, physicists don't use their jargon as much as you  might think

    meteorology is still black magic...

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    I think piaget doesn't make the mark, because its been proven that children can model the world at an incredibly early age - they have demonstrated an innate sense of counting, for example, by identifying the number of cooing women in a room. we  hook up eye lasers to them and their eye patterns always indicate the right number.

    piaget was always saying that , this is a form or stage that must be attained but it is in fact innate.

    I think what you really want to do here, because you're largely right - is just to say that people want to have their components sort of named out, you know, like levis jeans, cingular cellphones, whatever. they want their own ringtone.

    but they also want to be on the side of the almight all powerful. and what ralph reed did, was say - hey, here's the gop - they're on gods side. do you want to be on god's side? join the gop.


    To borrown an analogy, in war, sometimes its the level 3's that come back alive.

    people are also born with an innate belief in god, believe it or not.  its not because they are dumb, but because they can get in touch with a side of themselves that may only express when a bullet is fired at you and you can move to the side quick enough.

    see those cracked glasses on the ground there?
    im westin nicht neuse, mein freund..

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    abortion, stem cell research. those two are the stock in trade of the right wing lunatics.

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    issues are cool matt. everyone loves 'em. but say that you and I are going to go in and bomb al qaeda and pull out bin laden by his beard for a 20 million dollar payday

    1. do you trust me to cut the check for you if we win?
    2. if you know theres trouble in my world - would you rush into the cavern with me to take your 9

    dude. the whole point is, identity is being used right now to keep the dems out of it. its like the color make and model of the car ur driving

    it is ur way of saying to the world, this is who i am

    the issues are like the engine, which, if you have an oil leak in a ferrari like the gop does - you just hide it + tell everyone how it corners on rails and they all go wow that sounds cool wish I had that car.

    in one of those states, ga., the dems are now projected to LOSE seats even with all the issues the gop has suffered...

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    don't also write off white baptists who vote for teh gop / seriously - the identity thing depends upon a constantly maintained focus on politics and not policy

    they r beginning 2 realize that politics
    do you understand - not policy - has been the
    way that they have been manipulated

    I know people who want the gop to lose, from within the gop

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    Rosenburg you r saying that the Democratic party will not rise to the occasion. UR also saying that the party can be forced to rise to the occasion if we spend much energy doing so.

    I once sailed on a boat that had leaks. It was a constant bailout if we hit heavy seas. So, if we were going to take it through a rough part of the ocean we always were wary - scared of our own shadow.

    You sell the boat, let them scuttle her for parts + take the hit. Get a new one, strong and well made.

    I believe strongly that your idea is to win for a party , to build aparty that can hold within its bound the good people of america - not just bible thumpers but people like john edwards and his kin who may not get off wearing turtleneck sweaters and saying how pietzche nietzsche is at a coffee shop but they turn yellow dog and stay there.

    ralph reed has big signs in my neighborhood. i think he's a creep. he's a winner. what the hell is he doing here... first 3rd to make the inroad to here and all of his base vanishes.

    maybe the point should be to battle against those who r destroying our country? maybe we r being too shy about our own vehicle or gun shy to get the job done.

    i would love 2 hear what u have 2 say

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    lol - it finally turned out to be a pneumatic hammer banging away in the sound cavity of an elevator shaft under repair.

    cheney. rofl! !!

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    and, to borrow from advertising parlance - the democratic party in this area is a failed brand, I might add. they brand the democrats as metrosexuals - the democrats here are larely incapable of changing it.

    Want to know how to win it? Third party, baby.


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