The Muzzle Awards

Here's some highlights of the Muzzle awards, ie. the Jefferson Muzzle award handed out each year to the person or party that does the most to destroy free speech in America -

* To George Bush and the DOJ under Bush's appointee (remember, that guy Gonzalez - who thought the prison camps at Gitmo were a GOOD thing) , for illegal wiretapping, demanding Google turn over their search results. Congratulations on making anyone in America paranoid, whether they're talking to their mom or searching for landscape supplies online... this muzzle is for you!

* To the Dept. of Homeland Security, that new and bloated bureaucracy that couldn't save people from 3 feet of floodwater - for their attack on an Air Marshall who was expressing concerns, publicly about Air Safety. In keeping your tradition of battling our right to speak about air safety, you've done a great job in perpetuating your bloated and semi-functional bureaucracy. Here's hoping your employees that are surfing for porno and picking up young 13 year old girls will find a new use for that muzzle over there at DHS. You deserve it!

* To the State of Washington City of Yelm - for helping citizens everyone understand that during city council meetings, you can't say the word "Wal Mart" - what a great way to help with discussion. Good work Yelm City Council.  Hold that Muzzle high.

* And finally, Let's leave it to people like you, O members of the University of Connecticut, to make sure America's debate about free speech goes PARTISAN. We all know how partisanship helps get things done, right guys! Good work,  you deserve it!  Yes sir, mindless attack is a great way to get the right man elected. You've "saved us from the wolves" University of Connecticut students.  They could be coming at any time! Great job! awards.ap/index.html

Did we leave anyone out?

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the Israel diary and MYDD.

There was ad diary by Optimist(he claimed he was Jewish and was just using a sarcastic title)  using an inflammatory title which went something like Do Jews Have too much power in America or Do Jews Conrol America. I forget.

The diary excerpted an article analyzing the Israel Lobby paper put out by two professors. It was clearly not glorifying the paper.

The responses to that diary did not degenerate into anti semitic rants. Besides, we are all registered here and not putting some anonymous comments ala Haloscan comments on Crooks and Liars. I know I personally put a comment critisizing politicians who bow to the Israel lobby but made it clear that not all Jewish people are slaves to the lobby and that many Israel boosters were right wing Christians. Between the silencing of Rachel Corrie's boosters and deletion of diaries here, all this will do is feed into the paronoia of the David Dukes and make even sensible people pause and wonder.

What I am troubled by is instead of asking the diary writer to change the title, the titles and our comments were deleted without even a note. Was it deleted because of the title or because of what they feared the discussion might generate? I don't understand the fear. If it was a baseless diary, it would have been forgotten in a day anyway since we have a number of diaries which bump it down the order pretty fast. Crooks and Liars and HUffington Post survive with franker discussions on Israel.

I am going to hope for now, the reason why the diary was deleted was because the Optimist was not truly Jewish and was misrepresenting the reasons for the article. The title itself could have easily been changed.

by Pravin 2006-04-12 01:46PM | 0 recs


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