Plamegate SHOCKER

Breaking News: Bush OKAYED leaking Information. Scooter Libby states in court documents that BUSH himself was the progenitor behind his leak of sensitive Iraq information.

Two words: Karl. Rove. ibby.ap/index.html

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Re: Plamegate SHOCKER

wow, you just beat me to it.

This story is HUGE! It shows that first Bush broke the law by disclosing the identity of a covert agent. Also, I can't remember if Bush and Cheney were questionned regarding the leak, but if they were, I'll bet they said that they didn't know anything. In which case, that is lying to federal investigators and obstruction of justice, possibly perjury as well.

Here is what I really love about it - Libby actually testified that Cheney told him that Bush authorized it. Thus, coming from Libby, Bush's authorization is actually hearsay. However, Cheney all of a sudden becomes a very material witness. I'm sure that Fitzgerald will want to subpoena Cheney. This will put Cheney in a very difficult position.

by bushsucks 2006-04-06 09:15AM | 0 recs
here's where I think this is going

I think they're bringing Bush into this not to accuse him or Cheney, but to absolve Libby.  The old "if the President did it (or in this case, authorized it,) it wasn't illegal" defense.  Which of course flies in the face of everything this country stands for, but welcome to 2006.  If Libby had acted alone, he's a crook.  If Libby acted on Bush's orders, he's just doing whatever it takes to fight the evil evildoers of evil.

by schroeder 2006-04-06 09:57AM | 0 recs
Rule Of Law?

If only all Americans knew the very basic concepts like "the rule of law" (not the rule of men). That kind of rule can only exist where most of the people know not merely the words, but the actual meanings, concepts, and significances behind those words.

Unfortunately, we have not been educated (in the deep sense). We have been betrayed by silly "theorists" with their wacky "theories," on every level, from the church pew to the grad schools. So we have a nation of fools. See:

John Taylor Gatto

The guy has "conservative" on his shingle, but don't let that throw you.

I am so tired of all this stupidity. Of course the idiots in the Congress have to force Cheney out. This nation is about to face the biggest crisis we have ever encountered. We cannot continue with Cheney and Bush at the helm.

The so-called "economy" is about to utterly disintegrate. Bird flue is about to wipe out at least 33% of us. Only Russia is developing a range of new vaccines for it's people. See my entry at:

Russia Readies Bird Flu Vaccines

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