Foreign Policy Experience is NOT being a POW.

ok, thats it watching Morning Joe and I just want to slap him, he is absolutely FLABBERGASTED at Gen. Clark saying that McCain is untest in Foreign Policy, you want to know what Joe's big explain of McCain foreign policy experience?

he was locked away and beating for 5 years.

listen I honor McCain service, that man is a hero, but being beaten up for 5 years does not teach you now to negoiate with others, being beaten up for 5 years does not teach you how diplomatic situations are handled. being beaten up for 5 years doesn't even teach you how you resolve a POW situation.

Yes GOPers if your ONLY reason for telling me that McCain has foreign policy is because he was locked away, I hope you are ready to say EVERY POW has the necessary Foreign Policy experience to be President.

the GOP always does this, the oh you are questioning a POW you are not patrotic, this belief that because McCain was a POW he is above criticism on his Foreign Policy experience is nonsense.

the man was tortured and he should be the first to tell us how ineffective torture was, infact McCain 2000 did just that, McCain 2008 not so much

so yes the GOP and America better understand this now McCain being a POW deserves repesct, the man should be honored, the man is a solider.

but the man does NOT get a pass on his foreign policy creditials ESPECIALLY if the GOP will just try and hide behind his POW status. because thats not enough for me to say you have to foreign policy experience to be president. and the more they try and play this up, the more I wonder is that it? is his POW status the ONLY reason I should believe he has foreign policy experience to be president?

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Yesterdays other Story: Obama hits McCain

The story no one is talking about, Obama hit McCain for not admitting he made a mistake with the troop level gaffe.

provided by TPM:

We all misspeak sometimes. I've done it myself. So on such a basic, factual error, you'd think that Senator McCain would just admit that he made a mistake and move on. But he couldn't do that. Instead, he dug in. And the disturbing thing is that we've seen this movie before -- a leader who pursues the wrong course, who is unwilling to change course, who ignores the evidence. Now, just like George Bush, John McCain refused to admit that he made a mistake. And that's exactly the kind of leadership that we've had through more than five years of fighting a war that should've never been authorized, and should've never been waged.

We don't need more leaders who can't admit they've made a mistake, even when it's about something as fundamental as how many young Americans are serving in harm's way.

Well Mr. "I'm not a Third Bush Term" has picked up another Bush habit he won't admit he made a mistake and tried to spin it.

his original mistake? he attacked Obama's judgment on Iraq while saying we were back to pre-surge troop levels. Obama hit them on it, and they tried and spin it as no big deal, well to me there is a difference between 135,000 troops and 155,000 troops risking their lives and potentially dying.
to McCain the extra 10,000+ soldiers he seems to have forgotten about? hey no big deal

"To get into a debate about a verb tense rather than the real fundamental national security issues at stake is really a distraction," he said.

I think Ben Smith at Politico said it best.

This verb tense thing is a novel excuse, with potentially wide future use on both sides. Hillary, for instance, could have been referring to the risk of future sniper fire. Obama, perhaps, meant that the U.S. will, at some future date, add seven states.

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Were they even Democrats?

So I was at work all day and missed everything and as I float different blogs to get a sense of what happened comments stand out

I can no more vote for McCain than I can vote for Obama.

Oh, well, maybe I can vote for McCain, after all.


Yeah, I used to be on that bus, but I've recently transferred to the Straight Talk Express. I'd rather see McCain as I no longer have respect for the party I once loved.


Returned to the John McCain website. Searching for groups in my area as far a recruitment/activities. The site is really slow. I think that maybe MANY are trying to log on. Wasn't that way a few hours ago. Interesting.

or my fav.

I just created an account on McCain's website and its CRAZY up there.

There are so many Hillary supporters, I will fit right in it seems.

I get they are mad, but to me this goes that at 8 am this morning they were ready to fight tooth and nail for Hillary and her platform,

the fact they can so easily and quickly move to McCain I was just shocked was it ever about ANY issues for them, maybe that diary about "supporters" was right indeed.

I was just amazed, they might as well write Hillary letters, it was fun while it lasted but hey all that stuff you said the country need or how bad you said McCain was, yeah well I don't think you were right about that.

this doesn't go for all supporters, but these people who are already sending McCain money, why were they even voting for Hillary in the first place again because to me they just said that it had NOTHING to do with her platform.

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Ickes: Not All Pro-Hillary Committee Members likely To Vote Her Way

over at TPM:

In a further sign that the Clinton camp is setting low expectations for the Rules Committee meeting tomorrow, Harold Ickes is now warning that not all of the Clinton-backing committee members -- representing a plurality, but not a majority -- might not vote for the campaign's position of seating all the Florida and Michigan primary delegates.

As for himself, Ickes humorously told the Wall St. Journal that he could "possibly" vote against Hillary's interests, "but it's highly unlikely."

If her own supporters on the committee are not promised to vote her way, why would she take it to the floor, what people seem to forget is these people are Democrats first, Hillary supporters second.

they have to deal with 1 question that Hillary and her campaign and her supporters don't care about

If FL/MI aren't punished what will stop this from happening in 2012?

She and her supporters can say who cares, but they care, they are the ones who would have to deal with it, and as is quickly becoming the CW, MI and FL will see some sort of punishment.

will she take it to the floor? No, if her own people won't even vote the way she wants and needs here, why would things change in August? FL and MI will have a penalty.

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McCain Highlights Obama's Leadership On Nukes

So TPM had this up highlighting McCain important speech today on Nukes. Obama sent out a memo to McCain to thank them for highlighting Obama's leadership on this issue.

Obama spokesperson Bill Burton's statement...

   "By embracing many aspects of Barack Obama's non-proliferation agenda today, John McCain highlighted Obama's leadership on nuclear weapons throughout this campaign, and his bipartisan work with Richard Lugar in the Senate. No speech by John McCain can change the fact that he has not led on non-proliferation issues when he had the chance in the Senate, and that his support for a war against Iraq -- which had no active nuclear program -- diverted us from our efforts to secure loose nuclear materials, hampered our ability to pressure countries like North Korea and Iran, and sets back our ability to lead the world against the threat of nuclear weapons."

The Obama campaign insists that their candidate has 'led the fight in the U.S. Senate for arms control.' But the record should be clear: Sen. Obama, after he entered the Senate in 2005, joined Sen. Lugar and the many other members who have supported the Nunn-Lugar program and other nonproliferation programs for years. His campaign points as evidence of his leadership to a bill so non-controversial that it passed the Senate by unanimous consent. There was no 'fight' for Sen. Obama to lead.

Thats old politics for, if we don't waste months fighting over it then it doesn't mean anything when it passes....geez don't think Obama ever said he would HAVE to fight, its all about forming coalition and building bridges so things CAN pass without a fight

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Hillary Gaffe, Stop using it to attack Obama

First are you all surprised by Gotcha politics or something? the most common example is bittergate and the fact that certain diarists from that shameful period have the audacity to have rec'd diaries telling Obama supporters to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt? this single thing probably pisses me off the most, and I don't have to name names because we all know who they are. Those who GLEEFULLY jumped on his remarks, not to say well this is what he really meant, or when its in context, 3 of the worst offenders have all written give hillary a break diary, she should get the benefit of the doubt, thats nothing short of amazing, but thats another issue.

What Hillary made was a gaffe we all know it, just like we all know every reasonable person will easily know what she meant, but what i have seen yesterday reading through diaries is amazing. NOT only did Hillary make a dumb remark, but in calling for us Obama supporters to give her the benefit of the doubt you ATTACK Obama? I am flabbergasted at this strategy.

Obama made a bland generic comment and hasn't touched it since, Axlerod went on TV and defended her. please go back to the HRC Campaigns handling of Obama's bitter gaffe vs. BHO campaign's handling of this one and you will see the difference HIS CAMPAIGN IS GIVING HER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.

and yet dairy after diary HRC supporters are getting upset at Obama?

apparently some of you missed the memo, MyDD posters whether BHO or HRC supporters are NOT campaign surrogates, they in NO way speak for the BHO campaign, they are free to say whatever they want as long as it meets posting rules, but if you don't like what they say fine tell them, but to use it to attack Obama? say he doesn't represent a change in politics, because of what posters on the internet say? you've got to be kidding.

once again, internet posters are NOT campaign surrogates, you really want this to go away alot faster then the bitter gate comment? stop using her gaffe to attack Obama.

This is politics, Hillary is a politician she will take a few licks and finish the race. but using this to attack Obama does nothing to get her the benefit of the doubt. the MSM is NOT media, his campaign is ignoring basically defending her, the MSM gave us weeks of bittergate, a month of Wright, everything passes with time, so stop attacking Obama and his campaign because you are worried about what this gaffe might mean to her campaign.  

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McCain just attacked Obama, for Hillary's Iraq plan

Video when it comes, but just now on MSNBC, showing McCains speech at the NRA.

McCain attacked Obama for saying he would withdraw immediately no matter what, even if Military advisers were against it.

1 problem this was HILLARY's stance, that she would withdraw even if her Millitary advisers were against, it, she said its the President who sets the agenda.

now whether Hillary was right or wrong, (for the most part I think she is right, but I think she would listen more to her advisers then she lets on)

the point is, McCain in order to hit back at Obama, hits him for SOMEONE else's policy stance. how do you spin when you completely get wrong your opponents position? I can't wait to see McCain surrogates spin this when someone in the Media finally catches up and points it out.

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[UPDATE]: Bush: Obama is like Nazi Appeasers

anyone watch MSNBC or Bush's speech? I can't believe it Bush just compared wanting to engage countries like Iran, as being akin to the Nazi Appeasement of the 30's the comment

"Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along," he said, with aides telling reporters he meant Obama. "We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American Senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.'"

wow Bush wow.

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Grow up people

seriously its that simple. if you are over the age of 13 then grow up and stop using terms like "Obamabot" or "Clintonista" and also can we drop the whole "well they started it argument"

seriously months into this primary and I am just done, I am 24 years old and the fact I have to actually tell a bunch of 30, 40 and even 50 year olds to grow up is just sad.

did no one here have parents that taught em the golden rule? does no one here have kids? do you people really accept the "well they started it" argument from your kids?

grow up, if you can't treat people with basic level respect then be prepared to be treated like a child.

but honestly its pathetic that I can't go anywhere on the internet anymore and find Adults talking. its just a bunch of juvenile infants everywhere

"you are an Obamabot"
"you're delusional!"
"you're a kool-aid drinker"
"well they started it"
"no they started it"
"shut up"
"no you shut up"

its embarrassing to watch people probably twice my age, act like they are half my age.

is basic common courtesy that hard?

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HRC supporters hurting not helping with Supers

I just saw this article on Huffington Post and it was interesting because at the same time I am reading Talk left and taylor Marsh and I saw EXACTLY what the supers here are talking about. /clinton-supporters-send-l_n_100979.html

As the Democratic primary nears its long-awaited conclusion, undecided superdelegates have been drowned under a sudden deluge of angry, sometimes vicious emails from Hillary Clinton supporters urging them to not fall in line behind Barack Obama.

The letter writing campaign picked up steam late Thursday evening when several superdelegates confirmed that a coordinated effort had been launched, apparently independent of Clinton's campaign, to raise last-minute concerns about Obama's candidacy and present the specter of voter defections should the Illinois Democrat become the nominee.

nothing new people from both sides have been trying to persuade the supers to support their candidate. I  thought about it once, but I am a terrible writer so figured against it. but it seems as the reality starts to set in some supporters can't let go

Such campaigns targeting superdelegates have mostly been avoided out of fear that the party officials would react negatively to outside pressure. And at least four superdelegates on the receiving end of yesterday's emails suggested that they did more harm to Clinton's cause than good.

and the best part of all? posters, can go post this to them and basically say great job guys

"It was a 'spur of the moment' idea brought about by a blog (Taylor Marsh)," explained Shirley Luther, a Texas Democrat who threatened to vote for McCain should Obama be the nominee. "Tonight several of our bloggers came up with the idea of writing the super delegates. Someone on the blog found a list of emails and posted it.... Everything I wrote is the truth about my political background. The exit polls show I am not alone in refusing to vote for Obama and opting to McCain. This probably would not be possible if there was any other Republican running. But there are a lot of moderate Democrats who do respect his service."

Luther's email, compared to the nearly dozen provided to The Huffington Post, was mild in tone. Beyond threatening defection from the party, authors attacked Obama for his relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, the unrepentant Weather Underground member who is a Chicago acquaintance of the senator. One writer accused the Illinois Democrat of playing the "race card" against the Clintons -- a proposition most political observers argue is reversed -- while several others called him a misogynist.

and here is what a Redstate democrat had to say about this new letter writing camapign

"I spent my entire life in the two reddest states in the entire U.S. so please excuse me if I fail to discern the nuances of the arguments sent my way this evening in what appears to be an orchestrated campaign to intimidate the remaining unpledged delegates by threatening to leave the party and vote for a third Bush term if I and others like me don't vote for Sen. Clinton," wrote the exasperated superdelegate. "I have been uncommitted throughout this campaign because I wanted to see how the candidates performed in a variety of settings. I am proud of them both. But I am horrified by this effort to threaten votes for McCain if super delegates don't vote for Sen. Clinton. I have received hundreds of emails from both sides - but I can say without exception that I have not received a single email from an Obama supporter that threatened a vote for McCain if I didn't support Sen. Obama. You really ought to be ashamed."

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