Gay Marriage won't win elections without a Face.

To me it seems fairly obvious, the reason Prop 8 won was because the Gay Community is not fighting a PR campaign.

Politics, especially elections are nothing but pr campaigns, everything is a staged event to get the voter to vote for them. This is a blog, so most people here are political junkies, do we deny the average voter is most likely a low information voter? Then why is the gay community still trying to fight this out as a we have rights, legal, equality for all argument?

Prop 8 should have had a face.

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What is the purpose of government to you?

quick diary meant for discussion.

but two questions for everyone

1) what is the purpose of government to you?
2) what will you sacrifice for that purpose?

Government can't do everything it has to prioritze meaning as we do 1 thing we are declining to do something else.

even if we taxed everyone 100% I doubt we could do EVERYTHING that everyone would want, so we have to choose.

My answers?

1) to me the point of government is to help its citizens, I believe there should be a floor of certain rights and benefits and status of well being, the government's job is to make sure no one falls below the floor, and stay out of the way and allow people to get as far above the floor as they want.

2) Education and the Economy are the two biggest for me. I believe that creating a proper floor requires a strong healthy economy, and ensuring we don't fall below and allowing people to exceed the floor requires more education and better education reform. as such I would sacrifice things like government funding to the arts, yes its important but everything is and we have to choose. things like the arts and such I would leave to the private sector to fund. also keeping costs low for big business is not a function to me for government I reject the top down model, the government should focus on that floor, the private sector can help themselves get ahead.

thoughts? what your priority and what would you sacrifice for it?
is the FISA bill a sacrifice for Universal Health care?

we can only do so much in 4 years with tax dollars, if you had your say so, what are you doing and what are you going to have to forgo to see your goals are done?

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Umm...Guys shouldn't we be talking about the 2 Senate Seats that Obama and Biden are giving up?

I just realized since they will be replacing Obama and Biden's seat in the senate.

Shouldn't we be fighting a grassroots fight right now to find 2 qualified progressives to replace them?


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To the Members of My Generation, A Call to Arms

I am 24.

I have come more and more to believe that the current generations will not actually be capable solving many of the toughest problems facing this Country. And maybe that is more accurate then it seems, and with the Election of Barrack Obama we signal that a new generation is really coming to power to replace the Baby Boomers.
But what we should note from this transfer of power is the magnitude of problems that each generation can pass to the next. I realize now that throughout this long primary and campaign, just how much everyone understood what happens and the process to it.

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Anyone help me with Universal Healthcare research?

quick diary but I didn't know where else to ask. I have to write a policy paper and I decided to do mine on Universal Healthcare, so quick question,

can anyone link me to any credible research, or policy papers, or discussions on the Problems of healthcare in this country and why Universal healthcare is the way to go?


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Sen. Norm Coleman R-MN tied to Robocalls against Obama!

(crossposted at TCDem's Hole in the Wall)

soooo I take it what I just read over at MNPublius is going to hit the TPM front pages eventually, and after that hmmmm.

I bet the NEXT press confrence is going to be even better from the Coleman Campaign.

so we are all aware of the nasty calls about Barack Obama that people have been getting but where do they come from?
 Aaron Landry take it away:

The calls are nasty and the legality of the calls are being questioned.

Who's behind these? FLS Connect. The same FLS that stands for Tony Feather, Jeff Larson and Tom Synhorst. Jeff Larson, being the same Jeff Larson that's Norm Coleman's buddy and landlord. The same friend that gives him the exorbitantly cheap rent, the same friend that paid his utilities, the same friend that has an FLS Connect office in the same basement as Coleman's bedroom, the same friend that lobbied to bring the RNC to Saint Paul, the same friend's wife that worked in Coleman's office and the same friend that Coleman spent over a million on to help run his campaigns.

oy, Norm is going to have a really realy long week next week don't ya think?

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Did John McCain just give the best Voter Fraud defense?

I am sick of Joe the Plumber and whether or not he paid his taxes, or is registered to vote.

but all this did discover one thing, the voting rolls had his name missspelt by 1 letter.

and as this post points out these are the types of voters RIGHT NOW being challenged!

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Focus Group: "He'll be a bad president but I'm still voting for him"

This is great. I have been thinking all along when people say don't get to excited yada yada yada. People don't get it this is a legitimate crisis, and people don't care about stupid things like character attacks during a real crisis, so this post over at Politico was a great read.

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WVA is in play, Palin to tour West Virgina

I know we were all wondering about that ARG, poll but wonder no more Sarah Palin is going to West Virgina

 In what may be another signal that the troubled economy is forcing John McCain's campaign to play electoral map defense, Sarah Palin has scheduled a bus tour for Sunday through West Virginia, a state that's been leaning red throughout this presidential race.

Palin had already scheduled a bus tour of Pennsylvania on Saturday, but she will now repeat that act on Sunday by making various unannounced stops throughout West Virginia, culminating in a campaign event in southeast Ohio. It's a swing geographically reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's effort during the Democratic primary to court white working class voters in Appalachia. Clinton won the West Virginia primary over Barack Obama by a whopping 67-26 margin.

Surveys of West Virginia voters this year have consistently favored McCain, but state polls have closed in recent weeks as the global financial crisis has dominated the headlines. A CNN/Time poll conducted in late September showed McCain with a slight 50-46 lead over Obama, and an ARG poll released this week suggested Obama had rocketed to an eight-point over his Republican rival.

we may not win the state, but just even going there means they are paying for the travel and such, and thats all cash they aren't spending else where.

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It seems conservatives don't even understand why they are losing

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I read a few conservative blogs, I like to use them as a balance, make sure I never fall down the rabbit hole. Now i get the whole us vs. them, its a constant fight, we are cynical of them and they are back in return. But isn't there ever a point that these guys have to realize they don't live in mainstream reality? and by that I mean the reality that a majority of American's live in.

I mean take this below the jump

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