• ah.. we need the bailout in some form.

    it was about what was IN the bill,

    I think Dems got like 4 of the 5 things they wanted.

    it needs to pass in some form though

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    to me we have now all but insured a 269-269 House giving it to Obama.

    but thats a terrible way to win and govern,

    now we are fighting for the landslide mandate that actually allows us to get stuff done, and not spend the first few months just justifying the existence of an Obama administration.

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    1) its ARG
    2) not enough polls show Obama up. heck look at Virgina and all the polls that say Obama does have a lead, and even there I say its comes down to ground game.

    NC I still think is red, untill we get more polls.

    but also doesn't matter we are already at 269, and surging in all the right places.

    and McCain gimmicks will and are starting to backfire on him

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    its all about forcing McCain to spend money there, so he has less to spend in places like CO or VA

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    what part of "the media will give the win to McCain to keep this a horse race" didn't get through?

    it doesn't matter what actually happens, only how its reported, and I think the media has a vested interest in keeping this race close. so they will be more likely then not to give a win to McCain because as Obama is owning the economy if McCain loses Foreign policy this week.

    what chance does he have of winning? and what reason is there to watch non stop news from Sep. 27th - Nov 3rd?

    the the whole point of calling it now. I say that unless McCain absolutely drops the ball he will win, because the media needs him to win

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    lol pretty sure Jerome has enough to quote a CNN poll.

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    this is nice and all, but McCain will win the first debate (expectactions game are a bitch)

    and he will make gains so I hope no one flips out next week if McCain is ahead. once again my debate prediction

    Debate 1: McCain, McCain makes poll gains
    VP Debate: Biden, Obama makes poll gains
    Debate 2: McCain, McCain makes poll gains
    Debate 3: Obama, Obama will lead and keep his lead.

    why do I believe this? the expectations game, its Foreign Policy, now if Obama wins it, I think he seals the election, and as such the media would have nothing to talk about, thus look for them to keep this close and give it to McCain.

    no way Palin beats Biden I dont care what people think, so they will give McCain debate 2 to keep this close or once again they have nothing to talk about,

    the 3rd debate is Economy, look for Obama to win that one, he will spend between now and that debate setting up and owning this issue, he will ride that in to a win on Nov 4.

    thats my prediction.

    (just had to have it somewhere so that when I am right I can point it out and say told ya so)

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    I think RCP is republican leanings are showing through.

    they used Kos state polls for KY and Alaska showing huge leads for McCain but ignores the daily tracking one.

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    they need our back up.

    Blogs, progressives everywhere should take up this argument and defend it, when the right tries to knock it down we make sure it gets right back up.

    that's how we win, eventually with the way the economy is, its hard to that people can risk their lives to die for this country, but shelling out a few more bucks is way to much to ask from a citizen making so much money when people are losing their houses.

  • the more this situation develops the more I just have to just shake my head at McCain.

    This campaign have completely just lost it bearings

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    it must be really hard to concern troll right now huh?

    really Obama is back in the polls and growing and hitting McCain every day on the economy.

    don't give up though they sky is falling if you believe hard enough.

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    6 national polls came out today

    4 tracking


    and the other 2

    Obama leads in 5 of the 6 national polls out today,I think its safe to say McCains bump is over and Obama has regained his slight edge.

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    eh, its a Zogby poll, I guess maybe good to show movement, but eh, who cares in the end its a Zogby poll

  • read my post below

    you can't expect people to believe that senior domestic policy adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, is "some staffer"

    a lie to cover up a gaffe is a stupid thing to do right now.

    he is only feeding the meme.

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    please note that this was senior domestic policy adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin

    and not the Senior Deomestic Policy adviser

    McCain is already trying to back track saying it was a joke by some "staffer"

    some staffer my ass


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