• I am not being divisive, I am asking the generation in power, (the boomers) and the one that is coming into power (I consider Obama to be apart of this).

    to not to what the boomers are doing to you, and hand down problems they were pushing off for years.

    Why is Obama able to say we have been talking about these things (like dependency on foreign oil) for years?

    why didn't they just fix it in the 70's or the 80's because we are to divided in our politics, and we only solve problems when we need to.

    I bet no one would have said Post Partisanship was nothing but a waste after 9/11.

    no the country realized we had to come together to face the challenges that faced us.

    so to now.

    I am asking can there every be a time when we don't need the crisis first?

    and how do you achieve that if not teach future generations that it is something they should strive for?

    otherwise we will grow up like the current adults and say, Unity is impossible and foolish to believe it or want it, and we will teach this to our kids and so on.

    untill finally a generation says no, you know what they are just platitudes we really believe we can one day unite as a country instead of just a party.

    I don't think it will be the the boomers or Gen X.

    I don't think it will be mine either, but I don't think the future generations have a chance if we keep allowing this mentality of

    "that's how politics work" to just continue to be passed down unchallenged.

    The fact you have a 24 year old challenging it should say something.

    Hopefully in 40 years when a 24 year old wont have to challenge me about it, they will take a United Country for granted.

    is it feasible, no it doesn't look like it right now, but it never will either if each generation only tells the next. Its impossible.

  • exactly

    Yes. We ARE teaching you that we can never have full Unity.

    This is the United States of America, and you seriously want to teach future generations that Full Unity is impossible.

    much like full equality then right? otherwise how do you think anyone will achieve it if we never unite towards that goal?

  • you are like the right when they say the democratic ideals are socialism.

    I am simply saying raising future generations to hold unity and working together as an ideal, to fix problems BEFORE they become a crisis and force us to do so, and you call it "totalitarianism".

    that's my point, you will pass that kind of thinking down.

  • I am not talking about voting.

    I am talking about fundamentally changing an idea in this country from a party that believes in people uniting to make their party accountable to them, to a country that does this as a whole.

    Are you telling me your Generation is exactly like your parents? that change didn't occur of course not. You're generation learned from the previous.

    and no, my generation doesn't start fresh we learn from you.

    I am quite literally telling you, you are teaching the next generation that America can never achieve true Unity.

    I am quite literally telling you that is the signals we get, and that's why my friends are so resistant to politics, its to negative

    and thats why I ask you, if you knew 40 years from now, My generation still conducted politics the way your generation did.

    would you be proud of us for it?

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    to ask the current generation in power and the one coming to power to take a step back and ask yourselves.

    What are we teaching the next generation about politics.

    if school elections followed the same habits and formats that adult elections follow would you be proud of us for being like you?
    or would you be disappointed if we acted like adults act now?

  • sure he is technically a Baby boomer, but he is at the very edge of it, he could easily be seen as part of the next one.

    and I am not eager to disparage generations I am saying, how many problems have they been talking about for years? why haven't they just fixed them?

    if it isn't about the divisiveness in the parties then you tell me, why doesn't this country just solve its problems?

    Why isn't there Universal health care?

    Yes we have always had parties and we have always had problems that each generation knows it can't solve at that time and must pass on.

    I am asking you why? why can't you just solve it why pass it on?

    if its not a unity problem, can you tell my generation that when we come to power Social Security will be fixed? Poverty will be dealt with.
    Healthcare no long a worry, Immigration will be good?

    because I am telling you now, my generation we are growing up thinking both sides will just fight back and forth about it and simply pass us the problem.

    you may not want it any other way, but i dont see why it takes years and years and years for problems to get solved except for waiting for previous generations that hold up solutions to move on, so a newer generation can implement new ideas and changes.

    Post partisanship is a myth? so what is the future?

    Each side fights for power and hopes to never screw up so they don't lose it?

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    1) Big issues can't be solved without a disaster to unite us

    1. Eventually there will have to come a Generation that believes that they have to honestly put down that what divides them both Democrats and Republicans and stop putting off problems to another Generation
    2. This will be harder if the current generation quietly teaches us that Post-Partisan Unity is a folly, and something we waste our time to strive for.

    Make no mistake you guys are teaching my generation that Post-Partisanship is bad, not because the Republicans and DLC types use it to get their way, but just that its bad.

    How does the Progressive Movement see truly equality ever being achieved if you don't teach the future Generations to strive for it, and how will we do it if you teach us that Post-Partisan Unity is a bad thing?

    it may not work for your generation, but watch what you guys are passing on to future ones.

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    he is raising taxes on $250K and up
    cutting taxes on $200K and down

    $200K-$250K nothing happens to.

  • at this point since I know we will win anyways.

    I am hoping for all 50 states, now we wont get em obviously but damnit, as many states as possibly.

    and so I am rooting for GA! come on! give us 400 EVs!

  • with the current state of the race, and the early voting so far,

    Chambliss probably hopes its alot.

  • indeed but we have to learn the lesson from this.

    National Parties today have to be big tents, when a party forgets that, the fall into civil war.

    The Democratic party will never be 100% perfect to anyone, so have to find the core convictions that time after time can keep the party united and moving forward.

    so that in 16 years the roles here aren't reversed again.

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    I doubt Obama hits $150 again.

    September had the Palin acceptance speech which got $10 million alone, the debates, McCain surging which probably got everyone worried.

    but now I bet their donations dry up greatly, because lets be honest we all know Obama doesn't need the money, the down ticket races do.

    and Obama should stop having people donate to him, or he better share because this is our chance to just completely break the GOP backs.

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    a momentum is building

    more and more papers endorsing, $150 million, Colin Powell

    a momentum is building that John McCain can't fight.

    forget the polls, early voting is happening now and Obama is winning it, in North Carolina, Georgia, and others.

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    oh man for a second I thought you were serious until

    Rove and Bush's attacks on Democrats in 2000 and 2004 are nothing compared to the hate being spewed at McCain/Palin and was done to Hillary.

    oh man that is just, wow lol yeah oh wow.

    I got nothing after that man, I got nothing.

    if it didn't effect the rest of us, I would hope for McCain to win, so we could see people like you complaining for 4 years that everything McCain/Palin would do in the next 4 years would not in any way be your fault. but everyone else for making you have to vote for McCain.


  • lol constant huh?

    before today when was the last one you consider a smear please?

    and no to me Puma means Republicans pretending to be democrats to sow discourse, and Democrats who use to care about the issues but are so blinded by their anger, they don't care.

    even when in a debate McCain says the Roe. v. Wade was decided wrong, and he said in the debate

    [E]lections have consequences when presidents are nominated. This is a very important issue we're talking about. . . . I do not believe that someone who has supported Roe v. Wade that would be part of those qualifications [to be on the Supreme Court].

    but could you and the rest of the Pumas continue about how its McCain who is better for the country and how this is completely in line with the principals you say you believe in.


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