• ok how so

    she has support of only 55% of the AA community, Mccain has the edge among the independents,

    and alot of BO supporters were new voters who will now be disillusioned and soured with the democratic party,

    do you think these will have an effect on this election and future ones?

    do you think a new generation of voters will be soured to the democratic party?

  • so you really believe the polls now say Obama is unelectable

    yet these same polls 2 weeks ago werent to be believed when they said the reverse?

    and if the polls switch in the next week then what will you say?

    and why not quote today Rass. poll? yet I bet the second it puts Hillary on top THEN you will quote it.

    Both sides need to stop bickering and let the voters in the remaining states have their say, and then give it to the popular vote leader (without FL and MI).

    which that doesnt even work because Hillary wont even decide

    do we want the People to decide, (then the supes SHOULDNT over turn pledged delegate and popular lead)

    or do we want the supes to make an informed decision based on electiblity? (Hillary is up to 55% unfavorable, what does that say about her)

    but all I want is 1 set finish line (stop moving it)
    and 1 clear damn way to measure the winner (the people or the supes decision, choose but stop saying both, they contradict)


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