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    you don't have points you have opinons and thus if I counter them they are my own opinions

    can you say my opinion is wrong?
    can I say your opinion is wrong?

    I believe Obama will get the woman democratic vote because 5 months from now when Hillary has been calling for unity for 2 months, and Hillary is pointing out that there are bigger things at stake here like Supreme court seats, that Hillary supporters will come around

    now can you call me wrong? yes you can
    can you prove it no you can only give your opinon

    thus countering your opinion with my own opinion does nothing but put us in a circle.

    so instead I asked for you to do the math, and to prove that I truly believe her supporters wont touch on the grim reality I am putting my own cash at stake

    $500 bucks for hillary is on the line yet none of her supporters have 5 minutes to say here is how Hillary wins 60% in all 10 states, and if you think she doesnt need 60% then show us, and if its clear and logical and not "hey you cant prove that she WONT get 80% in all 10 states) I will donate right now.

    but you want me to adress you

    I think either Hillary or Obama will win the GE because I think the democratic party will unify.

    no will you do take my Math challenge?

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    the problem is and NO Hillary supporter ever mentions this

    but can anyone point before This race becoming so close that Hillary was so passionate about Mi and Florida?

    why is it not Hypocritical that Ickes voted to STRIP these states of their delegates? seriously anyone wanna talk about this?

    why did Hillary not raise any qualms or questions about caucuses BEFORE Jan 8th?

    and why will Hillary supporters attack me without answering any of these questions?

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    so will you take my challenge and actually detail how hillary wins the nomination besides the well supes wont vote for him since he is unelectable?

    (Richardson speaks otherwise)

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    err sorry entire post has 2 links

    and i would challenge any hillary support to post a diary that details the MATH of how she can win.

    sure you say she can win PA and then go on to win after that,

    but will any of you right now make a diary detailing how you believe she can win 60% in EVERY contest that is left so that she can get the lead in the popular vote,

    or show your math for how she gets the lead in the popular vote?

    would 55% wins in 10 contests get her the win (answer is no) I challenge 1 supporter to do the Math, since its never reliabe when it comes from anyone else and since the Clinton campaign never releases their math,

    I said this earlier and I mean it

    I will donate $100 to her campagin is one of her supporters actually does a detailed post on the MATH of a clinton win.

    $500 if you can get a major blogger to quote it or repeat it, and state that they stand by the math.

    (front page on MyDD would count if they honest state they will state their journalistic integrity on the math)

    will anyone take this challenge?

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    This entire link had 2 links total

    which raises the question what are you basing your conclusions on?

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    there is no answer without spin thats WHY we have people like Wolfson or Axelrod or Penn their ENTIRE job is to spin crap like this

    at this point i have learned that Honesty and politics never go hand and hand

  • yeah, to bad we had a real chance to take the white house but i am just disillusioned by both sides

    this was the first presidential election I really followed, but if this is how democrats are and if this is what i have to look forward to,

    I'd rather remain ignorant of politics, I am embarrassed by this party as a whole and truly dont think anyone actually cares about the issues anymore.

    and when I say this what really astounds me is older folks tell me this is nothing, and point out its been worse and I say why?

    why do you allow it? would anyone allow their children to behave like this?

    why havent you voted out these people by now to show you dont want them to act like this?

    ah yes, because Winning is the most important thing

  • he is not endorsing either, most superdelegetes will now sit out probably untill the end of the primaries and then go by the popular vote, since Hillary says this is the most democratic way

  • and neither of you want to talk issues, you want to distract and bicker because THATS how your candidate will win huh?

  • you act like there isnt reason to have clinton fatigue

    I don't consider being first lady experience for the white house, nor do I consider being a corporate lawyer experience.

    since her documents have been released hey look what her supporters are doing, they are defending her on Monica and saying how this isnt an issue anymore.

    I wasnt even old enough to vote back then and i already have clinton fatigue, I dont want the democratic party focusing on defending the Clintons all over again, and I do feel they are very secretive.

    if the supers are eventually going to decide this thing, they need to stop playing politics and do it now.

    Either commit to going by the popular vote, thus making all supers unimportant,

    or just decide now and lets start healing

  • heh nevermind you were doing both

    ignore me I am an idiot

  • you were suppose to answer how HIllary wins,

    if you cant even admit she may have a problem, it makes your opinions obviously biased

  • I didn't know but i am fairly new to politics so

  • both sides love quoting polls, yet no one ever quotes the one that may matter

    Mccain is gaining a lead on BOTH of them. sure Hillary may be beating Obama but what does it matter if Mccain is picking up a lead on Hillary?

    but please Democrats lets continue to tear down both sides, and give the right more ammo,

    I bet They wont bring up Hillary saying 24 states are not significant, or the Wright situation,


  • hmmm Pelosi sees it as impossible but I agree, I don't see how EITHER of them can do this without a joint ticket.

    which hurts them both more because then BOTH their attacks at each other can be used since they both are on the ticket.

    Mr. Obama, your own VP Hillary Clinton says you havent passed the C-i-C test, but your rival has, how do you respond?

    (this is why I am absolutely furious with Hillary for this attack, its the gift that keeps on Giving)

    Ms. Clinton - you have said that Experience is what matters, how do you square away telling voters to vote for you when Mccain has more experience and your own White House records show that you have done on average what all first lady's have done, and no one says they are qualified for president


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