What is the purpose of government to you?

quick diary meant for discussion.

but two questions for everyone

1) what is the purpose of government to you?
2) what will you sacrifice for that purpose?

Government can't do everything it has to prioritze meaning as we do 1 thing we are declining to do something else.

even if we taxed everyone 100% I doubt we could do EVERYTHING that everyone would want, so we have to choose.

My answers?

1) to me the point of government is to help its citizens, I believe there should be a floor of certain rights and benefits and status of well being, the government's job is to make sure no one falls below the floor, and stay out of the way and allow people to get as far above the floor as they want.

2) Education and the Economy are the two biggest for me. I believe that creating a proper floor requires a strong healthy economy, and ensuring we don't fall below and allowing people to exceed the floor requires more education and better education reform. as such I would sacrifice things like government funding to the arts, yes its important but everything is and we have to choose. things like the arts and such I would leave to the private sector to fund. also keeping costs low for big business is not a function to me for government I reject the top down model, the government should focus on that floor, the private sector can help themselves get ahead.

thoughts? what your priority and what would you sacrifice for it?
is the FISA bill a sacrifice for Universal Health care?

we can only do so much in 4 years with tax dollars, if you had your say so, what are you doing and what are you going to have to forgo to see your goals are done?

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Re: What is the purpose of government to you?

Besides the economy and getting out of Iraq, healthcare is huge for me.  I also think our nation's infrastructure needs attention.  And, of course, initiatives for energy independence should be tackled right away.

I don't mind paying my taxes, because I feel government services are important.  I do hate my tax dollars wasted in Iraq to the tune of bankrupting the country.  

I don't need a $600 or $1500 rebate check.  It costs alot of money to just send them out and I would rather see that money go toward rebuilding infrastructure, paying down the nation's debt, or some other worthy cause.

I miss Bill Clinton's surplus and balanced budget, and Al Gore's "lock box".

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