Focus Group: "He'll be a bad president but I'm still voting for him"

This is great. I have been thinking all along when people say don't get to excited yada yada yada. People don't get it this is a legitimate crisis, and people don't care about stupid things like character attacks during a real crisis, so this post over at Politico was a great read.

so what is it?

we Ben Smith:

just got an astounding email from a Republican consultant I know well. He's a guy who's always thought Obama had a "glass jaw," and was always among those agitating for hitting Obama harder.

Recently, he conducted a focus group in an upper-Midwestern state, showing them the kind of ad he thought would work: A no-hold-bars attack , cut for an independent group, which hasn't aired.

and the two of the best moments that put a smile on my face

54 year-old white male, voted Kerry '04, Bush '00, Dole '96, hunter, Nascar fan...hard for Obama said: "I'm gonna hate him the minute I vote for him. He's gonna be a bad president. But I won't ever vote for another god-damn Republican. I want the government to take over all of Wall Street and bankers and the car companies and Wal-Mart run this county like we used to when Reagan was President."

The Country understands how we got here and whose fault it is. Bush is still in the white house begging for $700 billion to stave off a great depression, hitting Obama a tax and spend reads real hollow right now.

The next was a woman, late 50s, Democrat but strongly pro-life. Loved B. and H. Clinton, loved Bush in 2000. "Well, I don't know much about this terrorist group Barack used to be in with that Weather guy but I'm sick of paying for health insurance at work and that's why I'm supporting Barack."

The issues man, thats what it comes back to, the GOP is only showing how out of touch they are every time they waste time trying for character attacks.

people do understand that the times are too important for the same old ways to dictate what happens this time. Distractions are not going to work.

you know say what you want about him but when kos says that this is our chance to break the backs of the GOP, he is right. We have the chance to completely send these guys out into the wilderness here guys. We have the chance to take control of the government with a real mandate for change.

Jonathan just pointed out the power we the base have given the party with our donations, guys this is it, this is the final push and we have to leave everything we got on the road here. We have to aim at as many seats as possible, we have to break their backs, and we have to bring real change.

so if you can, dig deep as you can, as kos says lets leave absolutely everything we can, every last inch of our will into making sure we win as much as we can.

dig deep and donate to anyone of these deserving candidates who need our help!, even if its $1 or $5 at the state level our dollars go even farther! we have seen what we have done with Obama, lets do what we can across the country!

and if you can't donate, volunteer even if all you can do is convince 1 family member to switch to Obama, guys EVERY little bit helps here.

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Re: Focus Group: "He'll be a bad

That's hilarious.  People who hate Obama for Obama '08.  It has a nice ring to it.

by rfahey22 2008-10-15 09:02AM | 0 recs

eek.... I'm glad they're supporting Obama but scares me that they would actually think that kind of stuff.

by neko608 2008-10-15 09:03AM | 0 recs
What we are seeing

Is people who don't actually have the information to rebut the smears but still don't really believe them.  The GOP has not made their case in indicting Obama for the many confabulated crimes.

I have four very Republican members in my family.  Three are voting third party and the fourth is holding out for McCain, all of them voted for Bush...twice.  I have two fence sitters that voted for Bush once and could go either way, and a new voter that is 100 percent Obama.  My Mom, the other liberal in the family is hosting volunteers that are in our area canvassing for Charlie Brown and she is a bigtime Obama fan.

by Sychotic1 2008-10-15 09:50AM | 0 recs
Re: What we are seeing

Charlie Brown?

by gil44 2008-10-15 10:51AM | 0 recs
Re: What we are seeing

Dem congressional candidate in California's 4th District.

by JFMDC 2008-10-15 11:02AM | 0 recs


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