Did John McCain just give the best Voter Fraud defense?

I am sick of Joe the Plumber and whether or not he paid his taxes, or is registered to vote.

but all this did discover one thing, the voting rolls had his name missspelt by 1 letter.

and as this post points out these are the types of voters RIGHT NOW being challenged!

Ben Smith:

Purging Joe the plumber?

Would Joe be thrown off the rolls if he registered in Ohio today?

The Toledo Blade reported today that "Joe the Plumber's" name appears on Ohio voter registration rolls with a slight misspelling -- as Worzelbacher, not Wurzelbacher.

And that sort of data-entry error might be enough -- were Joe a new registrant -- to have him disqualified from voting in Ohio, Florida, or Wisconsin this year, depending on the outcome of ongoing litigation.

Purging voters or blocking their registration because of data errors is disenfranchisement by typo," said Michael Waldman, the executive director of the Brennan Center for Justice, a liberal legal group involved in litigation in those states. "Joe is a perfect example. If he were anew voter, he would be being challenged right now as not eligible to vote."

"Joe the Plumber is not committing voter fraud by having his name spelled differently on two different lists," he said.

Republicans have argued that there are safeguards against improper purges, and state officials say their lists are more accurate, and their purges more careful. They also note that voters whose registration is challenged can vote by provisional ballot.

National Review's Jim Geraghty wrote that "if there's a typo in the voter rolls, I trust local election officials to sort it out and ensure that that provisional ballot is used and subsequently counted once it's certain that the voter in question is the person on the registered voter list."

"Provisional ballots are not a substitute for actually voting," said Waldman, who pointed to data suggesting provisional ballots are rejected at a high rate, and that voters who are told their names don't appear on the rolls often simply walk away.

And he produced cases in which typos similar to the one affecting Wurzelbacher have knocked citizens off the rolls.

For instance, Florida officials in 2006 removed the name of Jose Lopez-Sandin, after officials typed his name in as "Joseph Lopez-Sandin." They also removed the name of Anne Nguyen after election officials typed her name as "Ann Nguyen."

"Because he's the famous 'Joe the Plumber' it seems like an obvious typo, but this is the sort of error that will keep people from voting," Waldman said.

when you see the GOP cry voter fraud, you think of Joe.

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say it ain't so Joe !!!!!!

I was worried the GOP was going to use him as some sort of poster child to lauch a comeback off of

But after it was revealed he is not a licensed plumber  and does not really make $250,000 and really a John McCain fan and owes back taxes.... he is more helpful to Obama than Mcsame

by wellinformed 2008-10-16 10:57AM | 0 recs


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