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    It's close to a tie if anything. Bennett was the one who wrote the bill to try and force the vote on the public option. But really, they are EXACTLY the same on every issue, except I got 2 strikes against Romanoff.

    1) DLCC co-chair, the group that launched Harold Ford as a front man.

    2) Reason for his campaign: "It should have been me!" No, that's the whole campaign.


    I can go either way, but I see no reason to replace Bennett with someone who will vote no differently than himself and has amassed a record in the state house that is pretty conservative (which I am aware will change significantly in the U.S. Senate).



  • Before making declarations about the district in the next cycle and its voting patterns, which you misrepresent as solidly democratic (it has a solid liberal African American base vote of 40%, no dem will get under that in this district, but the other 60% is rural social conservatives, a Democrat has to win over 16% of those rural social conservatives to win this election, remember Barrow won with 50% in 2006, a strong democratic year) I would like you to produce what kind of district GA-12 will be in 2012.


    2012 is the redistricting year, and GA is gaining another CD. Does this district become based more so around Savannah? If it does then yeah, this diary makes a good game plan. Does GA-12 become more rural? If yes, this is a STUPID plan of action that will lead to another GOPer getting elected, and if you haven't noticed the GA GOP is a special brand of crazy in the House. I don't want anymore of that. Does it stay the same in lines? Will Barrow still live in GA-12? You don't know, and neither do I.

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    Schumer had to talk Nelson into running again in 2006 after one term. After the amount of scrutiny Nelson has gotten in the last year or two, he's probably just not having fun anymore. I think he's gonna pick up the bat and head home.

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    Gilbert was the Democratic nominee for Agriculture Commissioner in 2006. He had strong Grassroots support in his 2006 election and is still beloved by the democratic grassroots. He's a good guy, and I expect him to move back to Agricultural Commissioner or Land Commissioner in the 2010 cycle.

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    As a Texan, let me say I would STRONGLY prefer Sen. Kirk Watson for governor. Earle was a good DA, but honestly, I feel while he can convince Democrats that republicans are full of it, the soft Rs and Independents are likely think of him as full of it (just my opinion).

    Ronnie Earle, however, would make a great candidate for Attorney General where currently only embarrassment Barbara Ann Radnofsky is running.

    At least we got Bill White running for Senate, so one race is going right for the moment.

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  • To a point, it's true.

  • Here's what to expect.

    A Pro-Choice Ben Nelson. Which coming from Oklahoma is very, VERY good. The governor's race in Oklahoma this year is going to be the most interesting and possibly closest state wide race in the country this year (of Governor and Senate races).

    Go Brad, go!

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    http://bluevablog.blogspot.com/2009/05/b rian-moran-uncomfortable-with-gay.html

    What what in the what what?

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    After last Thursday's indictment of all of CNBC, the whole network stayed mum on what Stewart said except for Cramer. Come Monday, Stewart went after Cramer since Cramer was the only one to speak up. And so on, and so on.

    However, when watching the interview, it's an attack on all of CNBC, Cramer is just the face for the network. A shame really, since I kinda liked him, comparatively of course.

  • McCain has hired 2010 re-election staff.

    He's running.

  • The Lt. Gov was elected in 2006, and is elected independently from the governor. He was recruited directly from Sebelius to help grow the Democratic party of Kansas, which needed/and still needs some serious growing power.

    It was a good move.

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    The more I hear about Huntsman, the more I can appreciate him in Utah. Y'know we won't get a Dem there for another decade at least, but Huntsman has shown a sense of moderation, similar to Charlie Crist.

    Important disclaimer: I would rather have a Democrat than either of them

    But, I remember when Huntsman was joining the western governors climate initiative. He seems forward thinking compared to his constituents. Pro Civil Unions, environmentally conscious. Quite a difference considering this is the state that just sent Chaffitz to congress cause the old Rep has about 2-3 congressmen more conservative than he (AND THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!)

  • 0_o

    I think you are stretching it a bit with the losing of New York and Illinois. There are some states, that no matter how bad you are, you're opponents just can't overcome.

    KS, TN, and WY however . . . yeah, don't know how we're holding those three. The other two statewide Dems in Kansas have said they are out. Maybe we can run Tim McGraw in TN.

    Oklahoma meanwhile . . . we got a nicely sized bench, it'll be tight, but I am optimistic.

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    Carnahan, Hodes, 2010 Ohio Nominee (TBD), 2010 Florida Nominee (TBD), Sebelius, Mongiardo or Conaway, Cooper, Schwartz.

    Hire them and rehire Bennett and Reid (yeah, yeah, yeah, suck it up).


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