"Like It or Not"

What I thought was the most stunningly great moment of HRC's speech after her victory in South Dakota was when she demanded respect (implicitly  from the Obama camp) for her 18 million supporters! This is important because she was essentially showing Obama the way to unify the party. As she has said all along, she will do her part to unify the Dems; however, the burden should not fall on her shoulder's alone!  Barack has to do his part too--and not in a patronizing way!   (This said, the party has lost me forever for their disrespect of HRC and for the DNC's back-room shenanigans with regard to MI and FL.  Transparency my arse!)  

Sen Clinton's speech was inspiring to her supporters because it showed her as standing tall and strong, and as determined as ever to continue to fight for the things that are dear to her heart and ours--universal health care, ending the war, greening the economy, ending No Child Left Behind, etc.  (As I recall, Edwards did the same when he suspended his campaign.)  

Given Sen Clinton's grit, determination, and courage in the face of all that she has endured during this primary season, I think her new theme song--indeed her anthem!--should be "Like IT Or Not" (from Madonna's "Confession" CD).  I hope her critics will read these lyrics and take note--'cus [she's] never gonna stop.  

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