On This Talking 'Bout Reagan Thing

I've heard a lot of blogosphere types explaining how Obama's Reagan comments were actually some sort of brilliant double triple reverse triangulation sowcow that is going to set the Democratic Party up to win elections for decades to come. Or something like that.  (Actually it was a little hard to follow.)

But let's give that the benefit of the doubt. Let's say that "appropriating Reagan" for the Democrats is at least valuable enough to the party and the ideological battle it is engaged in with the GOP to offset the possible detriment of saying things that on their face appear to validate the miracles of the peculiarly Republican partisan saint. The thing is, though that, even having said that--well, that still leaves one question.

Does anybody think it was politically smart, in the heated moments of a red-hot battle for the DEMOCRATIC nomination, to muse publicly about Reagan as a transformative change agent with comments that are at the very least susceptible of interpretation as espousing the idea that Saint Ronnie saved us from the excesses of the '60s and '70s with his bold cheery spirit of '80s entrepreneurialism?  Or to state that the Gingrich-Dole-Starr-Delay-Bush-Cheney-Sc alia Republicans of the last 15 years have been the party of ideas?

Folks, I hate to say it, but saying those things at this particular time and place was just d-u-m-b.  A rookie mistake, as Magic Johnson might put it.  And not the first, either.  The campaign has been in "flailing" mode since New Hampshire, even though they were actually still in a pretty decent political position--then.

Look at Obama's and his campaign manager's statements after today's loss in Nevada:  (1) We really won, and (2) they cheated.  That's somewhere between childish and sophomoric, but whatever it is, it ain't adult.

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Re: On This Talking 'Bout Reagan Thing

The guy that would appeal to Reagan democrats is the guy you heard speaking last in South Carolina.

My phone has been buzzing all night after John Mccain's victory in South Carolina , you would think it was a democratic election.

Obama would have very minimal appeal to Reagan democrats if I have to use my own space here as a judge , these are democrats granted they are conservative democrats , obama is not even in their radar screen at all .

If Mccain is their nominee we would be in serious trouble.

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