To The Hon. Sen. Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Sir. You may be aware that your opponent, in this race, is a member of a party known for ground campaigns that turn out a surprising number of General election voters to the polls. With campaign statistics flying, I agree with you regarding your assertion that now is not the time to rest upon our laurels.

Now, hear my plea: the opposition turns out those voters precisely because they energize their base. Mr. Obama, a trip to our fair city of Atlanta, would accomplish such an action for your campaign and your electoral chances.

I have been a supporter of you since the moments before your win in Iowa, having supported Bill Richardson in the primary. I am now a resident of the fine state of Georgia, and would like to offer that the Senate race is tightening here precisely , sir, because you have long coat-tails. Those coat-tails would lengthen should you arrive, and appear onstage with the Democrat that will guarantee your party a filibuster-proof Majority in the Senate.

It is my assertion that should you choose to rally your base, the juxtaposition of your speeches and presence in the home city of Martin Luther King , Jr. - would send an unmistakeable message to everyone that we have evolved as a country. Dr. King's message resonates deeply with me, as a white american voter, and I would be honored greatly if you should choose to visit our fair city.

Such a visit would accomplish a strategic win that would force your opponent to shore up his ever weakening base of support. I would also remind you, sir, that you were leading in the polls here in our state, 4 months ago, 44 percent to 42 percent, and you are currently leading early voting by 6 percentage points.

Please visit Atlanta.

Thank you.

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Re: To The Hon. Sen. Barack Obama

    I'd rather him lock down FL, VA and NC. GA is not the cake, it's simply the icing.
by southernman 2008-10-22 04:57PM | 0 recs


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