Happy Halloween


 This is a simple post, from someone who is going to vote for the Democrats this midterm. Happy Halloween.

My neighbor built a huge dragon on his front lawn. It was great.  And we walked from neighborhood to neighborhood. There were some kids there wandering all over the lawns, dressed in scary costume. There were some Bush Republicans, driving their kids up and down the street, from house to house in their big SUV. I had to laugh at them. And there were more than a few parents out there scaring the kids - who squeal with delight and run into the night. This year, I bagged 10 teenagers at once. I was a black rider.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this halloween. After our children divided up their candy, and then did a round of trading on the candy free market we set up - in our living room - I went upstairs. And I got a chance to catch a bit of Colbert and Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear" - I laughed out loud.

I really like what my congressman did, in the last term. In 2008, he was elected as a democrat in a heavily republican district - and he voted for healthcare reform. This year,  he's beating his republican challenger. I plan to set our a few more signs for him tomorrow, if I have time. But more importantly, on Tuesday, I plan to go vote. And get my friends out there to vote as well. But no campaign tonight. No politics. Not tonight.  Tonight. Is for darkness. And cold. And the voice of a woman , a sound of eerie moaning in the night....

Especially when my wife and I think the kids are fast asleep.

 Of course, Jack O' Landsman is still glowing over here at MyDD. But eventually. He will burn out. It's a good idea - to just let them glow in the dark. Especially when the moon is bright and the night is dark, and cold. And the wind blows through the leaves.

Happy Halloween!



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"I don't know what to do with [people] who are obsessed with me."

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Hey look its a Jack O' Landsman still burning

Lets do punkin chunkin

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