Ground Support for Edwards Move on Spectrum and Edwards yesterday got the ball rolling with the public licensure of spectrum for use in internet access and quite possibly a myriad of other applications which have not yet arisen. The effect of the allocation of this new block of very high priced real estate (communications speaking) will be severalfold but one major effect it will have is (in this writers semi-learned opinion) to heal the Rift between the various standards, as well as the actions of the telcos, that have resulted from the landmark 1996 deregulation of their industry. America still lags behind other countries as a result - and the proposed FCC move goes a long way to pushing America forward in her move to become a leader in the wireless space. BTW we have a large market, and are a large consumer of broadband but unlike Japan, who invested in tower strength early on, America still has spotty coverage, competing and non compatible standards beneath, between and behind. Rural areas, for example, sometimes get better access than metro. Philadelphia, for instance, had an odd situation with Verizon stopping the city from laying out a metro wide , wireless hot spot. Google wants to make free wireless access available to everyone in the Bay area... things like this will go forward
if the FCC decides the spectrum in our favor.

So this post, the purpose of it - is simple - to support John Edwards and Moveon - I thought here I could collect the activist links and what you can do to help so it could be a resource for anyone who wanted to stand up for, really, basically , net neutrality and the move to have better internet access.

What else? Don't know  but I thought maybe throwing this diary on would be a good start to getting back into it. BTW I have made political mistakes in the past,  I post at the mercy of the myDD administration but this is one issue I think that unites and does not divide.  And is obviously the right way to go. Lets get broadband everywhere. One day its really going to be important. Things  - like Microsofts 'surface' are coming along that are going to change everything  - and if we're set up properly - we can easily lead again. After all, didn't america invent the telephone? Seems a shame to watch other people more or less re-invent the cellphone and wireless. Don't you think so?

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