A Neat Moment for Healthcare Reform (Please Read!)


 You might have a conservative bone in your body - or agree with the republicans once or twice. Just as you might be a democrat. Either way,  healthcare reform has just now started to filter its way onto your radar screen and it's highly likely that the more you've found out about it, the more you like.


But what you might not know was that in the past day or so - a vote to repeal healthcare reform was killed off in congress in a very interesting way - and one that reveals much about us. Here's what happened.


1. First, The Republicans passed a law requiring that no law be passed that raised the deficit. This was a conservative move.

2. Then they passed what amounted to a bill that would incur significant expense: a repeal of healthcare. They did this on party line in the house of representatives. Their paid off news media entertainment companies quickly ran the story for them.


3. The law then made its way to the senate. Here's where it gets interesting...


4. When the bill hit the senate floor, the first thing that happened was the Democrats cited a validated study by the non partisan congressional budget office that showed healthcare reform is now and will over the next few years lower the deficit.


5. The senate democratic leadership then invoked a point of order.  Why is it that the republicans are trying to pass a law that will increase the deficit, when their first rule they passed after taking power was to disallow any law that could increase the deficit? This does not , of course, take into account the costs of +cancelling healthcare reform+ which numbers in the billions of dollars. Just the fact that if it were repealed its effect could not be felt on our economy.


6. So the Republicans were forced to try to vote to waive the budget rules.  This vote requires 60 votes in the senate to pass.


7. The democrats then side against the republicans, and vote to keep the rules that require America to have a balanced budget.  !

8. One clear exception: President Obama spoke out in favor of a single line item on the bill - and both parties voted for the elimination of a rule that would require businesses to issue Form 1099s to any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in goods or services in a year.  This passed with support of both parties.


Neat moment, huh? Kind of shows how the Senate can actually do something right for a change.




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